With Reiki Masters, Natalie and Gil.

Kotodamas are sacred sounds (chants) that correspond to Reiki symbols. They were in use much ‎before the drawn symbols were developed.‎

Listen to the chants in this video:‎


* ChoKuRei is the physical energy symbol. It holds the energy of the earth and the body. It grounds ‎and heals the body.The Kotodama goes from your belly like this: Hoe koo ey eeeee.

After chanting it for several times, connect with the energy that it evokes. Feel the energy, feel the ‎sound – feel it in your body, and your heart space.

* The second kotodama is‎ SeHeKi. It is an emotional energy, dealing with feelings. It holds a higher ‎frequency than ChoKuRei. It is not ‘better’ than ChoKuRei, rather it is different. SeHeKi is lighter ‎frequency, coming from your heart upwards. It expands.It doesn’t go like ChoKuRei ‎ from the ground in, rather it goes from your heart out; like this: Ey eee ‎ey eee keeee.‎

Feel the expansiveness this energy brings to your awareness.Feel how it crosses the boundaries of ‎the body, and expands the trapped emotions out into the space.

* The next kotodama is the connectedness energy, ‎ Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen‎. It is often used for distance ‎healing or when you want to connect to someone. You can use it when you feel lost and detached ‎and want to re-connect and remember who you are. This is the energy that reminds you that we are ‎waves in an ocean, and we cannot be separate from it. We are integral to that ocean.

The energy is light, even lighter than SeHeKi. It goes like this: Hoe aah zay hoe neigh. Feel this expansive energy, connecting the universe, time, space, people and memories into one ‎whole.


* The next kotodama is Dai Ko Myo. It is Usui’s Master energy. This is a powerful energy that ‎connects you up to the source in a straightforward way. It goes straight from the source to your ‎core being, to your soul. The energy connect like Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and also empowers you and ‎lightens you up to your purpose. It penetrates the illusions and the veils of disenchantment and it ‎goes to the core. It goes like this: Aah eee coe yo.

Feel the effect this energy has on every single vertebra in your being; on all the energetic pathways. ‎It unblocks and clarifies the way for the source to flow.‎ ‎


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11 Feb 2015‎ ‎
© Natalie and Gil Dekel‎