Inspiration: a functional approach to creative practice.

PhD thesis in Art, Design & Media, by Gil Dekel.


9.1.2 Actions2 – individual in a group

This group consists of the films Unfolding Hearts, Interview with authorial-Self, Explorers of the Heart, poetry readings, installation Waterised Words, and paper presentations (February 2007 – September 2007).

Colour evolved to a use of whites, and zooming in and out into washed outs areas (film Unfolding Hearts). This white allowed for a place of contemplation where decisions and statements are being made as opposed to being stated. Lines blurred, and it became harder to see where one line ends and the other beings. Forms became more abstract, for example the dissolving flowers in the film Unfolding Hearts. The camera focused on the head and shoulder, for example the film Interview with authorial-Self which emphasised what is being said, rather than being understood through movement. The text then became a part of the image by turning into an image in itself, for example the installation Waterised Words. The self was presented as an individual who is in relation to others, through my public poetry readings, and the dialogue of the self in the film Interview with authorial-Self. This was also notable in the paper presentations which evolved into a dialogue with the audience, where I presented my process of works, not just a clear theory behind it, and received feedback which helped me to develop further works.

This stage saw the initial sharing of my process with others, for the purpose of sharing a creative process, and less for delivering, or teaching ideas in a linear way.