The Swivel Universe (art by Natalie and Gil Dekel)

‘The Guide of Fridays’ (channelled by Natalie Dekel) in a conversation with Gil Dekel.


‘The Guide of Fridays’: Now, let me start by talking about the difficulties you face in life. Every day people face challenges, and many times they feel that they loose. Yet, one cannot lose a thing once one learns to see beyond the physical appearances. By seeing things from a greater perspective people can shift from the ‘circumstantial event’ they observe, to the vibration of the higher awareness behind each event and person.

You do so by embracing the situation. When something comes your way you embrace it and accept it. Usually people are rushing and racing all the time, thinking they do not have time to stop and relax, however there is no real need to rush, because anything can be done a few minutes later. And it takes less than a minute to embrace something totally… so you can stop and embrace, for just one moment, whatever comes through. For example, if you are overwhelmed with emotions then open your heart and let them pass. Do not put them aside for later because that will create emotional traffic jams… When you feel overwhelmed – release it, let it pass without stopping it. Do not push it aside as if it is non-existent. Saying to yourself ‘I must do things, I am too busy’ in reality is only an excuse to avoid facing what needs to be faced…

You have experienced grief? Do not cover it up nicely. You feel grief, then let it wash over you, and so you let it go and heal.

Gil Dekel: Why do we need to experience these things at all?

You need to experience them fully and let them go, knowing that they are a part of you. With these experiences you can become more aware of the person you are and of the person you can be.

Now, sometimes people are so reluctant to see the light that they would rather go down on their knees in the mud, than stand up and absorb the light. And sometimes even when they see the light, they are so impatient and would not wait to learn from that light that they give up and prefer the seemingly faster route of living in semi-darkness.

Impatience comes from not appreciating what you’ve got at the moment and what you can do with it. There is no real suspense and waiting in life, only an inability to see the beauty and the working of the incredible mind of God. For example, some people get impatient when they fly in an airplane. They feel they are suspended in the air, yet they miss the point of being transferred between various countries at a speed exceeding any physical expectations on the human scale.

Waiting in the ‘darkness’ of the everyday life can feel intimidating. Events can intimate; other people can intimidate you. Yet, only the one who forgot his own worth can be intimidated. Not seeing who they are, people are then intimidated by their own qualities. Can the sun be intimidated by the moon? They reflect on each other, surely.

Well, there is a distance between the sun and the moon, they never in proximity, so can never hurt each other…

If you see something that intimidates you it is not because it is bigger or more aggressive than you are. You need to learn to see yourself in a different light, from a different perspective. By distancing yourself from the event, you separate the emotional luggage or response and create a different one that brings you calmness and understanding. For instance, there are many who gone through a critical situation and survived. They have separated themselves from the situation and thus managed to survive it. And so, once looking back they can judge the event and see that the greatest good has been achieved by that mental or emotional separation of mind which they achieved.

Even those who think they lost a loved one, do not truly loose them. The separation exists only on one level out of many. Know that in reality, there is no separation. We are all one here in the absolute realm of existence. The separation has never truly been since there is no time and all is but a dream in the mind of the sleeping God. It is simply a dream, an experiment, an experience. It has never occurred nor will it ever be truly a separation. The parable of the dreaming God is to help you understand how it works. There is no separation. We are that dream in God, in various shapes.

Well, I am not sure there is much sense to it in physical terms…

That’s because you do not stop enough to feel it.

What about those who do not have time to stop because they need to work 24/7 to make ends meet?

It exists whether they stop to think about it or not. In order to feel and understand it you do not have to stop acting; you can still go about doing whatever you need to do. There are different ways of comprehension. And some of those who hardly make ends meet can understand even more than you do now.

Now, there is nothing but love, and every single action stems from love. You are like an iceberg, and when in contact with others, people see the tip of this iceberg, and that is the bit that they love. They cannot love the whole of it, simply because they are not aware of it. They do not know that there is more to love. Yet, just because people do not see the whole, you do not need to block your love to adjust to those around you. Be who you are, and express yourself truly. Love the way you are. Love is all that is at all times. It is the only force that pulses in your veins, the only reason for your being.

It is not natural to withhold love, not natural to condition it. Give and receive without expectations. Even if someone you know has passed over, they still love you. For some reason people think that if someone is not visibly vibrating in front of them, in physical terms, then they will not receive their love. In fact they receive more because the energy can now be channelled into the pure essence rather than the physical appearance of the person (remember the tip of the iceberg).

If you wish to send love or healing – send it not to the physical body of the person, but to their essence. By sending it to the body you limit both the channelling and the reception.

Now, even the physical attributes of every person change as their inner attributes grow. All people evolve, and so you cannot know who you are, and who the other is. Even if you think you have a list of qualities you could describe that person with, it doesn’t summarize their essence or their physical form either. Every single moment you evolve and become more than you were a minute ago. Therefore, you cannot send love to the physical cells, since they evolve and change continuously. By sending love to something you think of, you send it to the past not the present… The past is not there because you have evolved. So, send love to the essence, to the core idea of the person.

What is that core?

That is why you give names, to physicalize the energy behind the core. So when I say ‘an apple’ you will send the energy to the core idea, not to the specific apple. The same goes with people. You can use the name or the idea of a particular person, and send the energy to that essence, to that being.

The core is that thing you perceive as energy. It is the substance of your reality. You can feel it as sensation so just listen to the music of your body; it’s got many stories to tell you. For you to listen you need to decide to stop. Just observe life around you. Do not deny loving yourself and nourishing yourself. For anything to grow you need acceptance of the basic needs, and there needs be an exchange. Even the desert receives the sunshine in the day and gives back the dew and the heat at night. Even a tree needs the earth to grow. There is a symbiosis as the tree gives back to the earth from its leaves.

6 Feb 2010. Photo upload 23 Dec 2015.

The conversation was channelled through automatic-speech with Natalie Dekel
on 29 Jan 2010, Southampton, UK.