Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 21 Jan 2011, 9.30pm (livestream 15).

To start the meditation please sit comfortably somewhere you can sit for a little while without being disturbed. As you sit comfortably take a deep breath and close your eyes. Feel yourself relaxing; feel your limbs become heavier and heavier with each breath you take.

Feel the energy flowing from your crown chakra down into your body. Feel yourself getting heavier in your shoulders area; the shoulders are sagging down. Feel your eyes looking inward, down, towards your stomach. Feel the jaw relaxing, the muscles of the neck relaxing and the shoulders, the trapeze muscles relax. Feel the tension and tiredness that that you’ve accumulated in the body oozing out with each breath you take.

And as you take deep breaths feel your rib cage expanding. Feel the energy and the air filling up the ribcage to the top of the trunk until your collarbones is expanding. Feel that the breath becomes deeper and slower. You are becoming more relaxed with the breath, in and out, pushing the air all the way to your toes, releasing tiredness, knots of anxiety and stress.

As you relax deeper and deeper, see yourself in front of a lift. You step into the lift and press the button going down. It takes you to the depth of your being, to the core of that being which is truly you. The lift slowly goes down; and as it goes down with each number, you become more and more relaxed, going deeper and deeper into your consciousness until you reach the bottom floor. If you feel you’d like to go even deeper just allow the lift to carry on until it feels right for you.

And as it opens and we come out, we discover that we’re surrounded by a brilliant light… the light of our own being. The light that makes us feel loved, strong, and capable of anything we want at any time and any place. We feel perfection. It surrounds us, seeping into our body and mind; allowing yourself to be elevated. You are now levitating in the air, in the space of that which you truly are.

Feel yourself light and weightless in space, as if floating in water. You are surrounded with light and love like a cocoon. It is washing your body from within and without, allowing the cells to replenish the energy, making your aura shine bright like a rainbow. The flow of energy grows faster, more intense, to the areas that perhaps were not reached before.

Feel your hair become stronger and flowing; your lungs allowing you to breathe deeper than you ever thought, and you are aware of your own being, of its perfection. Nothing can disturb you in that place; your body feels perfect and your mind is soothed and relaxed. It trusts the universe and trusts the light that calms and soothes it, making it understand the truth and potential of your own being. Your emotions are balanced and you are simply enjoying this state of loved bliss. Just enjoy this state of being surrounded with love and light for a couple of minutes before we go on, on our adventure.

Notice the shift in the energy now. There are some energies that appear to be like the wind. They gently rocking you like a swing, and you are flying with that wind to the area where we finally can see looks like beautiful garden. It is a beautiful garden surrounded by tall trees. It is very private. No one was there before you, and nobody apart from you knows about this place. It is your own garden of being. Have a look at the state of your garden. Is it tidy? Is it overgrown with weeds? Is it perhaps not as you want it to look? Have a general look and think: what are the things that you would like to change. What are the things that seem to pop up to your attention, to your eyes.

We notice that the garden has seven sections. On the first flowerbed, there seem to be some red plum tomatoes or a similar fruit or vegetable. This represents your base chakra. Have a good look at how it looks. Perhaps you can smell something or taste when you look at this flowerbed. Tidy it up; make sure that the ground is fresh and use a garden comb to comb it up, letting the air go into the ground, fresh, becoming soft and rich; allowing the energy to circulate into that. Pull the weeds out and leave only those things to grow that you wish them to be. Make it look as beautiful as you want it to be.

If there are any weeds that don’t want to come out, sprinkle on them a special powder in red colour. All the things that are no longer needed will immediately come off, including the roots. Use a garden fork to make the ground breathing just like you, nice and deep; the sunshine pouring into it. You can use some beautiful white light to pour onto this flowerbed like water. See how the plants grow stronger, beautiful and more powerful now that we have cleared this flowerbed.

