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About this website: This educational project for the study of creativity and inspiration was developed by Dr. Gil Dekel and Natalie Dekel (MPhil) following years of academic research into the ways in which creativity and inspiration operate.

Creativity and inspiration are ‘intangible’, however we have found that there are tools to better foster and use them in life. On this website we offer practical tools, through art works, free guided meditations, interviews, academic articles, and spiritual readings/counselling. We also share relevant insights gained through processes of making art, and spiritual experiences. Our aim is to inspire, uplift, and increase people’s emotional strength…

Our name ‘Poetic Mind’ was born out of our approach of combining self-development artistic experiences (which we describe with the word ‘Poetic’), and evidence-based academic research (‘Mind’). Together: ‘Poetic Mind’…

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Gil and Natalie Dekel

Dr. Gil Dekel and Natalie Dekel (MPhil).
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