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In our far history we lived in a matriarchal society, then slowly we shifted into patriarchy, which moved away from expressing emotions in life. When women ruled, they ruled with emotions. Men had no powers and had little part in society’s life. Men had the part of fertilizing females’ eggs and carrying heavy things, as women did not think that men were intelligent enough for other tasks…

Inner strength brings power with it. It does not come from raw power. Inner strength comes from unity, not from individuality. Separation from God and from each other causes our suffering.

In truth, there is no separation from anything. All is One. Power is With, not Over.

Neale-Donald-Walsch-Portrait2 - Gil-Dekel

Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God. (Image: ‘Neale Donald Walsch Portrait 2’ © Gil Dekel)

Men in matriarchal societies in the past needed to convince other men that they should get more powers over their lives. But this was hard, as life after all went smoothly. So few men started to seed doubts and fear regarding women’s control. Many men still did not accept that, as women were seen as the high image of the Goddess.

Through us God experience all His/Her aspects. God is aware of Himself, thus: I Am That I Am.

God is the collective-experience of the lot of us. Since we have made all choices already, God knows what He Is, what He Was and what He is Going to Be.

There is no time. People have invented the concept of time, otherwise all our experiences would overlap. They do overlap, but we do not know it…

Power-in-Unity - Gil-Dekel

Power is with one another. (Photo: ‘Power in Unity’ by © Gil Dekel)

We are life and we cannot die.

After death we go on living. This is why people who “died” do not believe they died – for they do not feel dead, but alive. These people are all of us…

When dying the soul ‘hovers’, flies. It moves as fast as thoughts move. When it thinks of its non-moving body, it is strait in front of the body. The soul can also be in a few places at once.

What you focus on becomes your reality. This is true here, and in after death. The difference is the speed with which you experience the results. In the physical life there is a lapse between thoughts and experiences. In the spirits’ realm results are instantaneous.

Illusional-Aspect-Time by Gil-Dekel

Time is what it takes to move from one part of yourself to the other part. Time is Illusion created by people. (Photo: ‘The Illusional Aspect of Time’ by © Gil Dekel)

Since results may take time in our lives, we may think that we do not create them and that they just ‘happen’ to us. This causes us to forget that we are the creators.

The delay between thoughts and creation when we live on earth occurs because we live within the illusion of time.

We created time when we moved into our current perspective. Time breaks events into pieces, rather than a single occurrence. This helps us explore and examine each of the experiences more fully.

We experience our creation of ‘here and now’ through space and time. We divided ourselves, thus created space between the parts of us. Time is what it takes to move from one part of yourself to the other part.

A rock is solid, and it is not moving. Yet, inside the rock, its atoms and particles are moving at high speed, and they are what make the rock. Thus, the rock is moving and not-moving at the same time… Likewise, Life is a series of rapid movements. These movements do not affect the immobility and Be of Everything That Is.

Atoms of a rock create the rock, likewise the movement of life creates the stillness.

From a distance there is no separation. For All is All. The rock is one solid and still thing. From our limited perspective we see ourselves as separate and apart. Like inner atoms that see themselves separate from each other, we see ourselves as if we are many ‘atoms’; separated beings.

Both observations are correct. Both realities are “real”. And when we die we just shift into awareness of the macro-view, the big picture.

Movement-of-life - Gil-Dekel

The movement of life creates the Stillness… (Photo: ‘The Movement of Life’ by © Gil Dekel)

It took thousands of years for a rock to become fossilized into being a rock. It was something else before it was a rock, and will be something else in the future. So is with people. We were not always what we are now…

Time is a perspective. As the soul alters its perspective, so it experiences reality in different ways.

Our perspectives create our thoughts. Our thoughts create everything. In life, assume a different perspective and you will have a different thought about everything. So you will control your thoughts, and control the creation of life.

Everything that happens is a physical manifestation of our innermost thoughts. Therefore, do not condemn those aspects of life with which you disagree. Seek to change them. Be the light into it and so transform it. Be the light to illuminate your own path, and to light the whole world. Gift others by giving them Themselves.

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22 April 2014. © Gil Dekel.
Conversations With God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999.