Inspiration: a functional approach to creative practice.

PhD thesis in Art, Design & Media, by Gil Dekel.


16. Suggestions for further research

Inspiration is situated in this research as an integral part of the creative process, which can be demonstrated in the works of artists and non-artists. Focusing on the inner creative process allows people to become aware of the creative impulse, and use it in creating art works. The act of focusing is determined by the person’s will to do so.

Further research can explore the aspects that trigger this awareness, asking what triggers free choices?, and exploring this question as one creates art.

One experiment can analyse the types of products that are created while focusing on different parts of the inner process, for example, will focusing on the stage of appreciation lead to more poetry being created?

Further research could look at senses that are regarded as non-physical, such as sound and thoughts, and explore how they affect the types of product that artists create.

Another area of research could explore the collective unconscious shared by many, by looking at the potentially shared ideas that occur from different people at the same time.