Inspiration: a functional approach to creative practice.

PhD thesis in Art, Design & Media, by Gil Dekel.


9. A Body of Practical Actions

This chapter will describe the developments in the process of my research of making artworks, interviewing artists, presenting papers and engaging audiences, which I will call in short ‘the body of practical actions’ that I undertook to facilitate my understanding of the inspiration process. I have gained insights from both making art as well as from the more ‘formal’ academic activities, such as interviewing artists, publishing papers and presenting papers in conferences. For that reason, I shall refer to all my artistic and academic activities with the word ‘action’ (for a full list of actions, see actions table Eye icon - Gil Dekel PHD icon representing appendix).

In section 9.1 Artistic choices, I will explain in short the artistic decisions undertaken in creating the actions, the way they evolve from one to the other, and how they helped to engage audiences.

In section 9.2 Core themes, I will explain how reflections on actions evolved into conclusions that made the core themes of this research, which will be discussed later in chapters 10–12.