Chakras and Dantien.

By Natalie and Gil Dekel, Reiki Masters/Teachers.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for a wheel or ‘turning’, representing energy ‘centre’ in the physical and ethereal body, which transmits life force (ki) to and from the body. Each Chakra has a specific colour, corresponding to a specific organ in the body as well as to the person’s emotions and thoughts. At perfect health each Chakra is clear and balanced.

The Seven main Chakras (listed below) are situated along the centre of the body, running from the crown to the base of the spine.

Diagram of the Seven Chakras' location on the body.

Figure 1: The Chakras and their locations in the body. (Illustration: © Gil and Natalie Dekel.)

Chakras were first mentioned in a number of ancient Hindu texts, and have found their way into the yogic traditions and medical practices of Buddhism and Hinduism around five thousand years ago. Similar concept is found in the Jewish tradition, under the name of ‘Sefirot’ (Hebrew: ‎‎ספירות‎).‎ ‎While there are numerous Chakras points in the physical and ethereal body, the Seven main Chakras are best known for their powers to heal the corresponding organs in the body.

When the Chakras are clear and balanced the life-energy flows freely in and out. People usually attest for health and wellbeing. Yet, when negative emotions and thoughts block the Chakras, tiredness, illnesses and unhappiness follow. It is possible to clear the Chakras through Reiki session and other healings. Removing the blockages opens up the Chakra to the free flow of energy which empowers the person on physical and spiritual levels. With the Chakras’ energy flowing normally, people report feeling peace and calmness, and having positive outlook on life with a better understanding of their goals.

The 7th chakra, the crown: Located just above the top of the head. Colour: Violet. Cosmic perception, intuition and inspiration.

The 6th chakra, the third eye: Located at the centre of the brows. Colour: indigo. Perception, intuition, knowledge and mental organization.

The 5th chakra, throat: Located at the throat. Colour: blue. Communication, personal expression and the flow of information.

The 4th chakra, heart: Located at the centre of the chest. Colour: green. Love, relationships, personal development, direction and sharing.

The 3rd chakra, solar plexus: Located just below the ribcage. Colour: yellow. A sense of identity, self-confidence and personal power.

The 2nd chakra, sacral: Located in the lower abdomen just below the navel. Colour: orange. Creativity, feelings, sexual drive, and exploration.

The 1st chakra, base/root chakra: Located at the base of the spine. Colour: red. Physical survival, energy distribution and practicality.

The Dantien is an energy centre located two fingerbreadths (3-5 cm) below the belly button, and 1/3 of the way into the body. It is your personal energy store, the focus of your power, intuition and creativity. The Dantien, a Chinese word, is referred to as the ‘Tanden’ in Japanese. In Reiki teaching there are specific techniques to develop this centre.

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5 Aug 2010. Updated 6 Dec 2014.
© Gil and Natalie Dekel.

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  1. Roland Chapman

    Having recently discovered this type of healing and really feeling, I find it most satisfying. I have a long way to go I realize that too. would truly love to get a higher VIBRATIONAL feeling along my body. There are 4 items I would truly like to be addressed to and healed. I do have FAITH, it will happen, I have no doubt. I too understand PATIENCE is required.
    I can get a vibration a (SMALL) one going and a feeling of well being too.
    Currently working also on visualizations of what I would like to happen in my life.
    Am I on the right path in doing it this way?

    • Yes, this is the right path. Each person has a different path, and yours is the path of energy, patience, and visualization… Have you tried the guided meditation we offer online?

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