Natalie and Gil’s  ‘State of The Art’ Centre

Art & Wellbeing space: Meditations, Yoga, Arts, Reiki & Psychic development.

 Current: from April 2022

Art for World Peace. Free entry.

You can take part !  You do not need to be an artist, just have a desire to create something that promotes peace.
Online exhibition (we are hoping to also arrange a physical exhibition in Southampton).

To take part contact Gil or Natalie now.

Art for Peace - Rosie and Gil Dekel. 2022.
Art for world peace project by Gil Dekel - flower rainbow clay
Art for World Peace - Heal the World - Gil Dekel

About us:

A garage turned into an art gallery… Managed by Visionary Artists and Reiki Teachers, Gil Dekel, PhD. and Natalie Dekel, MPhil.

State of Art Gallery and Healing Centre. Before and After photo Oct 2018.

  March 2019 – April 2022

  Chakra Art Exhibition. Free entry.

What do Chakras ‘look’ like? What colours they embody, and what energy ‘emanates’ from them? Come to this Chakra Art exhibition, to sense the beauty and wisdom that reflects back to your own energy centres…

Hear about the benefits of healthy Chakras, from visionary artists and Reiki Masters, Natalie and Gil Dekel. The art was created using Encaustic Wax and digital techniques.

(Opening Events took place on: 7 March 2019, 5.30pm & 9 March, 10.30am.)

Regular Events:

Meditations, Reiki, Creative sessions and Yoga.

Gentle sessions where we cultivate the Ki (Chi) energy of Reiki healing, and delve into Guided Meditation in motion. We follow soft energy postures inspired by Reiki, Chi Kung, and visionary arts. Gentle, warm and powerful meditative movements to relax and heal. As the movement flows we connect with the energy that soothes the mind and brings harmony to the body. Facilitated by Gil Dekel, originator of the RMM method. Gil is Reiki Master/Teacher, visionary artist, and doctor in Art, Design & Media. He has many years’ experience guiding groups in energy work.

Yoga teacher Natalie Dekel, Tree posture. Yoga classes in Southampton.

  Nov 2018 – Feb 2019

  Grand Opening & Local Artists Exhibition.


Until 31st March 2019.
Woman and child lookign at paintings. Encaustic Art painting Exhibition, England, UK. Nov 2018.


About... [click to read more]

Video of the Opening Night + a ‘miracle’:

(Opening Events took place on: Friday 23rd Nov 2018, 5pm + Sunday 25nd Nov, 2pm.)

Art and Craft bite-size workshops

Here is an example of an owl, created from a toilet paper roll by a 6-years old, in one of our bite-size art workshops.

December 2018

Hanukka – Festival of Light Art & Craft

Hanuka [click to read more]

Come to this craft activity where we will create 3D ‘Menora’ (candelabrum), and hear the uplifting story of Hanukkah – the Jewish celebration of light.
Facilitated by Dr. Gil Dekel. Sunday, 2nd Dec 2018, 2pm – 4pm. For children age 5-10. All welcome. Venue address will be sent with your email confirmation. Book your place now:




Hanuka Medals

Hannukah Medals. Designed by © Gil Dekel.‎

Sep 2018

Confetti Balloons on Washing Line

Can something as simple as confetti balloons on washing line be seen as ‘art’? (Yes, it can…)

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