CKR - Reiki SymbolBy Natalie Dekel (MPhil), and Gil Dekel (PhD) – Reiki Masters/Teachers.

What is Reiki

Reiki is a method of drawing healing energy that balances the body and the mind. Rei means Universal, and Ki (also known as Chi) means Energy. Reiki – Universal Energy. This energy is known for thousands of years as an energy that flows through people’s body, connecting the sky, the earth, and the core essence of human existence. It can be channelled by placing the hands of the Reiki practitioner on the recipient, and it can also be used as self-treatment.

Reiki was introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui (born 1865) as a system for personal development, with the healing aspect only a part of the overall spiritual development. When Reiki came to the West it gradually became known as a healing system, and less as a spiritual path. Yet these two aspects are the two sides of the same coin – in order to develop you must heal yourself from that which holds you back.

What happens during Reiki treatment?

During a treatment the practitioner lays his hands on the recipient’s body, drawing the energy through the crown chakra, through his body and his hands, to the recipient. The recipient can feel heat or cold or tingling. This is very personal and varies from person to person. The result is the same – it will always help the recipient to release blockages, toxins, negative emotions and thoughts and help them to acquire calmness and better understanding of their path in life.

The energy has its own intelligence and consciousness and will go where it is needed the most. The practitioner cannot ‘heal’, but only ‘channel’ this energy and be guided by it. It works in complete agreement and perfection, enveloping both the practitioner and the recipient with a beautiful light of healing. In most cases both become One; channelling and circulating the healing energy that benefits them both.

What is Reiki energy?

The energy is part of our core being; it is who we are. It vibrates on various levels from physical to spiritual. On the physical level it corresponds with the energy of the body, magnets, stones, and the earth. On emotional level it corresponds with the auoric field of the person’s thoughts that moves in this field. And on the spiritual dimension it vibrates with the Universal elements, guiding one to see the human body as a whole with life.

CKR - Reiki Symbol

How does Reiki work?

Intelligence is inherent in every cell of the body and in every molecule. By becoming conscious to the existence of this energy we become aware to the work it does on a cellular level. Reiki helps us to pay attention to the emotions and thoughts that cross our mind in everyday situations, and to begin to see how they affect the body. We are then able to heal the body from unwanted conditions created by us and by our social environment.

What is the power of thoughts on everyday situations?

What you think you project outwards in your actions, behaviour and body language, and in that way you are letting others see what you think and feel. In relation to that they behave accordingly, mirroring your inner situations and creating outer situations. Unaware of your thoughts you then feel perplexed and unpleasant by these outer situations, whereas all the others did was to reflect your inner turmoil.

Many people use negative forms of thinking without realising it. It surrounds their everyday life to an extent that they are blind to it. If you pay attention to the way you think you may find that much of it is negative, and that this negativity creates your everyday life reality.

By releasing negative conditioning and thoughts we can raise the vibrations of the body, and move from awareness on a cellular level to a higher level where the energy and the spirit unite and flow freely through the body. In that way we emanate stronger light that touches deeper emotions, both ours and those of others. We heal ourselves and those who touch our life. You do not need to change the world; you can begin by changing yourself.

How to release negative thoughts and create positive situations in life?

In order to change your reality you need to become aware of your thoughts, control them, and guide them to a positive mode of receiving what you really want from life. The gentle energy of Reiki can lead us to a state where we realise our true nature of Being and live and act accordingly. By concentrating on what we feel and think we can choose to think consciously positively, changing every negative thought to a positive one. Instead of saying what you do not want, decide what you do want from life, and say it. Acknowledge the blessings that you already have and thus emphasis the abundance and beauty of your life.

Can anyone study Reiki?

Yes, anyone can study Reiki. The energy is accessible to all people because we are all energy. There is nothing but energy. The same energy that creates one cell, creates every single other cell in our environment. It is the same energy that continuously flows through our lives.

Follow your heart and gut feelings. What makes you happy and calm and gives you a good sensation is what good for you. If you follow these sensations of comfort and happiness you will never be upset. Your human nature will not lead you astray. All you need is to desire to be led to the path of Reiki.

[Hebrew עברית]

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17 October 2009.

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