Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)‎

By Dr. Gil Dekel


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The Universe is perfect, and it has no agenda. If people have an agenda, the Universe provides them with all the tools to act and change and achieve their agenda. The Universe empowers humans to evolve, but it will never require them to do so.

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To ‘save the world’ is both to preserve it as it is (if we like it as it is), or to change it (if we see a better way and want to change the world).

Preserve – pre-serve. To ‘serve’ the world. To serve life based on our pre-assumptions about it.



There are Four Levels of Creation. Four levels in which we create:

1. Subconscious

2. Conscious

3. Super-conscious

4. Supra-conscious.


Subconscious –

The Subconscious handles the automatic tasks of the body, and stores every event, experience, impression, feeling and data brought to the body.

The Subconscious stores all data received from the Conscious mind. This data allows the Subconscious to differentiate itself from the All.

Conscious –

The Conscious analysis data collected in the moment of Now, and in the past. It has limited awareness, and decisions-making in the Now. It provides with our present moment’s experience. Yet, we can change this experience by moving to a higher level of consciousness.

Superconscious –

Handles the total awareness of body-mind-spirit, spontaneous creation, and visions.

Supraconscious –

Combines all above tasks, and integrates the Single Soul with the Only Soul. It melts us into God, without forgetting Who We Are Individually.

Supraconscious has the reverse action of the Subconscious. The Subconscious melts us into Me, the individual which forgets Who I Am as part of God. The Subconscious pushes us away from God, while the Supraconscious pulls us towards God.  This ‘push-pull’ process is a micro version of the macro tension holding together the entire Universe.

The Supraconscious stores all data allowing it to re-associate with God, even as the person is still individuates.  The Supraconscious can produce in any person the experience of Non-separated Separation, the Singular Duality.


Conscious Raising – pulling a person from Subconscious to Supraconscious. A step by step process of freeing people from their limited perceptions.


As we Remember Who We Are, knowing ourselves as connected to God, we then begin to come and behave from that place. Once we are connected, we draw from our Supraconscious, which knows itself as connected to God, even before we consult the conscious. We start thinking in terms of serving Life itself, before we even think of serving the Little Self, our own present human identity.

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)‎

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)‎


Thus, we ‘pre-serve’. We serve Life before serving the Little Self. It is acting from the Total Being, translated into actions even before the conscious mind reviews the data and thinks of it.

‘Pre-serving’ examples: a woman who jumps into the water to save a drowning toddler, even if she cannot swim. Or a man running into a burning house to save others, not thinking what might happen to him. Or a person who smokes all his life, puts the cigarette to his mouth one day, but without thinking suddenly puts it off. He is clear about the need to stop, with a clarity that came to him without any thought. It is simply a ‘Knowing’. This is acting on a Divine impulse.


You can open-up to the highest levels of consciousness, the All Knowledge Centres within you – the Subconscious, Superconscious and the Supraconscious combined. Open up to Life itself. Act from a connection to Life within you.

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‎This is a summary of key points and concepts from ‘Tomorrow’s God’, a CwG book published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK, 2004, ISBN 0-340-830239. www.cwg.org