Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

This little book illustrates the five ‘steps’ that you can take in the task of bringing the light, and how they correspond with the five ‘principles’ by which reality operates.

Summarised, with page numbers, by Gil Dekel, PhD. (Book published by Millennium Legacies Inc., Ashland, 1995).

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Step 1: Get Clear about the purpose of your life.

Many people do not think much about the purpose of life, and as a result they spend time doing things that do not matter; things that do not benefit them.

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Principle 1 – There is no purpose to life, and that is God’s greatest gift.


Life is pointless. There is no such thing as ‘God’s purpose’. We get to decide on the purpose we want to give life.


The function of life is to create.


Decide on the purpose of your life, and declare Who You Are. Do not ask others, do not even ask yourself – rather just tell yourself.

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)


Step 2: Translate your purpose from Doingness to Beingness.


‘Doingness’ – the function of the body.

‘Beingness’ – the function of the soul.

Decide what you want to Be – decide what is you Beingness, then Doingness will follow up from that. Doingness always follows Beingness.


Principle 2 – I Am a Human-Being, not a human-doing.


Step 3: Adopt right now the state of Being that you chose, no matter what you are doing.


Principle 3 – Everything we are Being, we are being because we choose it.


If we are being afraid, it is because we chose to be afraid. If we are being hurt, or loved, or wise – it is all because we chose being that.


Be what you choose, no matter what you are ‘doing’. Choose your Beingness, and be that. Focus on that.


When you focus on something and stick to it, your body will soon respond and start acting in accordance with that choice. Your body will allow you to experience that beingness. If you choose calmness, for example, your body will start ignoring noises.


If you chose to be joyful, or happy – then you will become so. The same goes with our choices to be depressed or upset.


When you are Being, you control your life, and the exterior circumstances do not affect your inner experience.

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)

Portrait of Neale Donald Walsch (copyrights © Dr. Gil Dekel)


Step 4: Observe oppositions and call them ‘opportunities’.


Principle 4 – As soon as you decide Who You Are, everything unlike it will come into space.


Our world is a world of relativity. A thing ‘IS’ only relative to another thing, which is ‘NOT’. ‘Hot’ can only exist in an environment that also holds ‘cold’. For a thing to exist, it needs it’s opposite to exist.


Opposites to what we wish to Be will appear in our life, in order to create the space in which we can Be.


Thus, we can see these ‘opposites’ as a sure sign that we are on the journey of transformation. These negative-opposites are only temporary, and their purpose is to heal forever any negative feeling that we had about the outer-experience of our life.

If you choose the being of ‘I Am Calmness’, for example, then more noise may come into your life. However, now you will exist in a state of choice – you will now know why this is happening. You will be able to choose to see this as an opposite, and as a gift. And so you can choose to remain calm next to the noise. And soon, the outer noise will follow your calmness. For example, noisy children in the house may calm down themselves, as they will pick up your calm energy. And even if they don’t, that would not matter as by now you have mastered the moment, and could move through it with calmness.


The opposite will no longer have an effect on you as you will render it null. You will not condemn anymore ‘bad’ things, rather you will look at them and make them disappear. The act of condemnation is an act of resistance, and what you resist – persists. While, what you look at – disappears.


Step 5: Allow form to create itself.


Be yourself as the Being, and allow the physical Form to create itself on its own accord.


Principle 5 – Beingness turns into form.


We are Beings in a process of formation: we are in-formation, evolving. We do not need to bring more information to life in order for what we are to manifest into Form. We just need to allow Form to take place on its own right, using the information we are already manifesting.


  1. Choose a purpose, a Beingness. This is self conception.
  2. Move into that Beingness no matter what.
  3. Watch as your body moves away from that which you are-not.
  4. Do not resist that which opposes you. Stay centred in your Being.
  5. Form will start to manifest out of your Being. Being has no choice, as it naturally turns into Form. It is the function of Being to produce a Form.


There is nothing to do, just to be. Do not create Form, rather enter your state of Being, and stay there, even when things seems to oppose your Beingness.

So, you need not open a clinic, for example, in order to create the Form of your choice to Be a Healer. Just stay in the state Being a Healer. Then you will become ‘healing’ wherever you go, at work, at home, with friends. You will be ‘healing’ even in your current job.


Abandon the idea of ‘making a living’ by opening a practice as a ‘healer’. Do not try to be a healer, rather just Be Healing. As you move into a state of Being Healing, you will find joy in your current job. You will start seeing it in a new way, seeing every moment and situation as an opportunity for you to be healing. Conflicts that may made you want to run away from you current job, will now be seen as opportunities for you to be healing them.

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The five steps and principles:

1. Get clear about the purpose of your life. 1. Life is pointless, and that is God Greatest Gift to us.
2. Translate your purpose from
Doingness to Beingness.
2. You are a human-being, not a human-doing.
3. Adopt right now the state of Being you chose, no matter what you are doing. 3. Everything you are Being, you are being because you choose it.
4. Observe Oppositions and call them Opportunities. 4. As soon as you decide Who and What You Are, everything unlike it will come into the space.
5. Allow form to create itself. 5. Form naturally comes out of Beingness.



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