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By Neale Donald Walsch.

Question #2–One Person’s Thoughts

All sweet and loving beings…

The second of the Seven Simple Questions always seems rhetorical to me. Humanity’s intelligent response to the question can only be yes. I mean, if the response genuinely, truly, and really is no, then human beings are in much more  trouble than any of us thought.

The complete book. Published with permission from Neale.

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Question #2

Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about God and about life, the understanding of which would change everything?

Of course it’s possible, and it’s what’s so. To declare that we understand everything about God and life is sheer folly.

Clearly, there is an information gap here. Clearly, all the data is not in. Yet some people believe that we have all the information that we need to live a completely and fruitful life. It’s found in The Holy Scriptures.

Yet which Holy Scriptures? Which book contains the One and Only True Word of God?

Well, now that depends upon to whom one is speaking. Many say, the New Testament. Others say, no, God’s word is found in the Hebrew Bible. Others say, no, His word is found in the Qur’an.

Others say, no, it’s in the Torah.
Others say, no, in the Mishna.
Others say, the Talmud.
Others, the Bhagavad-gita.
Others, the Rig Veda.
Others, the Brahmanas.
Others, the Upanishads.
Others, the Mahabharta and the Ramayana.
Others, the Puranas.
Others, the Tantras.
Others, the Tao-te Ching.
Others, the Buddha-Dharma.
Others, the Dhammapada.
Others, The Master of Huai-nan.
Others, the Shih-chi.
Others, the Pali Canon.
Others, the Book of Mormon.


Well, the point is, many people believe that Direct Revelation—that is, God speaking directly to Man—is found in the Holy Scriptures with which they feel most comfortable.

This makes it a little bit difficult for humans to find out what it is they may not fully understand about God and about life, because the words found in books other than those of our own spiritual tradition are considered to be inaccurate.

And books such as Conversations with God?  Now you’re talking blasphemy. You see, the world’s religions agree wholeheartedly that God speaks directly to human beings—after all, God spoke directly to the human beings were considered to be the source of those religions (Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Baha’u’llah, Joseph Smith, etc.)—and they also agree, whatever other differences exist between them, that God has not spoken directly to human beings lately.

Since speaking directly to the source of their religion, the faithful declare, God has come down with a very bad case of celestial laryngitis. No more speaking directly to humans is being done.

So here’s the rule of thumb: If it’s an Old Book, produced from the inspiration of God as given to Man hundreds or thousands of years ago, there’s at least a chance that it may be true. If it’s a New Book, produced from the inspirations of God given to Humanity today, there’s no chance in heaven that it’s anything but blasphemy.

Old is good, old is God; new is bad, new is blasphemy. Got it?


What we don’t know

Still, none of this is problematical, right? Because we know all that we need know, yes? We know enough to be able to create the collective and individual life of which humanity has long dreamed, do we not?

No, we do not. There is still something we do not fully understand…the understanding of which would change everything.

When I was a young man there was a saying: “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” Today it is exactly the opposite. What you don’t know will hurt you.

What we know about God and about life is plentiful—and it’s killing us.

We don’t understand who and what God is, we don’t understand God’s desire (even though every religion says it does), we don’t understand how God functions or interacts with the world (if, indeed, God does), and we don’t understand our true relationship with God.

Why does God say “yes” to some people and “no” to others? Why does God say “no” today to the people He said “yes” to yesterday? Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Why does God….why, why, why….???

While the world’s religions have sought genuinely to bring us as much insight as possible on the one hand, it has regretfully stifled continued questioning and exploration on the other.

And so, if we do not accept the now centuries-old answers we’ve been given (and we should not—look where they’ve gotten us!), we’re pretty much left to our own devices as we seek to know God more fully, and to experience life more peacefully, harmoniously, and happily.

There’s something missing here. There’s obviously some data missing. But it takes such courage to admit even that, much less to offer some suggestions on what the missing data may be, that the question has effectively been closed for most religions—and therefore, by extension, for most of humanity.

Not for all of it, mind you. But for most of it.

So here is the irony: While a very large number of people would readily admit that we don’t, on this earth, fully understand God and life, the pursuit of newer understandings is deeply discouraged, if not roundly denounced.

