Mikao Usui Reiki (© Gil Dekel)

Manual by Reiki Masters Gil Dekel (PhD) and Natalie Dekel (MPhil).
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Angel RafaEl - by Natalie Dekel, June 2011.

Angel RafaEl – art by Reiki Master, Natalie Dekel.

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The manual is the actual training manual given to Second Degree Reiki students.


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Table of Contents for Reiki 2 Manual:



The Original Japanese Form of Reiki‎

Usui’s First Degree (Shoden)‎

Usui’s Second Degree (Okuden)‎‎

Second Degree Reiki Symbols‎

The Origin of the Symbols‎

How to Draw the Reiki Symbols‎

The Power Symbol: Cho Ku Rei‎

The Emotional / Mental Symbol: Sei He Ki‎

The Connection/Distant Symbol: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen‎

Intensifying the Energy with ChoKuRei and SeiHeKi‎

Opening the Foot Chakra‎

Reversing a Treatment’s Direction‎

Laser Beam

Blood Cleansing – Detoxification Technique‎

Intuitive Techniques

Reiji Ho



Treatment for Headaches

Treatment for Traumas‎

Energy Meditations Exercises

Increasing the Flow of Energy‎

‎‘Additional Hands’ technique:‎

The Microcosmic Orbit

Grounding and Protecting


‎‘Healing Response’‎

Kenyoku (Dry Bathing):‎

Joshin Kokyu Ho (Soul Cleansing Breathing Method)‎

Gassho (Hands Together)

Hatsu Rei Ho

The Fire Dragon Symbol


The Next Step – Master/Teacher Course

Light Invocation‎

Reiki Principles‎

Further Resources available to you‎

Bibliography / Further Reading