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All beings co-create the exterior circumstances and events. But the individual creates his own experiences. No one can force him to experience anything he does not wish for. The world can present you with circumstances, but only you decide what they mean to you.

Nothing matters. We attach meanings to events, thus we make physical matter of the metaphysical energy, by the act of adding meanings.

In highly evolved societies there is no evil at all. But this means that they have no frame to compare good to bad. So how then do they experience themselves without a relative context?

In the absence of that which you-are-not, that which you-are, is not… With no cold we cannot know warmth; without the up we cannot know down, without “good” we cannot know “bad”. And yet, we make it all up. We decide what is “cold” and what is “warm”, what is “up” and what is “down”. We decided what is “good” and what is “bad”. The universe is a massive entity of objectives. We label them.

The secret is this: it is not necessary for an opposite condition to exist right next to us, to provide us with the relative field. The distance between contrasts is not important. In the universe all contextual fields of contrasting elements exist, and all experiences are thus possible.

Neale-Donald-Walsch-Portrait7 - Gil-Dekel

CwG, Neale Donald Walsch. (Image: ‘Neale Donald Walsch Portrait 7’ © Gil Dekel)

In our many lives we experience different things. Through all our past-lives we have experienced it all. We do not need to experience it again. We only need to remember that we have already experienced it all. Then, we only need to know that all experiences exist, and this knowing will invoke the universal law of relativity.

In this life form, here and now, we just choose to experience a portion of the All. Your current life-experience is just a portion you chose out of all you have experienced.

Highly evolved being know that they have experienced all contrasting events before, thus they do not need to have “negativity” right in front them to know the “positive”.

In our society we do not need to create “bad” things for contextual field for the “good”. The contextual field already exists in the universe. We do not need to create a smaller contextual field in our own backyard…

Highly evolved beings observe our planet Earth, to remind them what they experienced before in their past. Thus they observe badness on planet Earth, and they do not need to create it.

This means that we can eliminate all bad in our world, and still have it as a reference in the universe. We just need to remember that the opposite of us, is somewhere in the universe, elsewhere. This is the knowledge of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil. The fruit was a blessing…

To remember all, we just need to look up. Look up the sky. When we look up we observe stars, yet we see the stars as they were millions of light-years ago. What we see is not actually there. We see the past. That is a good reminder.

There is no time. Yet we “see” and “look” always at our “past”, even when we are looking at what is just right in front of us. We cannot see the present. The present “happens”, then it turns into a burst of light. That light reaches our receptor, our eyes, then to our brain – and all this takes time for it to do that.

Staircase-Undiscovered-Self - Gil-Dekel

We see the image of what was once an event. (Photo: ‘The Staircase to the Undiscovered Self’ © Gil Dekel)

While the light reaches us, life has already moved on. The next event is already happening, while the light from the last event is reaching us and is being processed in the brain. The light reaches us, interpreted in our brain – yet it is not what stands in front of us anymore. It is what we think we see. That is, we are thinking about what we have seen, while what is happening “now” is preceding our thinking, and is awaiting it…

Nothing we see is real. We see the image of what was once an event. That image is our interpretation. This is our image-ination, our imagination.

Our imagination works both ways. We interpret energy and also create it. Imagination is the work of the mind. When we imagine, we send energy. The longer and the more we imagine, the more the energy becomes physicalized, until it bursts into light flashing an image of itself in our reality. We then “see” the image, and decide what it is. We are both the Creator and the Created. This is how we live now, unconsciously. We can choose to live consciously…

We can cause our reality, and Create it.

1. We are all One.
2. There is Enough.
3. There is Nothing We Have To Do. We only have to Be.

Our experiences will come from our being, not lead us to being. When we are/come from Happiness we do things because we are happy. We do not do things that would make us happy. We cannot get happy, get wise, get love, by doing of getting ‘there’. We have to come from there. Then, after we are, we will do happy, wise, and loveable things naturally.

The way to “get there” is to “be there”. Just be where you want to get.

We have arrived to earth to heal it. The only reason that we are here is to heal.

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22 April 2014. © Gil Dekel.
Conversations With God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999.