How can I help?...

To heal any issue we need to treat the root cause of the problem, and not just the external ‎symptoms.

You and I will uncover the cause of your discomfort, be it physical or spiritual – so that we ‎can deal with it, heal it, and move on in life.



Are you looking to:

Unique People... (Healing Words by Gil Dekel) Ease pain
Increase creativity
Grow your confidence and emotional strength
Release traumas, negativity and old beliefs
Define goals and ‘map’ a road to achieve them
Welcome success and increase your intellectual treasury
Understand your past-lives and improve your current one

What my clients are saying:

“Thank you for an amazing session yesterday and our chats which always help me a lot. I feel very deeply healed and relaxed. After a reiki session with you, I can hear either my positive voice or the Angels…”

“Thank you for all that you channelled and gave so generously today. Thank you.”
Naima M.

” I’d just like to say how impressed and grateful I am for your kind attention and useful, ‎interesting and numerous ways of healing a dreadful state of being. Thank you again for your ‎kindness and for lifting my spirits.‎”
Andy W.

“Thank you for making this available for people like me to learn from your experience, and in ‎such a user-friendly way”

“It was the first time in my life that I truly felt understood and supported. Thank you!‎”
Michaela A.

“Dr. Gil Dekel provides an exciting stimulus for us to think about sharing our solutions, to ‎connect fully with one another, and add to the collective awareness.”
Melanie C.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What treatments do you offer?

Life experiences have taught me the delusion of pain, and its resolution – it is now time for ‎you to find your inner peace. I can help you do that, using one or more of the following ‎therapeutic treatments and processes:‎

The Healing Wheel. Is your ‘wheel’ ‎balanced and attuned?‎

The Healing Wheel. Is your ‘wheel’ ‎balanced and attuned?‎

Living in different countries and absorbing different cultures, I have noted that at the core of ‎all healings and coaching is compassion. Compassion opens-up our perceptions so wide ‎that we can come to ‘see’ how life itself is breathing and healing… You and I can work ‎together so that you can find your powers, and the positive energies that surround you.

Want to learn more? Contact me here, or buy a session (a session lasts around an hour and a half).

What is your experience?
I am an educator of self-awareness and self-knowledge. I have taken a few routes in life:‎

Academic route: achieving a doctorate (specialising in creativity and inspiration) and ‎working as lecturer for the Open University,‎

 A ‘healing’ route: achieving Reiki Master/Teacher certificate, working as coach/healer ‎‎since 2002,‎

 Business route: achieving MA in Business; advising and promoting online businesses,‎

 Artistic route: creating visionary & healing art, design, poetry, photography, films, and ‎guided-meditations videos,

 International route: living in three continents, and learning different healing methods.‎

See my certificates here [click to open a new window]

What happens in a session?‎

In my compassionate meditations sessions we ‎create imagery that ‘visualise’ tools to heal the issue, and progress in your life. We discuss the issue, learn to deal with it, and practise turning negativity or emotional blocks into opportunities for your growth.

Together we will find the ‘seat’ of your inner power, and learn how to master it. ~ About 1.5 hour.‎

Reiki involves channelling healing energies via the practitioner’s hands to the client. I can ‎also initiate you to empowerment to release specific issues that bother you, or increase and improve your potential. ‎‏~‏‎ About 1 ‎hour session.‎

It is common to combine a few methods.‎  Want to learn more? Contact me here.

Positive energy?...

There is no ‘limit’ to positive energy on the planet. Energy is abundant. The more I help ‎people heal and become happy, the more this planet becomes fruitful and joyous. Everybody ‎wins…

I do not believe that I ‘heal’; rather I facilitate effective healing sessions to awaken your ‎powers and to release what you no longer need.

I am blessed to be married to Natalie, a talented healer, yoga practitioner, medium, and ‎visionary artist. Together we expand our awareness and understandings; and this is what I ‎wish to bring you. At the end of the day, we all teach what we need to learn…‎

Where can we meet, and what does it cost?
We can work online; or meet-up in Southampton.

Initial consultation session £72. Sessions usually last 1.5 hour. Click Buy Now below:

Book here:
£72. Sessions usually last 1.5 hour. Click Buy Now below:

We can work online; or meet-up in Southampton.

* Disclaimer

Gil Dekel is doctor in Art, Design and Media, specialising in processes of creativity and ‎inspiration. He is also Reiki Master/Teacher. Dr. Dekel is not a medical doctor or medical practitioner, and he does not ‎represent himself as such. Dr. Dekel does not diagnose conditions or perform medical ‎treatment.   Reiki is a natural method of energy that helps people relax, and reduce stress. ‎Reiki does ‎not substitute medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Always consult ‎your medical doctor for advice.‎

Text © Gil Dekel. Illustrations and photos © Gil Dekel, Natalie Dekel, and John Hain/geralt/pixabay/unsplash.
Last update 26 July 2018. First published March 2015‎.