By Gil and Natalie Dekel.

Below are ideas for art projects that we are planning to carry in our gallery – but the ideas are not complete. They are still general, in a proposal stage, and need some reshaping before we can actually produce them. We are sharing the ideas here with you, and would appreciate any help. Contact us here.


The Arts suitcase

We wish people to answer the question “How can arts improve your life” and put the notes in the suitcase. We could turn all answers into a short film.

We could have the suitcase travel between venues in Southampton.

Would be nice to also make it a conceptual artwork, but we did not figure out how exactly…  maybe put a note saying: “Inside this Arts Suitcase is the best thing in art… Can you guess what it is?” People will write down their answers, basically telling us what they think is the best thing in arts… We could then make a film from this. Make a competition of the best 3 things in art.

We wish people to answer the question “How can arts improve your life” and put the notes in the suitcase.

We wish people to answer the question “How can arts improve your life” and put the notes in the suitcase.


Tzel – The Inclusive Shadow

It does not matter if you are religious or secular, black or white, gay or straight – we all project shadow when light shines on us… But what happens when few shadows come together?

Why not pop to our new gallery, and then simply move around the space. We will place light so to project the shadows of participants on the wall.

As participants move around, the shadows on the wall will move and change, producing an amorphic shape – a ‘living painting’ on the wall. This living painting will be made from all participants’ shadows, representing inclusivity and a sense of community…

We may invite a musician, a poet or a story teller. Participants could then ‘move’ in response to the music/poetry. This art experience will be filmed.


A Moment of Pause – photography exhibition

How do you relax? How do you stop, and enter a moment of calmness, of relaxation?

Send your photos showing how do you pause; and tell us a bit about how you find peace in this very busy lifestyle. All photos and text will be exhibited in the gallery, and maybe also made into a short film.

Here is a way to learn to relax (this can somehow be part of the art project):

Every day people face challenges, and many times we feel that we may not ‘win’ the race. Yet, by seeing things from a bigger perspective people can shift from the ‘circumstantial event’ they observe, to the vibration of the higher awareness behind each event and person.

You do so by embracing the situation. When something comes your way you embrace it and accept it. Usually people are rushing and racing all the time, thinking they do not have time to stop and relax. However, there is no real need to rush, because anything can be done just a few minutes later… And it takes less than a minute to embrace something totally… so you can stop and embrace, for just one moment, whatever comes through. For example, if you are overwhelmed with emotions then open your heart and let them pass. Do not put them aside for later because that will create emotional traffic jam… When you feel overwhelmed – release it, let it pass without stopping it. Do not push it aside as if it does not exist. Saying to yourself ‘I must do things, I am too busy’ is only an excuse to avoid facing what needs to be faced…

Have you experienced grief? Do not cover it up nicely. Rather feel the grief, then let it wash over you, and so you let it go and heal.

To relax and to calm your mind you need to learn to see yourself in a different light, from a different perspective. By distancing yourself from the event, you separate the emotional luggage or response and create a different one that brings you calmness and understanding. For instance, there are many who gone through a critical situation and survived. They have separated themselves from the situation and thus managed to survive it. And so, once looking back they can judge the event and see that the greatest good has been achieved by that mental or emotional separation of mind which they achieved. Continue to read the full advice here.

Try this relaxation meditation.


Inside Wrap

Usually we wrap things up by covering them with wrapping paper. We had an idea to wrap the ‘inside’ instead of the ‘outside’. The idea is to use large canvas (maybe ripstop fabric) material to cover the inside of the gallery. So, wrapping the walls, floor and ceiling in a single fabric. This will create a complete white space for peace and relaxation. Maybe participants could paint on the fabric, so they could paint on the walls, ceiling and floor’s fabric. In this way, you do not just paint on a framed canvas hanged on a wall, rather the painting can start off on the wall and naturally continue to the floor. The whole inside becomes a 3D canvas…


Start a new leaf in the forest of the heart

We imagine turning the inside gallery unto a forest-like space. Maybe collect leaves, and hang each one from the ceiling. Then, invite participants to write short poem, or a wish, on a leaf. Also invite a story teller. The gallery will turn into a mini forest, with all the leaves hanging and with a message on each leaf…

This could also be filmed and made into a video.


Southampton hidden 'gem' - local art gallery, Dr. Gil Dekel.

Southampton hidden ‘gem’ – local art gallery, Dr. Gil Dekel.

Previous exhibitions in the gallery

Southampton hidden 'gem' - local art gallery, Dr. Gil Dekel.

Southampton hidden ‘gem’ – local art gallery, Dr. Gil Dekel.

2 Feb 2019.
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