Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)‎

By Dr. Gil Dekel


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This book contains old wisdom that we have forgotten.

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You will find something new in this book – a New You, and a way to create a New World…

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With all our sophisticated technology and our instant communications – we still don’t produce peace on earth…



All great Truths begin as ‘blasphemy’.



Only by Giving, you can experience Having. The act of giving transforms Having into Being. One can imagine themselves being ‘creative’ or ‘abundant’, yet only by giving away creativity to others, can they experience Being creative. In truth we only give to ourselves, since we are all One. This is why we say ‘As you sow, so you shall reap.’


To experience yourself as having answers, you want to cause other people to experience themselves having their answers.



We cannot find the way by searching it, but only by creating it.


We can experience our Spirit without making other people wrong for experiencing their Spirit differently.



You can start influencing yourself and other people right now. You do not have to wait for ‘everyone’ else. A Critical Mass of people can be created with only 2-4 percent of the total people.


Creating a critical mass of people is like the process of boiling water: just before water boils, only a few (2-4 percent) bubbles break the surface of the water. And then there is a sudden rush, with all of the water ‘following up’ the 2-4 percent, and then boiling. The boiling point is not reached when more than a half of the surface is bubbling. You do not need more-than-half water babbling to get to the boiling point. The boiling starts long before, when a critical mass of only a few bubbles is boiling… Likewise, you only need a critical mass of people, which is only 2-4 percent of all the people, to get something started.



We know how to destroy ourselves. We now need to learn how to save ourselves.


Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)‎

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)‎


It takes a new saying of an old truth, for it to be heard and understood. Ancient understandings are constantly re-spoken and re-stated for modern times. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, like many other – did this.


There are a few concepts of Truth:

1. God requires no-one to believe in God.

2. God has no gender, size, shape, colour.

3. God talks to all people, all the time.

4. God is separated from nothing – God is present everywhere.

5. God is not a singular super-being, but Life itself.

6. God is ever changing.

7. God is needless.

8. God does not ask to be served, rather God is the servant of Life.

9. God never condemns or judges – God loves unconditionally.


Explanations of the concepts of Truth:


1. God does not require anyone to believe in God.


Quantum Physics – All which is observed is affected by the observer. The Creator and the Created are One, and each is creating the other.



2. God has no gender, size, colour or any other character.


God is the Creator and the Created. Pantheism – God is the Creator and the Creation. The Universe is One with God.




3. God talks to all people, all the time.



The things that we name with such words as ‘God’, ‘coincidence’, ‘synchronicity’, ‘random movement’ – do not change God. These words simply indicate on our belief systems about life. The systems do not change the essence of God and life.


What we believe is what we end up seeing in our life. It is not the case of ‘seeing is believing’, but rather ‘believing is seeing’.



God is always with us. Yet we may not experience God if we expect God to show up a certain way.



4. God is separate from nothing. God is everything Was, is Now, and Ever Will be.


All people are going to Awaken up to God. Life is a process of awakening, of becoming, of knowing that you have become what you always were. It is about a ‘knowing again’ that separation never occurred.


Awakening is knowing again.



One can understand a thing by becoming that thing. Knowledge is revealed to people, once it is revealed through people.



The same way that we adopt new truths in medicine, science and technology – so we can adopt new truths in religions and spiritualism.



Atonement – at-One-ment. We are all One.


Live the message of no-separation. Living the message is the best way to share the message.



The days of the individual teacher, the single Master – are over. It is now time for a Group Work. We can demonstrate the truth of God by holding nothing back. Do not fear failure; and do not save things for later. Do not hide your light. Other people see their possibilities in the light that you bring.



Do your part and don’t worry about other people’s response. If you do, you may be waiting for them to act, and they may still be waiting for the person next to them, and so on. And nothing will ever happen.



God cannot be explained with words, but only experienced. Yet, words do have the power of opening a path.



22 Oct 2015. © Gil Dekel

‎This is a summary of key points and concepts from ‘Tomorrow’s God’, a CwG book published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK, 2004, ISBN 0-340-830239. www.cwg.org