Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 11 Feb 2011, 9.30pm (livestream 17).

Good evening. Please sit somewhere you can enjoy a few minutes of solitude and comfort. I will ask you to sit and relax. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Pay attention to the breath coming in and out of your body.

With each breath you take, feel the energy flows into your body, calming the mind and soothing the body. The skin on the scalp starts to relax, the muscles in your forehead relax, and the skin on your cheekbones and your jaw is relaxing.

With each deep breath you take, you feel your body becomes heavier and heavier, sinking into the ground, the floor, the chair. Feel your spine relaxing. Feel your shoulders going down while the spine and the neck move upwards towards the sky.

Feel how the energy moves in both ways as you take a deep breath; you feel the physical energy going down, heavy and solid, squashing your body down so that you feel calm, relaxed and heavy, sinking into the ground whereas the spirit goes higher an up, vibrating faster and smoother.

With each your breath you take feel the energy cascade down into your crown chakra, through your body into your feet and another energy, the spirit of your being rises upwards, stronger and lighter. These two energies move at the same time in a circle of the cosmic orbit; the non-stopping circle of being.

Feel yourself expanding with each breath. Feel the ribcage expanding. Fill your whole trunk of the lungs with air until the collarbones start to expand. Feel your toes relaxing, the nose, the jaws, the eyes, even the eyelids; all of the muscles are relaxing, letting go of control and thoughts and worries, any anxieties you may have.

And as you breathe deeper and deeper, feel yourself going down the staircase into the depth of your being. It can be an escalator going down, a lift or just a staircase that goes down into the depth of your being, into the core of who you truly are. With each step you’re going deeper and deeper into that centre of the universe. Allow your mind focus and experience just that way of going down into the centre of your being. If any thoughts or emotions come, let them pass; don’t stop to engage them. Just carry on walking deeper and deeper with each step into the centre of your being.

When you reach the bottom step as yourself… if you could go deeper, would you like to do that? If the answer is yes, you are welcome to carry on going down a bit more until you feel that this is enough.

When you are ready, feel yourself reaching the bottom of the staircase, the level that you are comfortable with at the bottom of the staircase for you now. When you’re ready, open the door in front of you and step into the amazing being full of light. It’s like a room full of light, cosmic light.

You are surrounded with starts everywhere around you. You feel your consciousness expanding everywhere around you; you feel free. There’s no weight, there’s no worry, there’re no anxieties, there’s no past, there’s no future. There is just freedom of just being, being who you are in this present moment in life floating in the space of your own being, surrounded by the amazing myriad of stars that reflect your desires and ambitions, wishes or just thoughts, some of them stronger than the others but all of them are far away, like the starts in the universe.

Feel yourself lying in the air; the lightness of being. There’s no responsibilities, no ‘should’, no ‘must’; nothing that you ought to do. There is full, total freedom. Love surrounding you, inside of you and everywhere around you. And as we are floating in this amazing space, this is the place where your core being is; the being, the soul that knows to make your eyes sparkle, your hair grow, your heart beat. It’s an incredible consciousness that creates reality in which you live and exist, in which we manifest every thought and action.

Today we’re going to work on releasing the patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are no longer beneficial for us, because it’s time to move on. It’s time to raise our vibrations and lift ourselves to a better level of being, a better level of living.

First, visualize in front of you a big skip into which we’re going to throw all the layers which we no longer need. In the middle of the skip, we make a big fire of unconditional love; a big, roaring bonfire and it’s made of pure love. There’s no judgment. There’s no analysis. It just is: love, pure, total unconditional love.

And now we look at our body; at what we have created so far. The first layer is the layer of what we like to present as ourselves to other. This layer is quite solid and heavy. It feels like stone because it’s an image you’ve built for years. We’re going to take an imaginary hammer or any other tool you feel comfortable with, and we’re going to knock it down. With each breath you take, you feel the cracks starting; it slowly crumbles down, the facade of that layer. This is the layer of how we present ourselves; of how we project ourselves to others. It is the layer of fears, of all the thoughts we worry about; of how we would like to appear or perhaps a sense of inadequacy of what we wish to project, but worry that we might not actually fit in.

All these fears and anxieties are going to crumble down now. With each breath you take, this facade is crumbling down. You can take a bit of it down yourself, removing the layer from your head, from your shoulders and from your front body, from the chest. It is as if you remove cakes of mud off your body. They’re dry and easily crumbling. You throw them all into the fire of unconditional love, and it feels lighter in your body. It feels easier. We have removed the expectations that we have built, the projections that we have solidified in the past.

Feel your breath coming in easier, filling your body with blood circulation; with light and joy, allowing your whole body to rejoice in the freedom of no expectations, of ‘couldn’t care less’ of how others see you, and of just being who you are and shining through. You are disregarding what should or shouldn’t be. You are who you are, and the light is totally amazing and powerful, shining through.

