Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

By Dr. Gil Dekel.

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We have all arrived at the world to save it from its own mistaken notion of itself; from the forgetfulness of Who We Really Are. You are the hope of humanity

This is part 7.
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Once we grasp and teach the idea of We Are All One – all will fall into place. Practice this as you go into the war room, or the boardroom, or the bedroom. When you enter the mosque, synagogue, cathedral or temple.


7. God is needless. God needs nothing. People do not need God. People are not needy-being. People don’t have to pray to an almighty Deity for favours.


We take God as a benevolent dictator – one that gives, yet one that needs things from us in return, and that will punish us if we do not provide his needs. Yet, God needs nothing. Moreover, God gave us Free Will to do as we wish.


We are the Image and Likeness of God. We are not physical beings, but we can take the form of physical beings as we choose to. We can also take other forms, and we all did it.

We are pure energy capable of creating. We are not our body, but the essence that surrounds it and creates it. We are Life itself manifesting in a particular way and particular time, because it pleases us to do so.

When we forget Who We Are, we imagine ourselves to be separate from God, from Life, and from each other. This imagined thought creates an experience of separation, which brings the experience of lack and insufficiency. This is the source of displeasure in the world; the unhappiness and despair many people face. To stop this, we need to start to Service. Give service to Life itself. When we serve Life, Life serves us in return. We and Life are one. Thus, God’s job is to serve people…

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)


8. God does not ask to be served, but is the Servant of all of Life.

A true Master is not one that creates the most students, but one who creates the most Masters… God’s joy is to show us that we are all Masters. God does not need us to demonstrate to him that He is a Master. She already knows what She Is… It is us who have forgotten.


A Master – one that has the joy of giving God all that they have. A Master knows that they need nothing, and that they have everything.

Serve Life first in all that you do. Ask yourself: ‘is this thought that I am having now is life-enhancing or is it life-depleting?’

You cannot serve Life if you think you are in need. You will be serving your needs before you will serve Life. Yet, once you know that you are Life, you will then see that serving Life is serving yourself.


We all are great. We are all great as other great peoples, such as Martin Luther King. Those great people simply did not think of themselves, rather they thought about the Big-Self.


A Big Self sees the best for others as the best for itself. You then know that you are those others, a part of them, One with them.

Bigness – doing our soul’s idea of what is best for other people, even when this can conflict with the Little Self. Bigness is being selflessness. It is expansion. It is losing the sense of the Little Self and adopting the Self as larger, Big Self.


Other people see their possibilities in the reality of you.


When you give love, or money, or compassion – you suddenly experience that you had it all along to be able to give it. This changes your thinking, allowing you to see that you have all these things, even as you thought you lacked them.

If you give one pound or one million, you are ‘giving’ in both cases. Giving cannot be quantified. Being cannot be quantified. You love someone or you do not. You cannot love one person ‘a lot’ and another ‘a little’. You either love or you don’t. How we demonstrate our love is another thing.


Life always works out well. Sometimes life works to bring us what we want, and sometimes it works to keep us away from what we think we want, until we can grow and see that it was not beneficial for us.


We are all Gods.


We have basic instincts that give us immense powers – yet we ignore them.

We believe the messages that were placed in our subconscious when we were young. The first message we were told is that we need something. That we need something in order to be happy, to be accepted, to be successful. We need – this is the message of our culture. The media says so. Our religions say so. Religions say that we need God, and that God needs us to behave certain ways.



When Life cannot function any longer – it adapts. Life is now adapting. We can choose whether our greatest days are over, or are about to come.

The world’s problems are that too many human minds are closed. We imagine that we know everything about life, and everything about God.


Unconditionally – a state of having no condition at all.


Life is simply IS. There are no conditions to that. Life always exists. There is no death. Life exists with no conditions, and that means that God and Love exist with no conditions.


9. God is unconditionally loving. God is un-judgmental, non-condemning, and non-punishing.

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‎This is a summary of key points and concepts from ‘Tomorrow’s God’, a CwG book published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK, 2004, ISBN 0-340-830239. www.cwg.org