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What you give to others, you give to yourself, because there is only One of Us.

You cannot lose that which you give.

Truth is not about shouting our beliefs out loud, but about opening our hearts to others.

Our great talent comes from God. So when we openly declare our great talent of Who We Are, we do not brag but merely declare Who Is God. Always declare God as your source, and no one will mind you declaring yourself as great.

Remembering that life is in contradictions, we then start enjoying it; lightening up – this is enlightenment.

In order to know the good, there is the bad. So some souls choose to be “young” and some “old”, some choose to be “good” and some “bad”. This is why no soul is ever punished.

Neale-Donald-Walsch-Portrait5 - by Gil-Dekel

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch. (Image: ‘Neale Donald Walsch Portrait 5’ © Gil Dekel)

The soul is far bigger, and does not split into just two halves to form what we call “soul partner” or “soul mate”.

Our soul is One. We feel it as if individualized. Even so it is far bigger than holding just one body – ours. It holds many other bodies of other people who live now, and live in the past, and live in the future, and those who died. When we run into one of these, we may sense affinity to the other person.

The other person could be our husband or wife; it may be brother-sister relation or parent-child.


We are all these. We will experience all of these the moment we overcome fear.

Fear is what we are Not. It is a false evidence appearing real. We are taught to fear. A child knows no fear. A child knows love to all, thus is free.

Creation is not a process of duplication but of originality. Thus, there are no two things alike. No two snowflakes, no two people, no two thoughts. You cannot love two people exactly the same way. Love is a unique “singular” response to that which Is unique singular.

Until we learn to create our future, we cannot predict our future. We tend to change all the time during our life. Change is a constant thing.

Towards-Dreaming-Light - Gil-Dekel

Change is a constant thing. (Photo: ‘Towards the Dreaming Light’ © Gil Dekel)

Why would I want someone to “keep to his word”, i.e. to do something, even if he changes his mind and do not wish to do so anymore? This will be against his will.

When you give freedom to someone, you remove danger. Letting someone “break” a promise that they do not want any more, seems harmful to you, yet it is not. It gives freedom to the other person, and to yourself.

We keep forget that life is about giving. Thus, we live “for-getting”. Life is about “for-giving”. When we forgive, we will start to give.

Our religions made God the Great Mystery, thus cause us to fear God, not to love God.

We are wrong to believe that we are bad, or born bad. Our basic instincts are not survival instincts, but Love, fairness, Oneness. We are not evil, we are not born in “original sin”. On the contrary, we are naturally Love.

Reflections-Self - Gil-Dekel

Life never begins, as life never ends. (Photo: ‘The Reflections of the Many Selves’ © Gil Dekel)

It is natural to express uniqueness. Social arrangements that seek to produce equality by forbidding uniqueness work against our natural purpose of being unique beings. Indeed, we do need fairness, which is equality of opportunities.

We do not need to marry in the hope of security, as we have already security within us.

Marriage should not be a restriction of our love to life, to God, to other people or to our creativity. Marriage is not an obligation, but an opportunity to be our higher Self.

Life never begins, as life never ends. We cannot kill. Thus, terminating pregnancy is not killing.

And nothing happens against the will of God. Our own will is God’s will, for there is only One of us. We are all One, thus one individualized-man cannot affect another person, without the other’s permission. It truth, only when the other allows it, then can one affect them.

We are all One. If I do a thing – we all do it, to include God, as our will is God’s will.

No soul can affect another. There are no victims or villains.

All creatures in our world, even those who are fighting against each other, think that God is on their side. That is because God is. God is on all sides. For our will is God’s will, and this is the free-will that God gave us. If there is punishment, there is no free will.

The question always is Who I Am in regard to the reality. If it serves us, we will act on a thing, no matter what the act is about. There is no “right” or “wrong”, but only “what serves us”.

What we choose to be, creates the nature of God. We are creating God.

Bubbles-Life-Admission - Gil-Dekel

Think – Create – Become. (Photo: ‘The Bubbles of the Life Admissions’ © Gil Dekel)

Think – Create – Become – Express – Experience – Be – Think. Life exists as a tool for God to turn a concept into experience.

We tend to compare ourselves to other people and see some as “better” or “worse”, “higher” or “lower”, “good” or “bad”. This demonstrates how far we have fallen into duality, and into the belief in separation.

You will demonstrate your Self to be God. Yet, when you will demonstrate that, others will deny you. When you proclaim Oneness with God, other people will proclaim you partner with evil. The moment you speak the highest truth, other will say you speak the lowest blasphemy.

Advanced technology without advanced though can cause harm. On our planet lived in the past societies that were more technologically advanced than us today. They destroyed themselves, with the advanced technology that was far more advanced than their spiritual evolution. One such society was what we came to call Atlantis.

A society is defined not by its knowledge and understandings, but by how it implements them.

The beauty of mankind will grow more, and we shall have our place in the garden of the Gods.

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22 April 2014. © Gil Dekel.
Conversations With God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999.