by visionary artists & Reiki Teachers: Natalie Dekel (MPhil) and Gil Dekel (PhD).

How can we share with you the innocence of the so-called ‘angels’, and their loving fingerprints they imprint on our hearts? We can try to do so in this article, using words of insight and of poetry carved into our minds, and images of Life’s heartbeat that we feel within our arts.

It is possible to use such terms as ‘science’ and ‘consciousness’ (and indeed we have used these terms elsewhere). Yet, in this article we will use different terms, sharing with you some ‘artistic’ words and images. It is not about us, really, but about what you can take from here, to benefit yourself.

Arms of angel - by (c) natalie dekel, 2013.

Arms of angel – by (c) Natalie Dekel, 2013.

We believe that the Spirits know themselves through the breath of air they take in the physical world. Both worlds – the spirit and the physical – are one, and as the spirits stand in Heaven, so do they nourish love from the fruits that grow on Mother Earth.

We understand that on the first day of each person’s life, as your body is born to planet earth, you open two eyes, and close the third one… You listen with both ears, and hear nothing coming to the third. And so begins a life-long race to catch the tolling bells, those bells that ring to you with messages from past and future. The bells that you have left for yourself, before you were born, as a reminder of who you truly are.

As such, each one of us is a holder of a gift, the gift of manifesting oneself physically. There are still billions of souls awaiting to be born – the longest queue ever formed in heaven; and yet you are here, physical with a body.

Holding the courage that shines in your heart, you can close your eyes and see deep into the world within. You can use visualizations to do so. At first, as we close our eyes, we see only darkness. However, soon our eyes adjust, just like they adjust to seeing in a dark room. And slowly we can see the sparks of light inside. We can sense the sparks which form our DNA – the stars that shine the light of Life.

I do not believe in religions,
I believe in

Why do children experience life as a game? How do they move so experimentally across the matrix of life? These souls, in those precious moments we call ‘childhood’, seem to remember that life is but one stroke of emotion in the canvas of existence. And so they play by painting little outlines of joy into their hearts.

Tree of Life - by (c) Natalie Dekel, 2013.

Tree of Life – by (c) Natalie Dekel, 2013.

As we grow out of childhood, we tend to forget the joy of life. Yet, we can then look at ourselves, observe these outlines, and remember who we truly are. We can then know the forces that set the wind in its direction; and find the trust that flowers find in life to playfully open up, close, and then open up again to the rain and sun.

It is when we look inside, as adults, that we can see those patterns of joy that whisper to us the secrets of life.

I have been dreaming for centuries
the dreams of another man…

In life we tend to focus too much on our troubles and on big events that we imagine run the world. We fail to notice those small things that make this world go round. The things that shape the sculptures of our being, and the tools with which nature carves the stones of our physical experiences. There are many ways to learn to notice things, and you need to find the best tool for you. We benefited a lot from Reiki.

Why do we hear our thoughts so clearly
yet ignore the voices of the heart?

The wisdom of life can guide us to sort our thoughts in the right direction, and to experience the physical life, not to run away from it. The Spirits do not guide us to leave the physical, ignore it, or run away from it, rather to immerse ourselves to the full capacity in it and live happy life.

Metamorphosis - by (c) Natalie Dekel, 2013.

Metamorphosis – by (c) Natalie Dekel, 2013.

Happiness does not fall on our laps in a sudden moment in life, nor can it come from money or fame alone. Rather, it is something to find behind the gates of our eyes, as we look deep into the magic of this moment of now. Happiness is a living presence, and is a feeling of awareness of life, past present and future – all happening Now. Author Eckhart Tolle has some fascinating views to share on the moment of Now.

Do you believe in a Kingdom-come?
There is no Kingdom-to-come, and there was never Kingdom-past.
There is only Kingdom-Now.

Happiness does not mean that all in life is ‘perfect’; it simply means that we apply our best to anything we do. If opportunities present themselves we take them, to the fullest, and do not regret the past, because the past has gone now.

Let your light bring

Always look up and believe in yourself. It is not selfish to believe that you can blossom… Has any flower ever refused to bloom? Has any sun ray ever refused to shine so bright?

By the time I learned to know myself
the welcoming tables were already laid for me
with fruits of heavens and love in the eyes of my
past-present-future spirits of the now.

When you shine your own light, you then set example for others, enlightening their path on which they can grow. You cannot lock happiness inside, as it is a natural state that spreads all around.

Grounding - by (c) Natalie Dekel, 2013.

Grounding – by (c) Natalie Dekel, 2013.

Death is also a part of the living experience; it is another experience of life. Millions cells die and are replaced in our body each moment. And as in our body so does in nature around us: new leaves appear on trees in spring, and die in autumn.

Are you ready to embrace the path?
For the path has already embraced you.

In Life we trust.
Bless you,

Natalie and Gil. About Us.


7 July 2013.
Text, encaustic paintings, and poetry, by © Gil and Natalie Dekel.
Some poems first published 11 Feb 2010, on Poems with article first published together 30 July 2011, on This revised article version published 7 July 2013.