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You cannot change what you do not accept. Accept that you own it, and only then you will have the power to free it. What you resist, persists. Denial re-creates something; denial is to place the thing right there in front of you. Acceptance of something places you in control over it. You do not resist, you do not move into it, but move away of it.

That which you deny you cannot control, for you have said it is not there. What ‘Is Not’ cannot be changed…

If we want to judge something, we should ask “what would happen if everyone did this?” If all do that thing, and it brings benefit – then the thing is “evolved”.

Neale-Donald-Walsch-Portrait4 by Gil-Dekel

Author of CwG, Neale Donald Walsch. (Image: ‘Neale Donald Walsch Portrait 4’ © Gil Dekel)

Sex is meant to create a feeling of Oneness. It is our soul’s re-creation of Who We Are. Sex is not only an act to create more lives, but to experience more life; as Oneness.

We can elevate our energies through our Chakras. Physical urges are one ingredient of feelings to each other. We can experience all our seven Chakras centres. Sex is only one aspect, and it is good as long as we are happy with that.

We need not stop sex to become holy. We can just stop being un-whole, and decide to be complete.

We can have sex only from our lower root chakra, yet we can also have loving and experiencing the seven chakras. Raising our energies does not mean disconnecting our lower chakra. Raising energy means to keep all chakras working together. As we raise energies upward through our chakras, we can choose to keep having sex or not, both choices can be holy. Raising our energy will elevate us. It has nothing to do with having sex or not.

The soul leaves the body every night as we sleep. The soul seeks sometimes to “refuel” itself, and then to come back to the body. The soul is in the body to experience – but as long as the “deal” is that the soul can ‘leave’ the body whenever it wishes.

The body needs no rest. The soul does, so the soul causes the body to fall asleep.

When the soul first embraces a body, it finds it difficult. It is tiring and heavy. This is why babies sleep a lot. Slowly the soul increases its tolerance, while our mind moved into forgetfulness.

Wisdom-of-the-sea-Flower - by-Gil-Dekel

A sense of peace and joy. (Photo: ‘The Wisdom of the Sea Flower’ © Gil Dekel)

The soul leaves in our sleep, and the mind can become confused during these times of dreams. Sometimes this turns to nightmares. At other times, as the soul arrives at great remembering place, the mind will be awakening with a sense of peace and joy.

The more your whole-being remembers – the least the soul seeks to leave the body, as it knows that it came to the body for a reason and purpose. The soul desires to get on with that. A person of great wisdom needs little sleep.

When we open our eyes to the beauty of life we find wisdom. Wisdom is found wherever beauty is formed. Beauty is everywhere.

Breathe softly the energy, the love. It is God’s love you are breathing. Breathe deeply and love will make you cry of joy.

Our brain is in our skull, yet our mind is in every cell of our body. It is energy, not an object, not a brain. The brain is the largest and most sophisticated mechanism in our body, yet it is not the only one. Each cell has intelligence.

The mind is in our cells, and there are more cells in our brain than anywhere else, so it seems as though our mind is only in the brain.

No soul “ends” and another soul “starts”, just like no air in the living room “ends” and another air in the dining room “starts”. There is no space between the air in the living room and the air in the dining room. It is all the same air. It is all the same soul.

The soul is not in the body. The body is in the soul. Some people imagine that the soul is in the body, and that one body differs from another, thus they believe that one soul differs from another soul. This is not correct. In truth, the soul contains the body, and the soul never ends. We are all One.

Spirits - Gil-Dekel

No soul “ends” and another soul “starts”, just like no air in the living room “ends” and another air in the dining room “starts”. (Photo: ‘Spirits’ © Gil Dekel)

Some opposing forces produce perfection by the very nature of the tension between them. Thus, two opposites can exist at the same time and the same place. This is the Divine Dichotomy, which is natural in the absolute world, but is hard to grasp in our relative, physical, world.

Opposites in fact hold our relative world, such as the good and evil, which are both real and opposites existing in the same place and same time. However, in the absolute world there is no good/evil, but only Love. So, two seemly contradictory truths exist simultaneously in the same place and time.

Energy’s particles join together to form shapes of individual physical objects. As it does so, it seems separate from all the other energy. Yet this is all the same energy, behaving differently.

The act of behaving differently makes ‘That Which Is All’ to manifest as ‘That Which Is Many’. In such a way ‘That Which Is All’ is separated into ‘That Which Is This’ and ‘That Which Is That’. Thus it can experience itself relatively.

The “clumps of energy” are merged into units that hold physical beings. This is what we call “souls”.

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22 April 2014. © Gil Dekel.
Conversations With God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999.