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Facilitated by Dr. Gil Dekel and friends.
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Talk: The 32 Paths of Wisdom – introduction to Jewish Mysticism. 2 May 2024:

Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffet will cover Kabbalah’s history and theology, focusing on the role of mystic spirituality in Judaism, and its similarities and differences to other religious and faith traditions. Talk organised by Dr. Gil Dekel. Free. Online. Open to all (those of faith or no faith). 2 May 2024. 7pm. Via Teams. Book here:

The 32 Paths of Wisdom – an introduction to Jewish Mysticism (Faith Talk Series)

Pesach 2024. 20 April:

Join us for Pesach get-together, the Jewish holiday celebrating emancipation and freedom. Dr. Gil Dekel will tell the story, with a visual presentation, and lead art-and-craft activities. Suitable for the young and old… Open to all. Light refreshments provided. Free, but places are limited. 20 April. 10am-12noon. Questions? Contact us.

Pesach Passover 2024

Pesach Passover 2024

Tu BiShvat 2024 get-together. 27 January:

Dr. Gil Dekel will share the story of Tu BiShvat, The Jewish New Year of Trees. We will discuss the symbolism and the Four Worlds. We will also have fun art activities for the small ones. Suitable for the young and old. FREE family-friendly event, open to everyone. Feel free to book your place. Light refreshment will be provided. Start time: 10am.

Hanukkah 2023: visual story and arts.

Dr. Gil Dekel will share the story of Hanukkah – the Jewish festival celebrating light over darkness. We will also have art activities for the small ones. Suitable for the young and old. Family-friendly, free art event.


Pesach 2023. 1st April:

Pesach – the Jewish holiday celebrating emancipation and freedom.  We will tell the story, and have art-and-craft activities. Suitable for the young and old… Free, and open to all, but places are limited, so do book your free tickets. After your booking we will send you exact address (Southampton, Highfield). Questions? Contact us.

Pesach invite 2023.

Purim 2023 get-together. 5 March:

Dr. Gil Dekel will share the Purim story: how Ester, a common person, became a Queen that cares for her people. We will also have some arts & crafts. Children can come dressed up. Free. Suitable for the young and old. To book and for address, contact us here.

Purim party 2023.


Tu BiShvat 2023 get-together. 4 January:

Dr. Gil Dekel will share the story of Tu BiShvat, The Jewish New Year of Trees. We will discuss the symbolism, and the types of fruits (which relate to the Kabbalistic ‘4 worlds’ concept). We will hear an original story about ‘Moshe and the Angels of Tu BiShvat’, and we will also have art activities for the small ones. Suitable for the young and old. Family-friendly, free event – with a Kiddush and light refreshment. Contact us here.

Tu BiShvat 2023 event.

Hanukkah 2022 get-together. Sat, 17 Dec 2022, 3pm:

At Southampton University (after booking, we will email you exact location address). Dr. Gil Dekel will share the story of Hanukkah – the Jewish festival celebrating light over darkness. We will also have art activities for the small ones. Suitable for the young and old. Family-friendly, free event with light refreshment.

Reiki & Meditation Sessions

CKR - Reiki SymbolSouthampton, Highfield, SO17.

I am setting-up a weekly Reiki & Meditations sessions. All welcome, Saturdays/Sundays mornings. We ‎will share Reiki energy, and also discuss Reiki knowledge and other methods, such ‎as guided meditations, healing arts and tapping. No previous skill is required. Contact me here.

“I have enjoyed the sessions. They have been relaxed. Each session has had a mix of energy ‎building, meditation, reflection and Reiki.‎

The sessions are structured to each person, for example I’m very new and people have been ‎happy to explain what’s behind everything. Gil, where necessary, has directed the ‎conversation or put us back on track but generally our discussion and energies have driven ‎things.”‎ – Mark.

