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How to find a partner who really cares for me?:
Question: How to find a partner who really cares for me? (April, 2018).


I want you to know that for someone else to see your worth and beauty, you must first see it yourself; see the beautiful light that shines inside you; acknowledge all the things you are good at (even the smallest details that perhaps no one cares about but you). Once you see that and start loving yourself, your being will expand its light and start radiating that Love to all around you. This in turn will attract people who will see that in you and want to join you in this beautiful light.
You are amazing, beautiful soul, kind and caring


How to protect your energy::
Question: The question I have is about protecting my energy shield, what things can I do to keep it protected? (Beejal, Aug 2016).


There are many ways in which to protect yourself. The most powerful tools are your mind and heart. Learn to notice things, people, places and emotions that drain your energy or make you irritable and unhappy – and stay away from them if possible.

Each morning as you wake up imagine a cocoon of powerful bright light all around you, perhaps purple light for protection. Imagine that you are zipping it up from the toes to the top of your head. Know it will last for the whole day. Then do same in the evening before going to bed.

If you notice something or someone starting to drain your energy, then:

–  stop,

– take a deep breath,

– hold your breath and slowly exhale it, visualising a protective shield around you. Imagine this shield growing in power and that only love comes in or out.


Many times when other people or situations drain our energy, they simply reflect our inner emotional state. Since we are very powerful beings, the beliefs that we hold strongly in our heart (many times we are even unaware of them), do materialise on the outside. This is simply a reflection that shows us what is inside us.

So simply acknowledge the fear that you are holding inside.

– breathe the fear in and out,

– imagine the breath going up and down your spine and dragging the emotion you feel up and down with it. The Kundalini energy that is in the spine will burn away the negativity and will neutralise the energy.


You can also shower daily, as water clear negativity.

Try eating healthy food that was made with love. It is a bit hard to find love in machine made food, but try organic food as much as possible.) Also avoid foods that drain you, such as alcohol, caffeine, sugary food, meat, and fish.


You can also do Yoga and meditations to boost your energy. Here is the link to some of our meditations. Many people found them very useful and healing. Go through them and whichever one appeals to you, listen and experience it:


Natalie and Gil

How to find a teacher Guru who lives close to me?:
– I have asked my Yoga teacher how can I find a Master (Guru) that lives not far from me, as I want to learn more from them.

– My Yoga teacher asked me how I define a Master?

– I replied: Looking at a Master you will not see ‘much’ difference in appearance and the way a Master does his day job, except that you will see how calm and fulfilled they are in whatever they do. You can sense the divine in their eyes. They usually do ‘less’ than other people, yet ‘achieve’ more. They never judge others, rather speaks truth that inspire others to find their own truths. The Master’s ‘inside world’ is the source of their external world. They render the external with the peace they have inside.
… So, where can I find one such Master?

– My yoga teacher replied: “…You have a good sense of how the Master moves in the world. Now work on developing these qualities within yourself and it will become easier to recognise the Mater outside of you.”

— This is great advice, I think…


The law of opposites:
Question: Help me understand the law of opposites. Thank you. (Andrea, 6 April 2015).

Answer: The law of opposites says that the human mind can understand one thing only when it can ‎compare it to its opposite – so in effect, to know things, we must have opposites existing ‎together.‎ If everything on this planet was made of white colour, for example, then people would be ‎‎‘hovering’ inside this space of whiteness. There would be nothing else. We would not know ‎anything else or other colours, because all will be white…

In order for people to understand ‎a white colour, there must be black colour existing in proximity. Only when there is one ‎colour, that we can understand another different colour.‎ Only with opposites existing here and now, that we can live in this reality. And so, if you ‎declare something, such as: ‘I am being grateful’, then according the law of opposites, ‎opposite things will come to space, such as events that you are not grateful for. These ‎opposites will allow you to understand all option (being humble, and not being humble). As ‎you understand these options, you can then say: ‘well, I am humble, yet the situation in front ‎of me makes it hard for me to be humble, and so I understand both, and I still choose to be ‎humble’.‎

