Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

By Dr. Gil Dekel.

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All of Life is holy. All in Life leads us to our Truth, even those events/things that we disagree with. Thus, judge not, and do not condemn a thing. Even those things that you disagree with are helping you. Such things can bring you back to yourself, by showing you what you ‘are-not’, thus allowing you to better examine what ‘you-are’.

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The purpose of events in life is not to convince you, but to bring you back to yourself. Things you disagree with can do that, as they can call you to a deeper understanding, and bring you greater clarity about your truth, whether you agree on the issue or not.


Not to eliminate differences between religions, but to recognize that diversity of spiritual expression is a blessing, not a problem. Finding ways to honour differences, as they can deepen the understandings about God. The combination of different views might produce a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Look out for conflicting views, and see if a larger Truth may come out of them. Often, in contradictions a great harmony emerges. Two apparently contradictions can exist simultaneously in the same place – this is the Divine Dichotomy. Two sides to every story. And one does not have to be ‘wrong’ for the other to be ‘right’.


We mature usually with age. We mature and see that we do not live in a black-and-white world, but that there are multiple shades of grey. A frame of thinking that adopts an ‘either/or’ view, is rarely serving anyone. It is the reality of ‘both/and’ that serves us better.


Nothing exists outside God. God is everywhere present. Once we deny the good in everything, and we deny the perfection in anything – we then see it as negative. We thus see negativity in Life.

Satan – Seeing Any Thing As Negative. Satan does not exist as a person. It is a state of mind that people adopt.

All in Life is perfect, and valuable. To deny things is to deny the presence of God, as God is present in all things and in every moment.

Devil – Denying Everything Valuable In Life.

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)


By loving each other, everything else in the world will take care of itself.

No-one is better than the other.

The earth’s resources belong to the entire of the world’s people, no matter who is living on a resourceful area. No one really owns anything.

Freedom is the essence of Life. Freedom is not something to be earned or be granted. It is What We Are.


To limit freedom is to limit Life. A person that is being limited, will re-create his/her life until it is fully expressed as free.

Love has no conditions.

Joy is a natural state of being. Joy is most rapidly experienced when giving it away.


We are part of God, not apart from God.


Divinity – knowing everything, yet not attaching oneself to motives, selfishness, needing or wanting to hurt others to have our needs. Divinity is purity; a state of innocent where we know all, and we live without needs. Angels have such Divinity. They know all, and they are innocent.


Creativity and knowledge are characteristics of one who is free. Creativity is making through freedom. Creativity is freedom, as it is doing whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, and having complete liberty to do so.

Politics is spirituality demonstrated. Politics in the future will be a tool to define ourselves as we define our spirituality, i.e. define God. We use politics this way right now, yet we do not admit it.


If it was a matter of military strength, then the mightiest military nations would win easily by now. Yet, military strength might subdue, but it cannot win. The world’s problems are not bases on military conflicts, but on spiritual conflicts and beliefs.


People’s lives are based on their values. Values are created on deepest understanding about Life, which are based on cultural stories. Cultural stories are based on our beliefs about God.

Life: values – deepest understanding – cultural stories – beliefs about God.


Thus, governments cannot eliminate God from the lives of people. Such governments fall. There is an impulse in man toward the Divine.

All in Life, all people and all things, are imbued with an innermost knowing, an awareness towards God. Even atheist people have this sense. Yet, God looks different to different people. The human-race is like an orchestra of different scores. Each score plays its melody perfectly, yet altogether there is no symphony at the moment.


Enlightened societies do not get directions, but they set directions.

People will eventually learn their common interests, and will arrive at this with no violence.


Freedom to all people. Freedom even to live in a belief that one does not want freedom to themselves, if that is what they believe in…

From fear and guilt, people came to the belief that they should not be granted freedom. To fear is to give away freedom. People in fear will give away their freedom because they think that giving it away will secure their safety, and survival.


The message of freedom inspires the experience of freedom itself.

23 Oct 2015. © Gil Dekel.

‎This is a summary of key points and concepts from ‘Tomorrow’s God’, a CwG book published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK, 2004, ISBN 0-340-830239. www.cwg.org