Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

By Dr. Gil Dekel.

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The very act of expecting to be something, prevents us from being it… To expect something is to feel that we are not now experiencing it. Either we experience something, or we are expecting it. We cannot do both

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Wishing for more things can cause us to feel that we do not have those things. This brings a feeling that we cannot be happy with what we already have now.

We can be happy with exactly what we are now. Masters know this truth.

Life is change. To change things is to live. It is to live intentionally. It is to be the cause rather than the effect.

The urge to evolve, to change, to grow, to create better life. This urge does not come from dissatisfaction, but from passion. Passion to create life. Passion of Life; to create more Life.


The term ‘A God with whom I speak’ can mean two things:

1. Conversing with God which is external to me. This is yesterday’s God.

2. Speaking alongside / with God. This is tomorrow’s God. A God that speaks THROUGH me, through all humans. Not a God we pray to, but God through us. Not a God which speaks, but a God that comes through our spoken words.

Seeing God in this new way will help us see each other in a new way. For if we see God as speaking through us, i.e. through all of us, and As us, then we see each other as The Light and The Way. All people are ‘spoken God’… We will then stop hurting each other, because we will see that each other is a vessel of God.

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)


If someone hurts you, find out what is it that they thought was good reason to attack you. All attacks are calls for help. Look deeply on what kind of help is required, what help is being called for. You can say: ‘Please tell me, what hurts you so much that you feel you have to hurt me to heal it?’


We are all messengers, and our only messages are:

  • ‘I see you, the real you. I know you, the real you. I love you, the real you.’
  • ‘You cannot fool me. We both know Who You Are. You may act as you wish, but I will not change my mind about you. I know Who You Really Are.’
  • ‘I see you and always will. You cannot disappear nor hide. You cannot be something you are not. You can act differently than yourself, but you cannot be something you are not.’
  • ‘I will always see your Being. I do not care what you are Doing, because what you are doing is not Who You Are. I will always see you at the level of Being.’

This is the only message we need to send across. It will heal everything.


It is time now for the many Masters to work together. Collective Mastery.


Move into Mastery.


The purpose, opportunity and gift of Life is that we can re-create ourselves anew in the next version of the greatest vision we ever held. You can do this in every single moment of Now.

It is not the case of asking ‘do I have what it takes?’, but ‘do I take what I have’. We all have it already. We all have what it takes.


The first step is commitment, and leaving ignorance behind.


Be a protector of the Truth. Speak it. Never let it go unsaid, truth about yourself or others. Live the Truth. Do not let it die by not-letting it live in, as, and through you.


God inspires people. God speaks through these inspirational moments.


A drop in the ocean does not contain the power of the whole ocean, yet it is made of the same stuff. Likewise, people are made of the same stuff of God, although people are individuated and do not contain the power of God (unless they expand their consciousness and become the Big Self, the God).


All parts of the body are one of the body. Can the foot say, ‘Since I am not the hand, I am not the body’?  Can the eye say, ‘Since I am not the ear, I am not the body’?


We are all One. And a thing cannot be superior to itself.

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‎This is a summary of key points and concepts from ‘Tomorrow’s God’, a CwG book published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK, 2004, ISBN 0-340-830239. www.cwg.org