Author Neale Donald Walsch (CwG) says that when you declare something, its opposite will ‎materialise in your life – so that you can see it, understand it, and then choose to be what ‎you have initially declared…‎ You desire and ‘Be’ what you want. If you want to be ‘A’, then life will bring the opposite ‘Z’ into your space. ‘Z’ will allow you to be ‘A’, and you will transform everything into ‘A’ at the end. I will explain how: If you choose to be ‘A’ and life is all about ‘A’ (everything is ‘A’ and nothing else), then you will take it for granted, and you will not appreciate it, and not ‘be’ it. If on the other hand, you choose to be ‘A’ and life brings you ‘Z’ – then you can see, compare and ‘be A’. How? In the experience of ‘Z’ you will decide that you are still being an ‘A’. You decide and be ‘A’ – that decision, at that moment, will then transform all ‘Z’ in your life into ‘A’. So you desire and choose to be what you want. Life will bring opposites.

In the opposites you still be what you want, and your ‘being’ will then transform all in your life into what you desired. At the end, it is all an illusion. The opposites are illusions that life brings you. Your ‘being’ will allow form to create itself, i.e. to manifest your decisions into reality. Read about this in Neale’s ‘Bringers of the Light’. A short summary here.

Does this make sense?‎


Question: I often feel very anxious and worry unknowingly. I know that it is not my reality and just the projections of ‎my mind, because when I meditate I feel calm. Can you help me learn how to stop ‘judgements’? ‎ (J., 27 March 2015).


Ok. Re anxiety – I think you may experience anxiety when your energy expands and then your ‎boundaries stretch; your ego panics… or you are too focused on the future.‎

Breathe; pause, allow yourself to stay in the moment and exhale the anxiety each time it comes ‎up. Exhale it until it stop coming. You can also lightly tap with your fingertips under your collar ‎bone about 2 inches, roughly where the heart chakra is or thymus.

This is the tapping technique. ‎Lightly tap and exhale; and say to yourself: it is ok to let it go, I am ok to let it go, it is safe to ‎release, I am ok here now, all is well. Repeat this process (you can add your own words to it, ‎your own mantra) as many times as needed. Exhale after each and think or say: Shanti OM, ‎peace.‎

Then focus again on problem. You are creating a ‘sandwich’ of energy, where you have a ‎problem-thought, exhale, then bliss-thought and exhale. In that way the ego gets confused and ‎drops the problem as it cannot handle two ‘energies’ at once…‎ About judgement:‎ By observing your judgements you also judge yourself, so instead of trying to stop them, try to ‎love them and embrace yourself. Your imperfections are the only reason you are still alive and ‎growing, otherwise (if you were complete and perfect) you would not be here…‎ So when noticing judgement – love it, hug it, thank it; it is why you are growing…

At one point ‎you will stop judging because you will recognise that other people reflect on yourself and that ‎there is only one of us here anyway, in multitude of reflections.‎

Lots of love,‎


Question: How to gain trust?‎ I feel lost in my spiritual/visionary path. I used to practice Reiki, drumming, crystals – ‎working intuitively, and then I “found” a group that told me all of that was wrong. The leader ‎told us that our families were harmful, everything basically was energetically harmful except ‎her of course!… I lost all my friends and nearly my family. Why on earth would I give all my ‎powers to a leader like that? How to I gain trust once again?‎ (13 Jan 2015)


There are many teachers out there who do not master their own ego. They will attract ‎vulnerable people who have low-esteem and lack of confidence. Always remember that ‎strength comes from within you, not from other people (even those who may call themselves a ‎‎‘teacher’, ‘master’ or ‘guru’).

On the other hand, if that teacher made you realize you do not need ‘teachers’, then she did ‎great work in awakening your spiritual powers. She did you a favour, so to speak.

You may get involved in the group you mentioned simply for that reason: to experience who ‎you are not, and so to learn the lesson that you do have powers, and that you do not need ‎dictations from outside. This is a lesson you have learned, and it will serve you through your ‎life. Please seek out for other people who need help, and are in need for that message that you ‎can bring them, now that you have learned it yourself.

