We’re going to do a meditation to awaken the inner sun. ‎

At the moment there’s a huge amount of intense energy, a very powerful positive energy. As this ‎energy is pouring down on us to elevate us and awaken us, the not-so-enlightened parts in us (the ‎parts we suppressed), become resistant in coming to the surface. In which case, people may become ‎negative, irritable, angry, emotional… and any range of responses that we may come up with when ‎faced with opposites. It becomes intense because it’s difficult to let go of the past.‎

We are people, we’re creatures of habit and it’s hard to let go and embrace something we don’t know ‎about or perhaps we’re scared of. We are all worried about who will we become if we let go of who ‎we used to be…‎

And to help us on that path; to help with that transformational period, I suggest we do this meditation. ‎We will go inside and find that powerful sun; that powerful source of energy within you that is so ‎strong and so amazing that you will start shining inside out. ‎

And if light meets light there will be no resistance. And anything else will naturally go away because ‎when the sun shines it may be too bright, and people need to find shade. We need to find that inner ‎shine so that anything else will flee before it – but we will grow and expand and manifest ourselves as ‎who we’re supposed to be.‎

To start, please sit comfortably. Take a deep breath… take a breath into your heart space, hold it for a ‎moment… and breathe it out slowly. ‎

Let’s do it again. Breathe into your heart space, hold it for a moment, let the energy swish inside you; ‎pick up all that’s no longer needed and exhale it, let it all out.‎

And again… breathe into your heart space… and out into the universe.‎

Pay attention to your breath, to your body. If you’re sensitive you might notice the energy that travels ‎from your crown down into your roots, through you, around you. If you’re not aware of that, that’s ‎okay. Just listen to your breath.‎

Make sure your breath becomes deep and your exhale is longer than your inhale…‎

And as you relax, I invite you to go within, look into the heart space. If you point your awareness to the ‎heart space at first you may see nothing at all. Or, you may see a cosmos, space with stars, just ‎darkness; anything that might speak to you. Whatever it is that you see and feel, it is what you need to ‎experience in this moment now.‎

As we peer into the heart space, imagine that you are indeed floating in space. That space is made of ‎millions of galaxies. There’s no beginning, there’s no end, there’s no up, there’s no down… there’s ‎just now and your awareness in that space.‎

Notice how it feels to be in that space. Do you feel scared? Alone? Or do you feel at one and joyous ‎and free? If you feel alone or scared, it means that you have disconnected yourself from the source by ‎worrying or paying attention too much to the concerns around you in your daily life.‎

Sometimes the challenges life sends to us may be overwhelming and it is easy enough if you do not ‎pay attention, to be swept with it. At some point we forget that we are attached to that space. But ‎just like waves in the ocean, we are part of that ocean of life and we cannot be separated from it.‎

There’s only one of us although in various manifestations as different independent naturally existing ‎waves; it doesn’t mean that our existence is illusion – but it does mean that we are part of a great ‎whole… one evolving, constantly changing growing entity which is life. Some of you may call it God, ‎others may call it universe, life, energy; whatever speaks to you.‎

You may have forgotten that you are part of that whole, and that you can relax into it. You will be ‎supported because behind you there’s a huge ocean of life waiting to love you and hug you and ‎support all your needs. Just focus on enjoying where you are now; the freedom… freedom of ‎boundaries, of tiredness, of responsibilities, of hardships… freedom from time limits, money ‎concerns. You are free in the now, right here right now, in that moment in space where we are now… ‎you are free.‎

You are a perfect, whole, good, divine being; as perfect as you need to be right here right now. Enjoy ‎that feeling.‎

Do not worry about the future or past. If your mind wanders off just bring it back, and enjoy that ‎feeling of freedom and joy; and a little bit like child at play… fun. When was the last time you felt that ‎life was really fun?‎

