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Looking to refresh your Reiki? Online Reiki Refresh, with Natalie and Gil, will reaffirm the energy and the information of Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3. ‎(We also deliver online Reiki courses – not ‘Refresh’. contact us here).

We will introduce you to new methods, resources, exercises, and meditations. You will gain ‎practical insights into the energy, how to feel it, how to use it, and how to maintain a ‎continual flow of it – for your benefit and that of others. ‎

Learning in the comfort of your own home, the course will help you reach new level of ‎awareness and refresh your healing practice, skills and knowledge.‎

Natalie and Gil Dekel

Gil and Natalie Dekel.

You will learn with Reiki Master Natalie Dekel (MPhil), who is psychic intuitive consultant, ‎Yoga practitioner, Angelic healer, visionary artist, and academic. Natalie practices Reiki ‎since 2002, and had experiences of healing on many levels since she can remember herself ‎‎(in this life, and past lives). Natalie designed the course together with Gil Dekel (PhD), Reiki ‎Master, intuitive consultant and a poet. Gil is doctor in Art, Design & Media, specialising in ‎inspiration, creativity and healing.‎


Why take Online Reiki Refresh Course?‎

  • ‎Have you learned Reiki but not used it for a while, and want to ‘come back’ to the energy?‎ ‎
  • Are you unhappy with your pervious course, or came out confused? ‎ ‎
  • Looking for new information on cultivating Reiki in your day-to-day life?‎
  • ‎Want to refresh your perception of Reiki, and improve your practice?‎

… If so, then this e-course is the perfect investment for you. ‎

You will receive Reiki manuals, attunements, exercises, on-going support, and have some ‎homework to submit. You will also discuss with us any thoughts, issues and experiences ‎following the exercises, via this website, skype or emails. On completion you will receive a ‎certificate.‎

We tailor attunements specifically to you, in order to connect you to the ‘consciousness’ that you ‎need to be aware of: the spirit guides, the higher self, or simply the stronger flow of energy. ‎You can always ask us to help connect you to a specific guide or angel.‎

You do not have to be a healer to take the course. We have a ‘Personalised attunement’ ‎course that you can sign up to even if you practice other healing arts and want to increase ‎your abilities. Let us know in your application form below.‎

Courses outline:‎

Reiki Refresh level 1:‎

CKR - Reiki SymbolDesigned for those who completed Reiki Level 1 before.‎

  • ‎Receive Reiki 1 manual PDF.‎ ‎
  • Agree on time to receive two distant empowerments and one attunement.‎ ‎
  • Learn self-treatment/self-healing.‎
  • ‎Online support and a dialogue with us, via this website, Skype or emails.‎
  • ‎Explore the Chakras, Reiki mediations, articles on reiki and exercises.‎
  • ‎Write a reflective article for your homework. Once submitted, we will email you a PDF ‎certificate, stating you have completed Online Reiki 1 Refresh Course in Usui Style.‎

Cost: 50£‎ Sign-up form (bottom of this page), or just contact us here.
… Join our reiki community through this refresh course.‎

Reiki Refresh level 2:‎

CKR - Reiki SymbolDesigned for those who completed Reiki Level 2 before.‎ ‎

  • Receive Reiki 2 manual PDF.‎
  • ‎We will work with the symbols, how to draw and use them, and their history.‎
  • ‎Receive two distant empowerments and one attunement. ‎ ‎
  • Learn in-depth types of energy healing; how to use them (on yourself and others), when ‎and where to apply, and creative approaches to the energies.‎
  • ‎Learn to use the energy for other aspects or situations in your life in addition to healing, ‎for example: in your finances, or to improve the work of appliances at home, for cooking, ‎relationships, sports etc.
  • ‎ ‎Ongoing conversations and support from us, via this website, Skype or emails.‎
  • ‎Complete homework. Once submitted we will email you a PDF certificate, stating you have ‎completed Online Reiki 2 Refresh Course in Usui Style.‎

Cost: 70£‎ ‎ Sign-up form (bottom of this page), or just contact us here.
… Join a Reiki community that really makes a difference in this planet.‎

Reiki Master/Teacher Refresh (Level 3):‎

CKR - Reiki SymbolDesigned for those who completed Reiki Level 3 (Master/Teacher) before.‎

  • ‎Receive Reiki Master PDF manual as well as the teacher supplement manual, with advice ‎and tips on how to teach.‎ ‎
  • Receive three distant Master attunements and three Usui empowerments.‎ ‎
  • Learn to use various gradations of energy with more symbols and more ways of applying ‎them.‎ ‎
  • Learn how to attune students, and those interested in following the energy for personal ‎growth.‎
  • ‎Practice the Kotadamas, and energy techniques.‎ ‎
  • Ongoing support and dialogues with us.‎
  • ‎Homework: provide feedback on the attunements/empowerments you will give to your ‎students or family, as well as any queries you may have about planning your Reiki courses. ‎Once submitted we will email you a PDF certificate stating that you have completed Online ‎Reiki Master Refresh Course in Usui Style.‎

This course is a powerful step in becoming a master and teacher. You will develop your ‎awareness of your position in the matrix of the world as it is now. Energy and awareness are ‎rising on the planet, and as they increase so does responsibility grow – the responsibility to ‎understand and use our powers to better the world. It is crucial to recognise how the world ‎works, and how we can interact with each other and the environment for the progress of the ‎human evolution. Reiki Refresh Master course will help you play your part in developing ‎your self and your environment.‎

More people than before are aware of what is happening inside them and outside. The ‎more we develop this awareness with clarity about our actions, the more we get to create ‎better society. Awareness helps bring peace into our own lives, bring love to ourselves and ‎those around us, and create abundance and prosperity.‎

Price: 190£‎ Sign-up form (bottom of this page), or just contact us here.

… Join our spiritual community by contributing your own presence, light and talents to the ‎world. You are welcome to sign for our e-newsletter (free of charge) and participate in the ‎Reiki blog online.‎

Reiki Teacher Supplement:‎

CKR - Reiki SymbolIf you are looking for teaching advice only. This course is designed for those who completed ‎Reiki Level 3 (Master/Teacher) before.‎ ‎

  • Receive Teacher Supplement manual PDF.‎
  • ‎1-to-1 session with us (Skype or emails) to learn tips and advice for teaching, with ‎techniques and methods relevant to ongoing reiki development.‎

Price: 50£‎ Sign-up form (bottom of this page), or just contact us here.

Additional course – Personalised Attunements:

CKR - Reiki SymbolLooking for attunement only? We will tailor an attunement for you to maximize your ‎potential (regardless of whether you are attuned to Reiki or not.)

Tell us the main issue that troubles you (issue at home, or work? personal issues or childhood memories?), or you can tell us who you would wish to be connected with (a specific ‎Being, an angel, Ascendant Master?)

Choose time to receive this attunement and receive guidance as to how this will proceed, ‎and what will be required of you before and after the attunement to ensure that you are ‎grounded and at peace.‎

Price: 75£‎ Sign-up form below, or just contact us here.

* Disclaimer:‎

Reiki is a natural method of energy that helps people relax, and reduce stress. Reiki does ‎not substitute medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Gil and Natalie are not medical doctors or medical practitioners, and they do not represent themselves as such. Gil ‎and Natalie do not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatment.

20 Jan 2015‎