And to most people the idea that one person or two, a small collection or a little group here or there, may in fact have come to discover something more, or new, is absolute anathema. Totally unacceptable.

We will not be “one upped” by anyone—even if it puts all of us one down.


What we don’t know

And it is not just all the stuff around “God” that we don’t understand. We don’t know half of what we need to know to truly understand life itself, exclusive of the experience of our various Deities.

We don’t understand even the rudimentary elements or functions of Life Energy. We simply don’t know how it works. We don’t understand the magnetic qualities of attraction. We don’t understand the power of fear. We do not and cannot seem to behold the miracle of love. I mean, true love. Unconditional love.

We insist that if something can’t be measured, analyzed, tested, and proven by scientific methods, it does not exist. We therefore eliminate from our own good use anything and everything having to do with extra-sensory perception, mind fields, creative imagery, psychic insight, dream work, positive thinking, or any other non-measurable, inexplicable phenomena.

Let me give you just one tiny, tiny example of what I am talking about.

Let us say that you experience yourself wanting something desperately. Did you know that if you keep saying to yourself I want that!, you are announcing to the universe that you do not now have it? And that this announcement produces your continuing reality?

As long as you hold such a thought, you cannot have what you “want,” because you cannot have on the one hand what you are confirming on the other that you do not. The point: Your Word Has Creative Power.

For instance, the statement “I want more money” may not draw money to you, but may actually push it away. This is because the universe has only one response in its vocabulary: “Yes.”

It listens to you very carefully, and it listens most of all to what you are feeling.
The opening book in the Conversations with God  series says that “feeling is the language of the soul.” If you constantly say, “I want more money!” and the Universe “feels your feeling” around that, and it is a feeling of lack, this is what the universe will respond to.

The Engine of Creation is actually a magnet

. We are talking about power here. The power of a magnet. Remember that a feeling is energy, and in the matter of energy, Like Attracts Like.

So the Universe will say “Yes!”—and you will continue wanting more money. If you think, “I want more love in my life!”, the universe will say “Yes!”—and you will continue wanting more love in your life.

In using the energy of life, the word “I” is the ignition key of creation. What follows the word “I” turns the key and starts the engine of manifestation. Thus, when it “looks as if” Personal Creation is not working it is only because the Energy of Attraction has brought you what you inadvertently selected rather than what you thought you chose.

This is what is going on all over the world right now.

This is what has caused The Storm Before The Calm.

If the power of life’s energy is always ON. If it were not, if the process was not always working, you could have a single very positive thought about something and that outcome would be made manifest in your reality without fail. But the process works all the time, not just part of the time, and is fed by that which you feel most deeply, most consistently.

So a single very positive thought in a whirlwind of not-so-positive ideas and projections is not likely to produce the desired result.
The trick is to stay positive in a sea of negativity. The trick is to know that the process is working even when it looks as if it is not.

That is what we are talking about right here, in this conversation. That is what will turn this storm front around.

Yet much to our loss, humanity dismisses some of the most important and powerful aspects of life, such as how to understand and utilize life’s energy. I have given you just one example above.

So…is there something we do not understand about God and about life? Of course there is.

Would it change everything if we understood it? Of course it would.

Does it make complete and total sense for humanity to have a conversation about this? Of course it does.



* There is an information gap between what we know and what we need to know about God and Life.

* That information gap is huge, it is not small.

* If we began to close this gap, it would change everything.


* Look to see what you feel that you know about God. Make a list—yes, an actual list—of Things I Know About God. See how this lines up with what you were taught as a child or came to understand through the common culture.

* Look to see what you feel that you know about Life. Make a list—yes, an actual list—of Things I Know About Life. See how this lines up with what you were taught as a child or came to understand through the common culture.

* Learn all you can about the energy of life and how it works. Promise yourself to actually make a study of it in the next year. Twelve months from today, add this to your discussions with others about the Seven Simple Questions.

8 Nov 2015.
© Neale Donald Walsch.

Prepared for publication by Dr. Gil Dekel . Book published with permission from Neale Donald Walsch .

The Storm Before the Calm: Book 1 in the Conversations with Humanity Series – by Neale Donald Walsch. Paperback published 1 October 2011, Emnin Books, Oregon, USA; ISBN-13: 978-1401936921