Hello… We are a ‘creative couple’, living in The UK and raising our children. We help people turn blocks into opportunities of growth, see the bigger picture, and develop skills in creativity, healing, and business.

~Dr. Gil Dekel Since earning his PhD in Art, Design & Media from The University of Portsmouth, Dr. Gil Dekel dedicated his work to help people become conscious of creative processes, and ‘tap’ into inspiration. He developed the Streaming Knowledge Method to boost creativity and self definition. Gil teaches creative and academic methods and tools for self-development. His method combines the spiritual and artistic with the academic. He is also UX researcher, graphic designer, visionary poet, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Lecturer for The Open University award winning U101 Design Thinking module.


  • PhD (Art, Design & Media)
  • MA (Cultural & Arts Management)
  • BA Hons equiv. (Graphic Design) including History of Art
  • B.Ed Hons equiv. (Education)
  • Reiki Master/Teacher.

Gil Dekel - PhD Portsmouth Uni

Gil Dekel - MA, Cultural & Arts Management, Uni of Winchester

Gil Dekel - Reiki Mastership

Gil Dekel - Social Research Methods, Portsmouth University

Award: Gil Dekel Police Team award 2019

Gil Dekel - Humans Being More

Gil Dekel - Teacher Certificate BEd Hons equiv.

Gil Dekel - BA Hons equiv. Graphic Designer
Gil Dekel - Sharett scholarship certificate

Gil Dekel - Copywriter Diploma


~Natalie Dekel, MPhil Natalie Dekel, MPhil, is accredited hypnotherapist and Reiki Master/Teacher.  She has completed her research in Art, Design & Media from Leeds Beckett University. She examines the tools by which artists develop a creative personality, and ‘transfer’ emotions unto art works. Natalie is a visionary artist, and painter of past-lives portraits. She offers spiritual and psychic counselling and facilitates guided meditations. Natalie is also Yoga Teacher, and trained in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).


  • MPhil (Art, Design & Media)
  • BA Hons equiv. (Graphic Design) including History of Art
  • B.Ed Hons equiv. (Education)
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Hypnotherapist.

Natalie Dekel - Diploma Hypnotherapy 2022

Natalie Dekel – Diploma Hypnotherapy 2022


Natalie Dekel Neuro Linguistic Certificate 2022


Natalie Dekel - 2021 Clinical Hypnosis certificate

Natalie Dekel - MPhil, Leeds Beckett University
Natalie Dekel - MPhil, Leeds Beckett University
Natalie Dekel - Reiki Mastership
Natalie Dekel - Integrated Energy Thetapy
Natalie Dekel - Bach Remedies

Natalie Dekel - Research Methods, Leeds Beckett University

Certificate: Natalie Dekel completed Acces Bars course

Natalie Dekel - Heal Your Life course

Natalie Dekel - Humans Being More

Natalie Dekel - Sharett scholarship certificate

Natalie Dekel - Teacher certificate, BEd Hons equiv.

Natalie Dekel - BA Hons equiv, Graphic Design

Natalie Dekel - Recognition Sister Kenny Art Show

Natalie Dekel - Second Place Art Award, Sister Kenny International

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