About facilitator Gil: I learned Reiki in 2002, and am trained at Teacher/Master level.  I teach Reiki and Guided meditations face-to-face and also online. My Reiki Level 1 manual can be downloaded free on this website; and our Level 2 ‎manual is on sale. In 2009 I ‎completed my PhD research at Portsmouth University, specialising in processes of creativity and inspiration in art-making. I now teach (part-time) at the Open University. My ‎passion lies in creativity in arts, healing, and promoting people and businesses. Contact me here.‎  More about facilitator Gil here. Meetings since 28 June 2015.

buy your tickets here:

CwG Study Group
Neale Donald Walsch portrait (‎©‎ Gil Dekel)‎

 Come and learn, evolve, and share ideas about the book series ‘Conversations with God’ and ‘Conversations with Humanity’ by author Neale Donald Walsch. CwG group for Hampshire, England – meeting online, and also planning to set a group in Southampton.  If you have not read the CwG books, but still interested, you are most welcome.  I bought the companion/guide book that Neale published (in 2009) which aims at helping study groups. When we meet we can discuss ideas and how to progress with the study (28 June 2015 was our first meeting). Drop me an email with any thoughts/questions you may have.  Contact me here.

Friday meditations

Friday Meditation with Gil. Image: pixabay.

Fridays, 7pm, Southampton. Contact Gil here, for venue of next meditation.

Buy ticket here. 10£ a session.

Dr. Gil Dekel facilitates sessions for more than 20 years. He loves teaching colleagues and learning from them!

FREE Guided Meditation Session – with Dr. Gil Dekel, Reiki Teacher - Thu, 19 Nov 2015, 1pm

Wellbeing at Boldrewood Campus, Southampton University. Come and experience a few moments of relaxation in these mind-expanding and soul-nourishing meditations… No previous experience is required to attend. FREE.

In the sessions we will sit comfortably, and start to ‘look inside’. Dr. Gil Dekel will guide us into an exploration of the wealth of wisdom and peace that lie inside. What will you experience?… Come and try out…

Dr. Gil Dekel facilitates sessions for more than 20 years. He loves teaching colleagues and learning from them!

For Uni Staff/Students. Book your place here.

Some previous events:
Pesach 2017.

Pesach (Passover) is a Jewish high-holiday, celebrating freedom, joy, and immense trust in life.

Pesch פסח. Jewish celebration high holiday of freedom. Gil Dekel.

> Family ticket (up to 2 adults & 2 children) 5£. Buy your ticket in advance here. After payment you will receive details of venue. Contact us here.

We tell the story of Passover, and have art activities based on the story. Facilitated by Dr. Gil Dekel, who has years experience in delivering art workshops for kids. For children age 5-10. Saturday 31st March 2018 2pm-3.30pm. Venue: TBC (Highfield).

Tu BiShvat 2018

Tu B'Shevat (Hebrew: ט״ו בשבט‎) is a Jewish holiday that marks the beginning of a ‘new year’ for trees, where trees start to grow fruits after the winter slumber. It is costume to eat fruits, especially the seven fruits of Israel which include pomegranates, dates, figs and grapes. The name ‘Tu Bishvat’ stands in Hebrew for the 15th day of the Jewish month of Shvat. The holiday is also called "Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot" ("New Year of the Trees".)

Come and celebrate this Jewish holiday. We will make fun fruit plates that represent each season – summer, fall, winter and spring. Everything will be provided.

Tu B’Shevat (Hebrew: ט״ו בשבט‎) is a Jewish holiday that marks the beginning of a ‘new year’ for trees, where trees start to grow fruits after the winter slumber. It is custom to eat fruits, especially the seven fruits of Israel which include pomegranates, dates, figs and grapes.

The name ‘Tu Bishvat’ stands in Hebrew for the 15th day of the Jewish month of Shvat. The holiday is also called “Rosh HaShanah La’Ilanot” (“New Year of the Trees”.)

Learn more about this holiday here.

Rosh HaShana 2017

Rosh HaShana Bee game ad

Art-activities party on Sep 2017.  Come to chat ideas in preparation for the party, on 26-27th August, and 2-3rd Sep. Places are limited. Book by contacting us here (pls write ‘Rosh HaShana’ in your message).  Check our previous Rosh Hashana party here.

Yoga Taster Days, 14 and 21 June 2015:

14 June, 11am – Are you tired with your body’s health? Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Would ‎you like to be at peace in your body with yourself and life? Come for a taster session of ‎Hatha Yoga with Natalie Dekel. Contact me here.

