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When you worry about what other people think of you, you are owned by them. When you need no approval from outside yourself, you then own yourself.

Fear and guilt are not what we are. Love and awareness are what we are.

God is not fear. Fear paralyzes us. Fear and guilt are the only enemies of man.

Love is giving. Love is a feeling of wanting to do what the other person wants. If you want to give what the other wants, then you love them. If you want the other to have what you want for them, then you love yourself through them.

God is the light, and the darkness that creates the light.

God created what ‘God is Not’, to experience what ‘God Is’. God is I Am, and I Am Not.

Knowing is not experiencing. Knowing comes before experiencing.

There is a formula called ‘Be – Do – Have’: Most people think that if they Have something (money, for example) only then they can Do (go on a vacation), which will then allow them to Be (happy, peaceful). Yet, it works the other way around. First you want to Be something (happy), then as you are happy you will start Doing things of happiness, and that will bring you to Have something. ‘Be – Do – Have’.

Chakra Art (#59) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

Chakra Art (#59) – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

If we are Happy, then love, time, and money will follow us naturally. Deciding ahead that you are Happy, will produce the experience of happiness. Act as a happy person would, and you will draw happiness to your life. This is not about faking anything; your ‘happy’ actions must be sincere. Do it with intent.

We can tell our body to act on a thing in a certain way until our mind will know that experience to be true, thus we will have a New Thought. The New Thought will bring a permanent Being state, rather than just acting out. But if the mind resists accepting the body’s actions, we can then train our mind. The mind knows that God does good to other people through us, so whatever you choose to have, give it to other people. If you choose happiness, then cause another person to be happy. Do it sincerely, without expectation of a personal gain. And what you give, will return to you…

When you give something, you create an experience of having it, because you cannot give what you do not have. If you make someone happy, you then create experience of being and having happiness yourself. Thus, the mind comes to a New Thought that you must have happiness, since you give it to others. The New Thought becomes experience. You soon become, Be, that experience.

If we are not sincere in our giving, our mind will know that we do not have what we give, and will experience not-having. The other person will also see that we do not have what we give them. They will see that we seek to get, not to give. Thus, we will push away what we want to give and have.

When you want something – give it away. You then no longer be “wanting” of it, but experience “having” it. Be wisdom, and you will have it. The fastest way to “be” wisdom is causing another to be wise. You want answers to your questions? Then give the answers to another.

The Highest form of fear turns to Love. One leads to the other. A parent’s fear for their child is an expression of love. The problem is when we start to repress emotions.

Grief is the emotion of saying goodbye. It is the release of sadness. Yet, grief that is continually repressed becomes chronic depression.

Anger is saying ‘no’. It does not have to be abusive nor damaging to the other person. Anger should be expressed. If anger is not expressed, rather repressed, it becomes rage.

Envy is wanting to do something that the other does. It was designed to help people try harder until they succeed. Yet, repressed envy becomes jealousy.

Emotions - Gil-Dekel

The natural expression of emotions. (Photo: ‘Emotions’ by © Gil Dekel)

At birth, we attach ourselves to two forms of fears: the fear of falling off, and the fear of loud noises. All other fears are learned throughout life. Fear was created to instil a sense of caution in people. Caution is a tool to keep the body alive. It is an outgrowth of love. Love for the self. Yet, repressed fear becomes panic.

Love requires nothing else. Just to be expressed. Yet, repressed love becomes possessiveness.

All these natural emotions, when repressed, produce reactions. Most natural emotions are repressed in most people.

In our society, parents teach their children regularly to repress their emotions. Many people are too young when they become parents, with little life experience. They still search themselves, yet they have to start to guide their own children to find themselves.

Child-bearing was created to be an activity of the young people whose bodies are strong, whereas child-raising was meant to be done by the elders, whose minds are developed and strong.

Society was designed so that young people should enjoy sex, and if this produces children, then the elders would raise them. Yet, the way we work is to tell the younger adults not to engage in sex until they are ready to raise the children. Yet, it is natural to have sex at the age of around 15. Given our model of thinking, parents naturally forbid things. This is meant to protect younger people, yet it creates a culture of restrictions, making the younger adults feel that their natural sex desire in unnatural.

Wisdom-of-Nature - Gil-Dekel

The spiritual upbringing care will be on the community. (Photo: ‘The Wisdom of Nature’ by © Gil Dekel)

Fooling around with nature always results in confusions.

Society was designed so that young parents may live with their children. Yet, the physical, social and spiritual upbringing care will be on the community. The education and values will be offered by the elders.

In our society we have created big cities but we have torn families and communities apart.

We have asked our elder people to retire their jobs, when they could really do it well. We ask them to retire from most active life of parenting, politics, and economics.

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Conversations With God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999.