Float and feel that fun, feel that joy. Now the more joy you feel, the more happy and content you ‎become with who you are in that space, in that moment where we are right here right now. Notice ‎that we’re gradually gravitating deeper and deeper into that space; into that heart space. The space ‎ahead of us. Of course, there’s no direction so wherever intuitively your attention is pulled towards.‎

Over there, there is some glow. There’s something that pulls you towards that area. It might be a light; ‎beautiful auroras of colourful lights… or maybe sound or music if you are audio sensory. Or perhaps ‎just a sense of knowing that this is where you want to go. This is where I want to be.‎

And as we go towards that, we float slowly, gently, peacefully towards that glow, towards that area.‎

We see a gentle green-coloured mist. Maybe it’s light turquoise or green; warm green forest green… ‎whatever feels right for you will be the right colour. It is calling you, embracing you…‎

And as you float forward, you are being embraced gently by that mist, colourful mist. It surrounds you ‎gently. You can barely feel it on your skin but it gently surrounds you and it feels as if you’re being ‎cleansed. ‎

Your body is being cleansed, your auric field is being cleansed… your super-conscious awareness is ‎clarified… It’s as if you’re undergoing a kind of MOT for your body and soul, re-balancing your chakras, ‎very gently.‎

Some of you may feel nothing at all apart of that gentle sensation of peace. Some of you might feel ‎quite intense emotions and energies floating, cleansing your body and making it shine.‎

Remember to seep the breathing, to keep that sensation of pulsing with life; with each breath you’re ‎pulsing; this connection with the universal mother, the universal life… ‎

Just as a baby connects to the mother while floating in the womb, we’re never quite separated from ‎the universal womb, from the universal supply of our being, our living. We can imagine that we are ‎independent self-reliant beings, that we don’t need a guide to sort our life. In reality, something there ‎‎– I call it God, you can call it Life – something there is in charge and takes one pull for that soul ‎connection to withdraw and then there’s not control or need for the body at all.‎

In a way we are really deeply connected to that bigger self and our experience in the body is not as ‎body that may contain the soul or perhaps has a little bit of it on the middle. We are the soul that is at ‎the moment temporarily using this small body to manifest what it came here to learn and grow and ‎experience so that we can report back for life to experience itself further – constant creation of reality ‎together with life.‎

And as we’re undergoing this cleansing; this deep profound cleansing with that gentle mist, we’re ‎sinking deeper and deeper into that area. It’s as if we are going through a cloud.‎

And as we emerge from the mist, our body feels energized but gentle, relaxed… calm… all your ‎chakras are balanced. You are glowing with inner peace; with that remembered connection to life.‎

We pass that mist and come out on the other side, we see in front of us a lake… a beautiful absolutely ‎amazing lake. You can decide what you see, how it is surrounded. Is it with beautiful trees and ‎mountains or is if perhaps fields? Whatever feels right to you.‎

This beautiful lake, this is where your divinity is seated in the point of touch with your body.‎

This is the lake of your inner peace, your inner sense of calm… the bliss. It’s absolutely still. No wind to ‎stir it; the surface is totally clear. You can hear the birds but the lake is beautiful and still, it’s so still that ‎everything around it feels extra-alive, extra-glowing.‎

But the lake itself has a supernatural quality to it. It emanates peace. It emanates joy, wholeness…‎

Now if you have any question that bothers you or you have a concern about something – just one. ‎Choose one that bothers you most. Imagine that you have a pebble in your hand, that this pebble is ‎the concern you want to know about. Gently throw it into the lake and see the shapes it leaves in its ‎wake and feel the ripples it sends through the lake of bliss.‎

And then wait and see for the answer to come up. It might be a word, it might be a thought or ‎emotion or an image. It may be that nothing will happen right now but in the next few days you will ‎suddenly have an intuitive knowing of what is the answer to your query.‎

You have asked; now leave it. Don’t worry about it. You have asked and it is taken care of.‎

You need to focus back on that sense of peace. Touching it brings that peace into your heart, into the ‎very space of the universe, into that fabric of existence. So right here, right now you’re creating the ‎fabric of your life full if bliss, peace, joy… calmness, awareness, compassion.‎

