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By Neale Donald Walsch.

Questions #5-7

MY ANSWERS TO THE last three questions came all in a rush for me, so I’m going to include them all in a single conversation.

Question 5: Where am I?

My answer is that I am on the Eternal Journey of the Soul. I am moving on that journey from the Realm of the Spiritual to the Realm of the Physical to the Realm of the Virtual in a continuing cycle.

The complete book. Published with permission from Neale.

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The Realm of the Spiritual is the realm of the absolute, where everything exists in its absolute state. In this realm there is only Love, it is always Now, and there is only Here. !is state of Always Here/Now/Love has sometimes been called Heaven. In truth, it is but a part of heaven. One of three aspects or expressions in “paradise.” (“In my Kingdom there are many mansions.”)

This realm may also be called the Realm of Knowing, because everything that is, is utterly and completely known.

The Realm of the Physical is the realm of the relative, where things exist relative to other things. Here there is up and down, big and small, fast and slow, hot and cold, here and there, before and after, male and female, and an entire universe of what appear to be dualities (but are really triads—more on this later!).

This realm may also be called the Realm of Experiencing, because the soul places itself here in order to experience, in relative terms, what it knows itself to be absolutely.

The Realm of the Virtual is the realm of virtually everything/always. It is what we would call, in today’s technological terms, a Virtual Reality. That is, exactly as on a computer, we are making it all up.

God is the Great Maker-Upper. Or, if you prefer more respectful and reverent language…God is the Creator.

This realm is the place of Pure Being, where that Which Is resides in its Isness. This is the place of the All-in-All, the Whole of Everything, the Power and the Glory, the Sum Total.

This realm may also be called the Realm of Being.

My current location

I am, right now, in the Realm of the Physical. This is not a waystation outside of heaven, where I work in some way to make myself “worthy” of returning to God.

Nor it is a school, where I must make passing grades. There is nothing for me to learn, there is only for me to remember. Everything I needed to know I knew when I arrived here. It is part of my cellular encoding.

The 300-year-old tree outside my window knows nothing more now about how to be a tree than it knew when it was a seedling, no bigger than the nail on my little fi nger. All it has done is grow into itself, becoming more of what it always was.

I am doing precisely the same thing.

Nor is this place where I am a testing ground, where I am put through my paces to make sure I am up to snuff . I was perfect when I arrived here, I am perfect in this moment, and I will ever and always be perfect through the entirety of my eternal and everlasting life.

This place called Earth is simply (and magnificently) a place where I am able, because of its relative environment, to experience in lifetime after lifetime any and every aspect of God that it brings me joy to express in me, through me, as me.

There is nothing I have to do, nowhere I have to go, and no way I have to be except exactly the way I am being right now. My happiness is knowing this, my joy is expressing it, my bliss is experiencing it. There’s no journey, really.

These three realms—this whole construction, if you will—was given to me in my conversations with God. There is obviously much more to explain about all of this. I am skimming the surface here, because to go much deeper would be to fill two books. I went this far because I felt it was only fair to offer the answers to these questions that have emerged through me and in me as a result of my own soul searching—and my direct questioning of God.

Not everyone would come up with the same answers even if they, too, questioned God. I am clear that God speaks to each of us in the language and using the terms and offering the analogies and illustrations that God knows will best allow us to understand with our finite minds the infinite reality.

If you would like more of what I was given about the realms visited on the journey of the soul, I invite you to read my books HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends and When Everything Changes Change Everything. For now, let me end my answer to question #5 with this: We are not really journeying anywhere. There is nowhere to go in the Kingdom, as it is always Now/Here.

The illusion of “movement” from one “realm” to another, throughout the EverMoment that we call eternity, is the result of the placing of our attention on one part or another of that which is Always Present.

Yet even the placing of attention implies the existence of time, because the placing of attention on this or that appears to be a sequential activity. I assure you, however, that there is no such thing as Time as we commonly understand it, and that we have all of our attention on all of our creation in all of the spaces of All Of It all the time.

“Words,” says Conversations with God, “are the least reliable form of communication,” and this is never more true than when trying to explain the macro reality in micro terms.


Question 6: Why am I where I am?

My thought is that I am in the Realm of the Physical, or what may also be called the Realm of the Relative, because I desire a Contextual Field within which to Experience what I Know of myself, and to experience it fully.

I cannot experience who I am in the Realm of the Spiritual because there, there is nothing I am not. And in the absence of what I am not, what I am…is not. That is, it is not experienceable. You cannot experience What You Are except in the presence of What You Are Not.

The light cannot be experienced without the darkness. “Up” has no meaning in experience without “down.” “Fast” is simply a term, a word, having no meaning whatsoever, without “slow.”

Only in the presence of the thing called Small can the thing called Big be experienced. We can say that something is “big,” we can imagine that something is “big,” we can conceptualize something as being “big,” but in the absence of something that is “small,” “big” cannot be experienced.

Likewise, in the absence of something “finite,” “infinity” cannot be experienced. Put into theological terms, in the absence of something that is “not God,” the thing called “God” cannot be experienced. We can know “divinity” conceptually, but we cannot know it experientially.

Therefore, all the people, places, and events of your life—now or in the past—which seem to be “at odds” with who you are and what you choose to experience are simply gifts from the highest source, created for you and brought to you through the collaborative process of co-creating souls, allowing you to find yourself in a contextual field within which the fullest experience of Who You Really Are becomes possible.

Or to put this as God put it to me, “I have sent you nothing but angels.” (A statement I never forgot.)

The cycle of my eternal journey, from the Realm of the Virtual to the Realm of the Spiritual to the Realm of the Physical, then returning to the Realm of Virtual, where the cycle begins all over again, has a purpose.