21 June, 10am – Come to the open air; open Yoga day… Have a go with Hatha Yoga and learn to connect to your body. Raise your vibrations, deepen your understanding of your body and open up for new possibilities. The taster lesson will be delivered by Yoga Teacher, Prem (from Yoga Sanctuary), at 10am, Southampton Common. Contact Yogi Natalie for more information.

Hanukka Party. Dec 2014, Southampton, UK:

Hanuka is a celebration of light. See more here.

Hanuka Medals

Hanukka Party. Dec, 2013, Southampton, UK:



Sukkot Party for kids and their families. Sunday, 22 Sept, 2013, Southampton, UK:



– Art activities and stories based on the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

Passover Parties, April 2013 and 2014. See more here.

Rosh HaShana Party:



Meeting #1 –

Agenda for our first meeting (took place on Wednesday 28 Aug 2013, Southampton, UK):

– A guided meditation (similar to this one) to draw out inner-knowledge. We will use the findings from the meditation to draw a mind-map of ideas and solutions. – Discussion on CwG book 1. – Suggest your own ideas for the agenda, by contacting us here.

Tea and biscuits provided.

Reflective art workshops
  • East Street Art Fair, Southampton, 26-9-2015, 1.30pm
  • 7 Weeks ‘Art Worship’ Festival, Southampton, Monday 28th 5.30pm.

Contact Gil for more info. Workshops go like so:

  • 5-10 minuets of reflection guided meditation, to visualise feelings/emotions ‘inside’.
  • Then, we open our eyes, and create collages that represent the inner image, or respond to it in artistic way.

Proposed Residents' Association Winn/Westwood Roads:

In yesterday’s meeting (20th Oct 2015) we discussed issues that we want to focus on, mainly:

  • parking issues, bins, speeding,
  • flowers beds,
  • get-together socials events,
  • children’s club/association,
  • share skills and networking.

We also agreed that as a residents’ association we will have stronger voice in dealing with these. However, of the group only two people stepped-up yesterday and offered themselves as committee’s officers/members, so we could not set up the association yesterday, because we need a minimum of six people…

Please let us know if you wish to stand as a committee officer/member so that we can set up the association. My colleague from the City Council, Debbie Collis, is willing to meet with us and explain again the process and roles of each member/officer – but we must have six people (at least) to stand for this. We can definitely do it, so let us know.

Other social ideas:

  • Residents showed interest in doing something for Halloween. We can agree on houses that wish to participate and accept children on the day for trick-or-treat. Let us know if you wish to be involved. We may also arrange Halloween kid’s party if someone has the space to host this? Contact Gil…
  • A Jewish holiday called Hanukka is set for next month. We can share this culture with art-activities get-together party for kids and adults. We need a place to host this, and some further help. Contact Gil if you can help…

There was a consensus yesterday that an association is something that residents do want to see – so please think if you have the time and energy to set up one, and let us know…

3-years-old, Nicole Dekel, helping sort the chairs for the 21st Sep meeting...

3-yrs-old, Nicole, helping sort the chairs for the 21st Sep meeting…

The previous meeting (the Open Meeting, 21 Sep 2015) was attended by some 30 people, and was chaired by Gil and Debbie. See minutes of the meeting below. Participants were in favour of setting up association.



Minutes Open Meeting 21-9-2015:

Minutes of Winn and Westwood Roads’ Association proposal, Open Meeting, 21st September 2015:       Apologies

  • Monica Parrish – Albany Court
  • Alan Sutcliffe – Westwood Court
  • John Bailey – Beaulieu Court, Winn Road
  • Linda Norris – The Mayor of Southampton
  • Cathie McEwing – The Sherriff of Southampton
  • PCSO Helen Kemble – Portswood Neighbourhood Policing Team


  • Gil Dekel – Westwood Road
  • Cara Sandys – Winn Road
  • Sue Underwood – Winn Road
  • M King – Winn Road
  • M Campion – Winn Road
  • S Fuller – Winn Road
  • J Stanton – Winn Road
  • M. Remington
  • Julie Ross – Winn Road
  • Robert Smith – Westwood Road
  • Geoff Chaplin – Westwood Road
  • Paul Felstead
  • John and Kate Kent – Winn Road
  • David and Rosemary Corfe – Winn Road
  • Edward Knowlton
  • Mark Howak –Winn Road
  • Valentina Bono
  • Amy Hearst
  • R. Cunnell & J Davenport – Westwood Road
  • Kirstine Hazlehurst – Westwood Road
  • Debbie Collis – Southampton City Council, Community development worker
  • Alan Whitehead – MP Southampton Test
  • Phine Dahle – Outer Avenue Residents Association representative