Breathe in that lake’s serenity. Feel its good qualities settling into you. Feel joy for no other reason ‎than being alive… alive right here right now. ‎

You don’t need anything, nothing bothers you in this space, in that area where we are now. This time, ‎right here right now all is well. Life looks after you. You are safe. It okay; it is safe to be okay and you’re ‎okay to be okay. Accept that, it’s all right. Your worries, your egos don’t need to be. Your mind doesn’t ‎need to fight now for existence, for survival because you are safe here.‎

You don’t need to worry about tomorrow or the past. Right here right now, you’re fine. All is well. You ‎are safe, whole and complete. Feel this truth in your body. Feel it emanating from the lake.‎

And as we sit here in this area, in that space, I want you to bring your chin down to your chest so that ‎we are looking with the chin pointing down. At the same time, your eyes will rise toward your ‎forehead to the area between the eyebrows naturally.‎

It is possible that the tongue will want to touch the roof of your mouth. In this way we’re closing the ‎microcosmic orbit, allowing the energy of the lake, of that inner bliss to build up in your body; to ‎circulate and open your etheric body, your emotional body, your spiritual body, your physical body.‎

And as we do that, behold that behind the lake we can see that the sun starts to rise; the beautiful ‎golden cosmic self stats to rise behind the lake of bliss, the lake of peace, of inner awareness. And as ‎the sun of inner cosmic self rises, feel the energy rising along with it in your chest. Your solar plexus ‎opens up and fills with light. It’s okay to shine. This is not selfish, this is not egoistic; it’s your natural ‎birth right. ‎

You are created in the image and likeness of God. You are meant to shine. This is who you are. You ‎embrace it not with ego but because it’s a natural state of your being. You are shining. You are ‎amazing. You’re an awesome manifestation of divinity… right here right now.‎

And as the sun continues to rise, feel that light spreading into your heart area, uplifting you so you feel ‎connected, loved, supported. There’s no other way. There’s only one of us here – and it is every single ‎one of us as well. We love and support each other because we are all reflection on each other. We are ‎all one.‎

And as the inner sun rises, you may become aware of sensations in the third eye, in the body… feel ‎that energy. Feel the rising sun of your own being.‎

And as the sun rises and you embrace your own divinity, feel the connection that goes from your ‎crown down to your roots, enveloping you in a golden cocoon of light with purple flecks. You are ‎shielding and loving and protecting but also embracing your inner self. This is who you are.‎

And so you can project that light out to everything and everyone on your way. Raise that ‎consciousness along with the sun, up through your throat, back into your head into the third eye, out ‎of the crown, up into the stars above you, and out into the universe.‎

This is your opportunity to shine, to feel amazing, to feel like you matter; that everything you do ‎makes a difference because it does. You are the bringer of the light. ‎

And if sometimes you get overwhelmed with life, with the challenges or with darkness perhaps, go ‎back into that lake because it’s always there. Ask questions, listen to answers and most of all, greet ‎the rising in yourself; the inner cosmic shiny self.‎

Become aware again of rising above the mist which has now shifted colour and is more golden… up ‎into that space and back to where we were floating with joy.‎

Gradually become aware of your body… bring yourself slowly back to the head, to the conscious ‎awareness of you sitting on the sofa or the chair; the sense of fabrics or materials around you, ‎underneath you. Imagine yourself rooted down into the reality through your feet but remember that ‎inner glowing sunshine. It’s still shining through your chest, out through your eyes and anyone who ‎will see you will remember not only your light but their light as well.‎

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and I hope it helps you to feel more at peace, at ease. And ‎if life sends challenges, we do not react. We observe it and then we breathe out from the lake of bliss ‎so that we release our peace rather than absorbing the storm.‎

Have a beautiful day. Thank you.‎

27 March 2015‎
‎© Natalie Dekel