By Natalie Dekel, MPhil.

So many of us live in concrete buildings, surrounded by million cables, the zapping electrical currents, the flickering television screens and computers, ipods and kindle books. We have almost lost the elemental connection to our essence of being Human Beings, living here on Earth.

We often leave these concrete cages of our flats or houses only to get into cars, trains and airplanes, and then enter more concrete buildings and be surrounded by more electricity, plastic and machinery.

So this is where we have lost the connection to red – the ‘rootedness’ into the natural state of being.

Red colour is about feeling the earth breathing under your feet. It is about feeling the trees whisper in the wind, and the leaves gently passing your face as they fall down to decorate the Earth before the cleansing of winter.

Red is about feeling safe in Who we Are and Where we Are. It is about understanding that a true sense of security is not in how much money we have or how many hours we work or how many possessions we can acquire. It is about following the urges and desires of your heart. Listening to that gentle nudge of your intuition against all logic.

Red is about being safe in feeling emotions. Feeling absolutely safe in the fact that you are a unique human being with amazing abilities and skills and talents that no one else has in just the same way. Red is about acknowledging the right to be loved on all levels without expectations of returning such love. It is about pure undiluted LOVE. Love towards your body, Love towards your emotions and sensations no matter what they are. Love towards every single experience you had in your Life as it has brought you to where you are now, to that amazing being that you are now.

We often associate Love with our parents or a person who gave us attention, or spent time with us – however how many of us heard our parents put conditions to their love (‘if you do this you will get that…’, ‘If you love me then you will do this and that….’) Everything was measured and proportionally expected to be recompensed. Otherwise guilt games and politics of power were employed. And so (from my experience) it seems that there is no experience of ultimate Unconditional Love.

Now I am looking into the face of my baby daughter and I see her smiling with wonder just because she saw a leaf or a flower or a bird. Or simply looking at the faces of people she meets (myself included), and she does it for no reason or expectation – she simply Loves all that comes in contact with her. This is the true Red; the connection to the heart of the Universe, to the beat of human existence as a whole on this planet.

My daughter reminds me that this chakra – the base chakra – the Red chakra, is what needs balancing now.

Natalie Dekel - Love - angel and woman, 2009

'Love - angel and woman' - by © Natalie Dekel. Encaustic wax on card, 2009.

It is about being in our own light and admitting to ourselves how glorious we are. Flowers do not require comments or admiration from others, to be beautiful – they simple Are beautiful and they unfold to even more beauty because they follow the inner-guidance that is synchronised with the natural rhythm of the Earth.

Being in the Red is finding that you are safe at Home within your own Being. That you no longer need society that would make you feel comfortable. That you no longer need cultures or religions to make you feel worthy or right. It means that you belong to yourself and you are happy and at One with yourself. You embrace the wisdom that every cell in your body carries for centuries in the light of the Universe. And you acknowledge that this wisdom shines in every particle of your being as it is an essential part of the universe, which we, until now, denied.

If all in Life is energy (and the physics, especially quantum physics, seems to claim it is so), and the body is moved and lived through and in energy; and if every molecule and atom in our body is infused with energy that does not disappear (physics again) – then why do we create limits? How do we limit the universal energy, making it stop, and instead having your personal energy begins? How does one know where the limits of one person’s energy exist, and is separated, and then it becomes another person? In actuality this brings us to the understanding of our Oneness and our Unity. In as much that we are all comprising one organism, we act as independent agents with personal light and lessons and experiences. Just as the heart and liver share the same body, but each has a different function, still each is comfortable in their own right with themselves, as well as with the whole body.

When we embrace our true state of Red – the balance of our thinking, and the balance of our health and wealth, all come into perspective and perfect harmony. We then resonate this harmony on all levels.

It is interesting that when we lose that connection to harmony and balance, that people say they see ‘red’. Or in other words their understanding of red was blown away from inside outwards so that their perspective is lost and all they see is red – to remind them to stop and observe where they are and what drives them and come into balance again.

Red is our instinctive connection to our well-being, to our instincts and intuition.

Think about whether you love your body, your environment, your home, your job. And then think about your health and wealth, and you will know whether this chakra is out of balance.

To balance it, connect to nature, feed your body well and do physical exercise. Wearing red, using red crystals or body massage or dancing to enable yourself that contact with the body and groundedness.

Love and Light and Red sparks,

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13 Oct 2013. © Natalie Dekel.