We are now moving to the next flowerbed. We can see some orange peppers or perhaps a fruit growing there. Once again, we are tidying the flowerbed, weeding it out, making it feel beautiful and looked after, turning the ground over, allowing the air to circulate and then reach the ground. Add some sprinkle of energy in an orange colour to enrich the ground and make the plants grow stronger and more powerful. If any plant needs strengthening, put a stick and tidy it up so they will stand strong and supported.

Feel the whole flowerbed changing its colour, emanating now a warm orangey-yellow colour that reaches into the solar plexus. Its beautiful warmth permeates our body, lifts our mood and tells us how thankful this garden is to you for looking after it. The plants turn their leaves upwards the sky, absorbing the sunshine and the beautiful energy that surround it, love and light.  This represents your second chakra, the sacral chakra.

We are now moving to the next flowerbed. Visualize any fruit or vegetable that grows in yellow colours. I’ll put lemons in mine. This represents your third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Sense the smell, if there is any smell and the beautiful texture of the fresh ground. Clean the bed from the weeds. If there are any pests, spray them with yellow energy, cleaning the area and allowing the flowerbed to be soaked with beautiful light… love and light. This energy is spreading through the garden, melting with the other smells; lifting higher up. The garden looks much healthier. It breathes much better and it is reflected in the feelings you’ve got in your body.

The yellow energy now shifts on and we move to the next flowerbed, where we’ll grow some peppermint or any other green or even pink plants and flowers. The weeds off and perhaps add some compost if needed, all made with love and light. This represents your forth chakra, the heart chakra.

Sense the beauty changing around you even more intense. Every plant starts to emanate an auric field that you can actually see the smell of the plants and the earth. The buzzing of the bees, the butterflies going in between and the sunshine makes it a truly enchanted garden. It is peaceful and loving and it is your own secret place, and no one can disturb you.

We are moving on to the next flowerbed. Your fifth chakra, the throat. Here we grow some blue flowers, perhaps Forget-me-nots or anything else you wish. Take off the flowers that you don’t need. Leave just the ones that you truly want to be there because this area needs space, attention and listening to these flowers. And as you take out those not needed, you can see that the ones that remain become stronger and fold their petals and leaves as if they are dancing in the flowerbed; strengthening their energy, feeding of the nourishing earth that is soaked and bringing in love and light, but also grounding.

And we are moving on to the next flowerbed; some lilacs there or anything violet growing there; flowers or even fruit like plums. This is the sixth chakra, the third eye. Make sure that the ground is full of all the good things and use the garden fork to freshen it up. Pour some beautiful white light to enrich it. This is the area where your intuition listens. Feel the strength in your area, feel how the energy spreads outwardly, helping you to connect to that beautiful loving light outside the garden.

No we are moving to the last one. This flowerbed is full of daisies; beautiful white daisies or perhaps white roses or any other plant in white and gold. They are strong and beautiful. This represents your seventh chakra, the crown chakra. The energy is dancing between the flowerbeds or simply laughing with joy.

Feel the energy in your garden, how it has changed. Look around and think about some colours that you’d like to add, so that the garden feels balanced to you and the energy flows just the way it should for your body.

Now, we slowly walking back, absorbing the energy of all these colours and the plants and the messages. You can come back to that garden any time you want. All you need is to step back and sit; there is a little bench at the corner where you can sit and enjoy the quiet path.

We now going back, back to the area where the wind takes us on again. We feel stronger, full of smells, tastes and impressions from our garden. And as the wind energy takes us on, bringing us back to the area near the lift, we feel more grounded, balanced. The energy flows stronger to all the corners of your being. Feel your feet stronger into the ground. We step into the lift and as it goes up, back to the level of full consciousness, everyday consciousness. Feel your feet become heavy like the roots of the tree. You slowly become aware of your body and your breathing. When the lift stops and the door open, you can open your eyes, in your own time, and come back to the area where you sit comfortably.

Thank you for joining me in the meditation today. I hope you feel more energized and balanced now. I hope we’ll do it again next week. Goodbye.

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22 July 2011. © Natalie Dekel.