Welcome and Introduction Gil Dekel thanked everyone for attending and introduced himself as a resident that lives in Westwood Road for over 8 years. The purpose of the open meeting was to explore if there was any interest in setting up residents’ group to cover Westwood and Winn Roads. Gil said that as he walked the street one day on the way to work, he looked at one flat and thought to himself that behind the window lives a family – and that they must have special skills/interests that they could share with other people on the street. The feeling is that houses are not empty shells, rather people live in houses, and they have many ‘gifts’ they can share. Gil suggested that all people have a skill or special interest that they could share with others, as a basis for developing social cohesion events for the area. Having a residents’ group can create a sense of community and can help with specific issues residents face. It is a tool to organise people to share ideas through social activities. Together, people are stronger, and have a stronger voice in dealing with issues. Gil explained that he met with Highfield Residents’ Association (HRA) and identified core activities and needs, on Winn/Westwood level, that will not duplicate or compete with HRA. HRA are in favour for setting local association as it gives them local representatives that makes their work easier. Explanation of what is required to set up as a residents’ association Debbie Collis explained that if there is a general consensus of setting up a residents’ association that there would need to be six members voted at least: three officers (the Chairperson, secretary and treasurer), and at least three committee members. If there are enough members then additional roles can be added such as publicity officer, and Vice chairperson. If a residents’ association is to be set up an inaugural meeting would need to be organised whereby the officers and committee members that wish to put their names forward for these roles do so, and then voting for these persons will take place. At the inaugural meeting, a constitution and equal policy for the group would be adopted. To enable the group to be able to apply for funding (including covering the cost of running the group i.e. hall hire, printing of leaflets, minutes etc.) they will need to be constituted. A bank account will need to be set up in the group’s name, with three signatories to be able to access the money. None of these persons are allowed to be related. Debbie explained that support could be given, a draft constitution and equal opportunity policy could be sent to the group for their perusal and allowing for any suggested amendments. This would then enable the group to apply for the Southampton City Council community chest funding (nearest closing date for applications is 16-11-2015). The next date for applications will be May 2016. Gil asked the attendees how many would like to set up a residents’ association. By a show of hands, there were 15 persons interested. An inaugural meeting will be arranged for mid Oct. Ideas and Suggestions for the area Gil has given an example with a photo of an area near 20 Winn Road that currently has a small circled seating area. A suggestion was that this could hold social events with a stage and microphone maybe, for community gathering, activities, maybe poetry readings. A resident commented this area is maintained and permission would need to be sought. A resident commented that at Hartley Court they hold BBQ’s. Other ideas and issues raised were: the grass verges along the side of both of the roads could have wild flowers grown on them. To look into how to deal with the speeding along Winn Road. A way to break the ice could be hold a beetle drive. Any other business Debbie asked if there was anyone who would like to help deliver the leaflets for the Inaugural meeting. Four persons offered to help and gave their contact details. Gil suggested that in order for this to happen, people will need to step forward and take actions. Talking only, Gil said, will not do, rather actions must take place. Meeting closed


Invite info, for 21-9-2015 Open Meeting:


‎‎We are delighted that the following have confirmed their attendance: – The Sheriff of Southampton, Councillor Cathie McEwing, – Dr. Alan Whitehead, Labour MP for Southampton Test, – PCSO Helen Kemble, Portswood Neighbourhood Policing Team.