It is important for me to know this, lest I think that I am on an endless merry-go-round.

The purpose of the Cycle of Life is to expand the Reality of God.

In simple terms (and these are simple terms), God is growing—becoming more of Itself—through this process. God IS this process. That is, God is the Process Itself…and the result of it. !us, God is The Creator and The Created. The Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and The End. The Unmoved Mover. The Unwatched Watcher.

In not-so-simple terms, God cannot “grow” because everything God ever was, is now, or ever will be Is Now. There is no Time and there is no Space. Therefore, there is no time in which to grow, and no space into which to grow. The Cycle of Life is therefore occurring simultaneously everywhere. What my human mind wants to call God’s “growth” is merely God’s experiencing more and more of Itself
as God’s individuations experience more and more of themselves. This is called Evolution.

By the unique, elegant, and remarkably simple invention of Individuation, God made it possible for the Always All and the Everything Now to experience Itself in a way that could make “growth” possible.

Stated simply, this was accomplished by The Whole by dividing but not separating itself from Itself, re-creating Itself in smaller and finite form. No finite form—by the very reason of its being finite—could hold the infinite consciousness, awareness, and experience of The Whole, yet each individuated Self was designed in such a way that what we call “expansion” of consciousness, awareness, and experience to a place where it once again equaled that of the Whole was possible through a process by which the individuated aspect did not grow, actually, but simply became more and more aware that it did not have to grow, but actually was, in its individuated form, identical to The Whole.

The story is there, the unfoldment is awaited.

Let me see if I can illustrate this. Hold a DVD of your favorite movie in your hand. Notice that the entire movie exists on the disc. When you put the DVD into a player and watch the story unfold, you know at some level that everything has already happened. The disc isn’t creating the story as it goes along, it is simply accessing the story, it is simply projecting a minuscule portion of what is all there in whole and complete form, onto your computer or television screen frame by frame.

When you hit Fast Forward, you can actually watch this process of accessing the story unfold rapidly, no longer in real time (as you understand “real time”).

That’s as close as I can come to explaining what is going on in your life and mine. Everything that ever was, is now, and ever will be…is now.

The universe is the Original Disc. It is one of many in God’s hands.…

Don’t believe it? Fair enough. My answer may not be yours. But I am
intrigued by this from Shakespeare:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. (Hamlet, Act I, Scene 5)


Question 7: What do I intend to do about that?

My idea is that I intend to keep myself aware that I am engaging in the Process of God. God is a Process. You are engaged in that Process now. I have always been, and I always will be.

This is Nirvana, this is Pure be Bliss. For Pure Bliss is the process of God “godding.” If people do not experience life in this way, it is because they do not Know Who They Are, Where They Are, Why They Are Where They Are, or What They Intend to Do about That.

Here in the Realm of the Physical I am producing and then living within a
Contextual Field in order that Experience may occur. What Experience? The
Experience I choose.

I make this choice by my co-creation of, and my response to, the Contextual Field, and my decision with regard to it. Within the Contextual Field I can React, Create, or Intend. It is up to me.

The process by which I experience what I came to physicality to experience is a process of increasing my awareness of the Process Itself.

As I become more and more aware, I move from Reaction to Creation to
Intention to Expression.

The Neophyte reacts. The Student creates. The Master intends. The Divine expresses.

Life in the Realm of the Physical invites me to Know, and to Know That I Know. It invites me to Master the Moment. I can do this by moving into each moment deciding ahead of time what I Intend to Express.

God is a Process.

You are engaged in that Process now.

What do I intend to do about that?

I am inviting myself not to live my life as an experience of reaction, nor even as an experience of creation, but as an experience of intention, producing the expression of Divinity. This is what I call fulfillment.

In truth I cannot create anything, because everything has already been created. I am wasting my time trying to create something. That’s child’s play.

When I am trying to create peace, security, opportunity, prosperity, happiness,
and love, I am in the sandbox, playing with toys. I did not come here for that.
I came here to experience my Self as Who I Really Am; to express through me, as me, an aspect of Divinity—and to re-create myself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever I held about Who I Am.

When I do that, all those other things I was trying to produce in my life come to me without effort.

I could, of course, be wrong about all of this. But my experience has shown otherwise—and I have not found a more inspiring or a more exciting way to live.




* There are three realms in the Kingdom of God.

* We are now in the Realm of the Physical.

* We are not here to learn anything, or to be tested.

* We are here to experience any aspect of Divinity that we wish. That is what makes this a paradise.

* You cannot experience What You Are except in the presence of What You Are Not.

* God is a process, and you are part of that process right now.



* Completely rearrange your thinking about this place called Earth. Begin to experience life “on earth as it is in heaven.” That is, as if this were a paradise.

* In order to do this, you would have to rearrange your thinking about Who You Are and about How Life Works. You would have to adopt a new perspective—the perspective of the soul, on why things are happening the way they are happening, what the purpose of every event is, and how we can put those events to that purpose in a meaningful way.

* Make a list of conditions, experiences, and circumstances that have existed or now exist in your life that create a context allowing you to experience who you are by presenting you with who and what you are not. Bless those experiences and circumstances and forgive yourself for ever having been them wrong, or not okay with you (if, in fact, you ever did). Embrace them now in your heart as the gifts that each of them were and are.

9 Nov 2015.
© Neale Donald Walsch.

Prepared for publication by Dr. Gil Dekel . Book published with permission from Neale Donald Walsch .

The Storm Before the Calm: Book 1 in the Conversations with Humanity Series – by Neale Donald Walsch. Paperback published 1 October 2011, Emnin Books, Oregon, USA; ISBN-13: 978-1401936921