You mentioned Reiki 2. Did your Reiki Teacher give you a manual? You can view this ‎manual, but it is Reiki 1:‎you-to-use-in-your-class/

You also mentioned confidence. Have you ever read the amazing books, by Neale Walsch? ‎Also check: Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and Louise L. Hay.

Love and Light,
Gil and Natalie.

How to achieve success:
Question: I …..reputedly trying for getting specific success…… I am not yet getting… After trying astro remedies… Tantra Mantra….Pooja….Gemstone used ….forgiveness practice….please tell me what to do? I need success in my work done…can you suggest….Telepathy used ?…._Reiki ? ….what? (J., 30 Jan 2015).

Answer: The measure of success in what you do directly reflects on the measure of self acceptance and love that you have for Yourself. If you wish to succeed in what you do, it is not the external influences you need to seek, although some advice from a professional in your field of work would help.

But mainly look at your beliefs about yourself, look at your beliefs and thoughts about money, success, health, look at how you were brought up, perhaps you adopted your parents words or beliefs which now hinder your success. Do not blame anyone including yourself, simply observe and start changing these beliefs one by one to positive empowering ones while you carry on doing what you do in your work the change will happen once you change that attitude of helplessness and victimhood inside yourself.


it is time to shine your inner strength but you need to find it inside yourself first. Hope it makes sense to you. for further help we can perhaps attune you to your higher self to connect with Who you truly are see our link to it here:

Bless Gil.

How to get students' attention:
Question: I am a lightworker but as a high school teacher, I don’t know how to attract my students and make a relaxed class to get better results.  What can I do with Reiki and other systems to have silent students with high attention to me and lessons? (Mehdi, May 2016).


Hi Mehdi
The ‘trick’ is to match the learning to what students like. For example, if you teach history class, and you need to tech the history of some castle in your area, then you can put this song Ed Sheeran – ‘Castle On The Hill’ in the background, while you teach…

The idea is to bring-up the history lesson, and ‘add’ to it something that is relevant and interesting to the students. You want to ‘learn’ your students – what they like, what xbox games they play, what films they watch – and bring elements from there into your class.

In terms of Reiki, it is very useful to have Breathing Exercises with students – for example, every 10 minute you stop the class, and do 2 minute breathing exercise. Of course, if you just come to class tomorrow and tell the children that you are going to do breathing exercises, then they will laugh at this… and probably will not want to do it… So, what you want to do is to talk to them beforehand about the idea of breathing. Ask them what they think about it? Then the next lesson, ask them if they want to try it… And then you can try it with them in the class.

You can also look at what xbox games they play, or check their film heroes. Then research that character/person. For example, if they play xbox computer games, then you can study one character from the game – explore it, see how it moves, how it talks, how it breathes… Then ‘align’ this character to breathing exercises. For example, tell your students that you want to try exercise where you ‘breathe’ like the character from the computer game. Choose a character that breathes slowly. Start by telling the student that this is a small game – pretending we are the character. How would it breathe if it was in the class with you all…

If the student admire a signer, for example Sia, then this is easy for you. Singers do a lot of breathing exercises before they sing… Study it, and present this idea to your student. Then identify a small part of breathing exercise, and just try it with the students. Slowly, ‘gear’ you breathing into meditation and relaxations session, just a few minutes during the class.

The idea it to find a ‘hook’ to something that students love, and then use it for your needs.

In terms of Reiki:
You can visualise a ‘mist’ of relaxation, like gentle clouds. Imagine this the night before your class. The night before, at home, imagine this, and then feel it. Literally feel yourself entering this calmness. Then say to yourself (and to your guides) – ‘I am sending this calm feeling to my class tomorrow. I am a confident teacher. My students are calm and attentive.’

You can try this Meditation that my wife did, to help you go into a meditative feeling… The Inner Sun and the Lake of Bliss – Meditation.