How do we develop prosperous and happy community? Well, we start by sharing what we ‎already do best with those who live nearby…‎

The proposed new Residents Association could be named ‘Community Sharing Network’. ‎The idea is to form grass-root sharing system that will work on local level (Win/Westwood roads), and develop social-‎cohesion and activities. The vision is to foster local skills and talents, and match them with ‎local ‘demands’. ‎

We can consider doing any one (or more) of the following:‎

  • Exchange skills and knowledge efficiently, based on our proximity
  • Raise issues of concern or interest
  • Consider social events (evening meetings, kids activities, or child-care share)‎
  • Organise street art activities, or DIY sessions
  • Develop events that look at tools to make changes in the community, such as: ‎promoting creativity, business skills, and mindfulness.‎
  • Develop a recommendation list of local trades-people used by other who are satisfied ‎with their work.‎
  • Offers of help for older people.‎

> Why not come to our Open Meeting to: • Express your opinions, ideas and thoughts • Meet like-minded people • Build strong healthy community where people care about each other.‎

> When? 21 Sep 2015, 7.30pm. > Where? Portswood. For venue info, contact Dr. Gil Dekel here, and/or Debbie Collis (Community Development Worker, Southampton City Council).

HeArt Heritage Exhibition

12-19 Sep 2015, St Deny’s Church Centre and Garden, Southampton, UK.

The HeArt of Heritage is a week-long art exhibitions, FREE art-workshops, family activities and stalls, organised by Southampton Chamber of Arts. Further info, and list of events, see here.

Calling all art-workshops facilitators‎: would you like to run a workshop? — Gil Dekel, co-organiser of the ‘HeArt’ and member of Southampton Chamber of Arts.

About the Sharing Network (TSN):

I believe that there is no ‘shortage’ of information, ideas, and solutions to problems in the world. However, there is a shortage in sharing and communicating solutions effectively. Many existing solutions in the world do not ‘find’ their way to the problems, simply because people do not share solutions enough.

I have initiated The Sharing Network (TSN) for the purpose of bringing people together, to share ideas, views, thoughts, and belief systems in a supportive environment.

Ever since I read Neale Donald Walsch CwG books I realised that we cannot ‘change’ people, nor can we ‘enforce’ our own views on others. The best tool to evolve seems through the act of sharing ideas, and ‘becoming’ the change we want to see in the world. This was the topic of our first meeting. The Sharing Network is not for profit; all revenues are invested back in services for our members.

– Gil Dekel

Music Lovers Southampton:

calling-music-loversDo you love listening to music? … I wish to set up a group of music lovers, that will meet to discuss music – also listen to music.  This is not a group to compose/produce music, rather to listen and talk about music (of course, music composters are welcome).

When I hear a good song, I am elated – to me it is like hearing a complete symphony of colours and emotions.  I believe that music is the language of Life. It inspires me, helping me to relocate memories and connect to the essence of the divine.

  • Do you listen to Radio 1 chart, and love watching music videos?
  • Do you read bands’ biographies?
  • Inspired by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ‘Downtown’?
  • Fascinated by Adele’s ‘Hello’?
  • Love Carrie Underwood’s ‘Welcome to the Jungle’?
  • Are you expert in Glam Rock? Or maybe boy bands?
  • Or perhaps you just love music?

Let’s meet up and share our knowledge and admiration for music. Contact me here so I can see how many people are interested.

My own love to music started at a young age.  My brother was involved with a band that had one hit in the Israeli music charts back in the 1980’s, and became influential on other groups. He had (and still has) a massive collection of LPs, and would give me a few to listen to each week.

I do not play instrument (I spend one year learning violin, but that was all). I do sometimes dream music compositions, and, like a pilot of a plane, I can ‘navigate’ the compositions in my dreams.  I also bought Yellofier app and sometimes having fun with it

Soton Business Networking
Soton Business Networking

The idea: informal meetings to help each other with resources and advice for businesses.

Why?: because local small businesses are best suited to help other local businesses.

– Free, fun and friendly networking meetings in Southampton, for small businesses (SMEs), sole-traders and partnerships. We share best practices, resources, and experiences.

When you start your business you have many questions, and many ‘experts’ out there actually trying to sell you their products (be it advice or a service); and this does not exactly helping you. It took me some time before I have found the right people and relevant information. I therefore thought that it will be great to set-up informal group of like-minded who are willing to support each other in our city. By simply sharing our experiences of setting-up businesses we can help each other grow.

Saturdays evenings (we may add other days). Contact me here.

– Gil.

Activities in Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK.

» More about Gil, see About Us here.

Jewish high holidays and celebrations in the spirit of synagogue, beit-kneset, Southampton. חגים יהודיים לילדים ברוח בית-כנסת, סאוטהמפטון.

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