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What we are, and what we are not…
Gil Dekel is doctor in Art, Design & Media, specialising in processes of creativity and ‎inspiration. Dr. Dekel is also Reiki Master/Teacher. Dr. Dekel
is not medical doctor or medical practitioner, and he does not represent himself as such.   Natalie Dekel, MPhil, is visionary artist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Yoga Teacher. Natalie is not a medical doctor or medical practitioner, and she does not represent herself as such. Gil and Natalie do not diagnose conditions and do not perform medical ‎treatment.


When you need advice
Reiki is a natural method of energy that helps people relax, and reduce stress. ‎Reiki does ‎not substitute medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Always consult your qualified doctor for advice. All information, ideas and techniques in this ‎website do not substitute professional advice.‎


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