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Natalie DEKEL

MPhil (Leeds Becket University) in Art and Animation, Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Visionary Artist.


Doctor in Art, Design & Media, Reiki Master/teacher, and Visionary Artist.

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You have a star inside your heart. This star can lead your path. Learn to look around you, and see the magnificent sources of inspiration.

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The Kuzari book and the ibn Yahya family

The Kuzari book and the ibn Yahya family

By Dr. Gil Dekel When Yehuda Halevi’s philosophical book ha-Kuzari was completed circa 1140, the moveable-type printing press was not invented as yet. And so, the book was copied by hand for over 350 years. Then, in the year 1506, the book was finally printed for the...

King David Dynasty: the Charlap family ascension.

King David Dynasty: the Charlap family ascension.

The ancestry lineage from King David down to the Exilarchs, Ibn Yahya (בן חיים) family, and Charlap (חרל”פ) family. — David, 2nd king of lsrael and Judah. b. ca 1040 B.C.E. Reigned ca 1004-968 {or 970, the year he died} B.C.E. {Reigned over the United Kingdom of Israel. Buried at King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel. דוד המלך. דָּוִד בֶּן יִשַׁי}.

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Poetic Mind website started as a showcase of interviews carried-out as part of Gil’s PhD ‎research, and has grown into a resource for healing, arts, guided meditations, ‎academic skills, and business skills. Find out more, click here.