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The return to God is an experience of a loss of the Individual Self.

In life we experience the micro of the whole. When we die we experience larger perspective. Then you will see larger macrocosms still. The game never ends.

On earth we all desire the same things – love, peace, success, joy – but we all walk different ways in searching them.

We think that there are not enough resources on the planet. Not enough time, money, ideas, food, clothing, shelter. In truth, there is plenty for all of us. There is even more than enough, as we all can be everywhere anytime. So if your mother’s soul wants you to be with her, for example, you will join her. And still you can be at other places, other times and other experiences – all together.

What one did in the past is not important compared with what they are about to do and create in the future.

Neale-Donald-Walsch-Portrait3 - Gil-Dekel

Neale Donald Walsch, author of CwG and Conversations with Humanity. (Image: ‘Neale Donald Walsch Portrait 3’ © Gil Dekel)

God cannot be harmed by us. And that which cannot be harmed, will not harm another. All people who hurt other people, assume that they are right to do so.

We keep change the values of right and wrong. What our society considered to be “right” a few decades ago, we consider to be “wrong” today. Thus, how can we judge others that their “right” is what we say to be “wrong”?

Changing our ideas is ok, it is a process of evolving. The problem is that we think our ideas are the only correct ones. Your ideas of right and wrong define Who You Are. Stick to them. Yet, do not require others to stick to them. And do not stay so stuck that you stop evolving…

Changing ourselves is creating a new idea of Who I Am. It is one ‘mystery’ solved and a new grander ‘mystery’ starts.

No matter how good things are, they can become even better. Be open. Do not close-up to new ideas just because it confronts old ones. Life begins at the end of the comfort zone.

Valley-Tree-Life - Gil-Dekel

Changing our ideas is ok, it is a process of evolving. (Photo: ‘In the Valley of the Trees of Life’ © Gil Dekel)

Do not judge others. For their mistakes are your own past-actions. Their choices are as “hurtful” and “selfish” as many of your own choices have been. When you “just cannot imagine” how someone could “do such a thing” – it is when you forget where you come from.

Masters can choose whatever, even if they are out of a joyful event. They still rejoice, because they know the ecstasy of choosing what they want at any time.

Know that you are exactly where you should be now in your being of Who You Are.

Being sad is failing to see the perfection. God creates only perfection – so celebrate all things.

See all as perfect, and when you do so, all “negative” imperfects will not harm you.

We all have a sixth sense, which is to go out of ourselves and to feel and know more of something. This we may call “psychic”. We all get an idea, a gut feeling about sometimes, an inspiration, a dream – but we tend to ignore it.

We need to pay attention to every feeling, every intuitive “hit”. Then we need to act on what we “know”. Do not fear it. The more we act on our intuition fearlessly, the more it will serve us.

Silky-Flow-Sun - Gil-Dekel

We all have a sixth sense. (Photo: ‘The Silky Flow of the Sun’ © Gil Dekel)


– All thought is energy.
– All things are in motion.
– All time is now.

These three produce vibrations.

Vibrations are formed as pictures in the mind or as words. Some people learn to feel these gentle, light, subtle energies. To do so the mind should be free. Intuition is not in the mind, but in the soul. The soul is the only aspect sensitive enough to “pick up” life’s finest vibrations.

We all have six senses – smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing and knowing.

All outcomes have already happened. When we choose something, we know the outcomes, and we pick it into our lives.

Cube-Hearts - Gil-Dekel

Thoughts are manifested. (Photo: ‘Cube Hearts’ © Gil Dekel)

Whatever thought we think of those who died, our thoughts are manifested to them and their essence becomes aware of it. We do not need mediums to communicate with them. Love is the best “medium” for communication. Our loved ones are never far from us. They are a thought-away, and are ready to help us.

God did not create us to live a tiny amount of years, make mistakes, and then just die. We have many lives, so God can experience Who God Is through us, lifetime after lifetime.

God divided Herself into infinite pieces that define themselves in relations to each other. Consciousness is divided, so we think that “I” is not “You”. We forgot we are One.

Each moment ends when it begins. This is the fullness of Life. The joy of every moment is the grasping of this idea. Life cannot be experienced if we do not understand death. We must love it as we love life.

Uncovering-Inner-Light - Gil-Dekel

Grasp the Moment. (Image: ‘Uncovering the Inner Light’ © Gil Dekel)

We now look right past life, as we ignore death, thus we live in an illusion. We need to look right through it. If we look deeply at something we can then break its illusion. We then know the illusion, and can enjoy even the illusion itself.

We think that death is real, and this thought causes pain. Once we understand what is not real, no pain can take over us. Instead, we can start enjoy the illusion –the illusion of pain – knowing it is only a drama, a game, an illusion. Death is a beginning of life; it is the illusion of the body. Life is eternal.

Use the illusion of death, do not become it. Use it to open to life. The flower that dies is a part of a whole tree that is changing, and will soon bear fruit. The blossoming and falling-away of the flower is a sign that the tree is ready to bear fruits. We are not the flower, nor the fruit. We are the tree. A tree with roots embedded in God.

Right and wrong are figments of our imagination. If a doctor assists in a suicide, it is called ‘manslaughter’, while if a tobacco company does exactly the same, yet in a slower process, it is called ‘commerce’. It seems to be a question of time, of how long the dying takes place… The faster the death, the more “wrong” we say it is.

We poison our food, pollute our air, thus we kill ourselves. But because this takes longer time, we commit this suicide with impunity.

Most things that cause us slow death bring us some pleasure. Pleasures satisfy the body, and we seek experiencing pleasures of the body. This is normal, yet it is not the pleasure of the soul.

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22 April 2014. © Gil Dekel.
Conversations With God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999.