Clients sometimes come to me for such relaxation sessions. We usually do meditation sessions, where we ‘bring out’ the calmness, and then we send it to an event or a place in the future. If you learn to express your calmness from within you, then your students will sense it and behave calm and attentive.

Let me know how it works for you.
Best wishes,


Reiki lesson does not feel right:
Question: Hi. I did my reiki 1 in June. But I feel it’s not worked right. Generally I struggle to visualise things eg meditation or a white light coming in through my crown chakra etc. (Dawn, 6 Sep 2015).

Answer: It is enough to think of Reiki to start working with this energy and then later as you become confident , the energy will come before you can even formulate your thoughts. Love and trust is what you should concentrate on when doing Reiki nothing else matters, just think of love or positive things.

Every person is different, every path is different, so if you do not see color or feel energy it is all fine. Whatever you see and feel is perfect for you and what you need right now, this will also change as you evolve and grow.

Trust that what you receive is perfect fro you now.

Always stop and ask your self/body – is what I feel or want to do for my highest good and will? if it feels good – do it and if it does not – do not do it.

I think it works well enough to start with, keep doing self healing, it takes 3-6 months just to start kicking off the energetic layers to get your real healing working on. The toxins on many levels will come out, and you will transform them.
You can put a rose crystal on your heart or in your palms as you work on your self. It may even take longer to start releasing blockages and work with energy in a more confident way – just keep going; you are on the right time doing the right thing, you can not make mistakes.

If your teacher does not feel right for you anymore, then seek another. If you feel the advice here does not speak to you, its ok, go with what feels right for you.

Your heart does not lie, nor does your body; they are the barometers of your soul.

If you wish you can do reiki refresh with me online; if not, then just carry on and trust that all unfolds perfectly.


God, when we need him (her):
Question: Why God does not come to us when we require it… when we want to talk to him or her…‎ (Siddh, 31 March 2015).

Answer: Dear Siddh As you are aware that God is everywhere, you can understand that God does not need to ‎come to you especially in a ‘specific’ form that you expect him to be. Once you asked a ‎question or prayed for help, let the attachment to the result go – drop the ‘need’ or ‎attachments to see the result – and instead be open to whatever comes your way.

Notice your ‎attention, and how it goes and moves – because this is God within you answering your ‎enquiry…‎ Your mind is basically a back-up mechanism that is here to analyse situations only for survival ‎process. It cannot know or understand beyond that, and since God is the one that planned ‎and executed our whole reality we cannot (in our physical capacity as it is now) to imagine ‎how the perfect outcome will play out.

We cannot see what is best for us. We can only ‎envisage what our mind can think is best for us, based on past experience.‎ When you pray say: I am asking for this and for something even better that I can imagine… ‎Then leave it to God and Divine guides to support you.

Sometimes when things seem to fall ‎apart in your life it is because they are freeing the space for new things to come and unfold, ‎and for the puzzle of reality to fall into place and sort itself, for your highest good and will.‎ God always answers our needs and questions, we simply do not know how to listen. Actually ‎a lot of us do not even ask what we really want… because our minds run in circles and we ask ‎peripheral questions rather than the soul deep ones.‎ I hope it helps.

The answer may come from anywhere and anything or anyone and most ‎importantly from your inner self. ‎ Imagine a lake of pure divinity inside you (like a well), then be still for a moment, breath in, ‎ask a question, then drop it into the well (like dropping a stone) and wait for a reply. It will ‎come as a whisper of thought in your mind or a feeling. If you get a good feeling then it is a ‎‎‘yes’ and if it is a bad feeling or discomfort then it is a ‘no’. You have all the answers inside ‎already, because I can see the Divinity within you here now.‎

Lots of love Blessings.


About being alive:
Question: Why do we need to experience life? Why do we need to learn and grow? How did this idea or.. creation of this and the varying forms of life come to be? Why can we not simply all live aware of ourselves outside of our known form of life? (Gaia du Plessis, Feb 2015)


Life is the physical experience for the spiritual realm. The Spirit (aka your higher-self) learns about emotions, thoughts, time, space through your body and mind. The body and mind need to be ‘living’ in the physical world.