We’re now moving to the next level. This layer is different. This is more like a net, a metal net. This layer is about how others see you and how you allow their judgment to reflect back on you. It might come from your family, your culture, your religion; anyone who is allowed to judge you and you would take it on and try to adjust yourself to these rules and regulations and forms. It envelopes you like a metal net, a cage.

We’ll take special scissors and we are going to tweak it open and bend it out so that you remove the cage, remove it from your hands, your head, your shoulders. Step out of that cage and throw it into the fire of unconditional love. See it disintegrating.

And as you take a breath you feel even lighter. You feel joy spreading within and without you. You might feel smaller but you are much more intense, much more powerful. Your shape is no longer important. What’s important is the fire within. And as you take the breath, you feel it spreading in your body so much faster and your light shines so much more outwardly. You are much powerful now without the cages of others and yourself. You feel the breeze in your hair; you feel the sensation of air on your skin. Feel life flooding you. Feel how your eyes seem to see differently, your lungs seem to breath better and your heart seems to be stronger.

We are going to remove the next layer and this is the layer of our thoughts; the cages of our thoughts. They cling to us like a cling-film that we use to cover food with. It’s so strong and finely-made that we cannot breathe through it. It stops the circulation of energy and yet it is so transparent we often do not see it. It clings to our body, the thoughts about how we think, how we see things, the perceptions of how we should live and it’s the trickiest of all because we cannot see it. We’re so used to it that it becomes transparent to our consciousness and we forget to control it. Notice if the clinging film has a blue shade to it, a dark shade. That’s the negativity of the thoughts, the opaqueness of it.

We are going to remove it now. Peel it off you; peel it off your head and face, from your eyes and from your neck, from the shoulders and hands, your back and stomach. Remove that clinging film from your feet. Make it into big bunche and throw it into the fire of unconditional love.

Instead, we’re now breathing in light. We are conscious beings so we cannot not think but we can choose to think positive, beneficial thoughts that will bring us perfect health, harmony and joy in everything that we do and think. Feel your mouth curling up with a smile. Feel yourself lighter. Feel the energy flowing freer and your auric field expanding more and more in all the directions around you.

Now we’re going to cleanse our level of emotions. They feel a little bit like tangled tree roots, just close to the core of our being in the middle. We are going to take knife and cut them off, remove that level of tangled roots and throw it into the fire of unconditional love. Feel them cracking and disintegrating into ashes and then nothingness in that fire of unconditional love. Instead, fill that place – that void with light; pour in life and joy.

Feel the energy circulating lighter and faster with colourful energies, beautiful lights like rainbows and sparkles, filling you totally with light and only positive balanced feelings. It is now time to experience yourself as a true, free being that you always are, always have been and always will be; with perfect flow of energy, the energy in motion that creates your emotions, with lovely positive thoughts. That creates a crystal dome of protection around you that allows only positive suggestions and love to come in and come out. The beautiful light of your being radiates to all around you.

Now to remind you of your freedom of being, I would like to invite you to metamorph your body into that of a tiger or leopard or even a cheetah. Cheetahs are very fast and powerful beings. They are like cats, running fast. Look how your hands turn into paws. Your nose can now sense much more. You can smell the energies, the emotions, the vibrations around you. Prowl in a cheetah-form around your house – do you like the smells there? Do you feel comfortable, your feelings as a hunter would come to the surface. It needs to make you stop and think. Perhaps your house needs cleansing. Perhaps you need to cleanse fear and negative feelings and thoughts from that place?

Sweep your house in a circle; sweep around the area where you live. And as you do the circle for the second time and a third time, you mark the territory with light. You cleanse the house; you cleanse that space and mark it as a being of light, a place of light and harmony. Now just jump out and run as fast as you can, as fast as a cheetah so that the wind whooshes past you and your blood runs freely through your body and you feel free with energy, light. You are able to leap from place to place, almost flying in the air; feeling alive, feeling powerful, able to hear everything, smell everything. You can feel everything and yet you are in control, beautiful control and balance; your body and soul, your mind and spirit.

Now we are going to metamorph into an eagle and soar high up into the sky, circling above the place where you live, above the city, above the state or the county. Feel the freedom, the connection with the earth. We are one with that universe that surrounds us. Float with the energy, and as you fly, you slowly, slowly come down, down in a spiral, back into that space where you sit, into the room where we started, looking back at the fire of unconditional love and the skip in front of us.

There is nothing left in the skip but fire. The beautiful, lovely fire of love. We place that fire of love in our heart, knowing that it is going to be there each time you want to release something; we can just put it down there and it will dissolve, leaving us lighter and stronger.

Now we are going to step into a beautiful body of light. It’s beautiful and transparent but it will only allow the energies of love and positive emotions and thoughts to come in. We can zip it up from top to bottom, closing it all on ourselves, allowing the auric field to mould into that so that you are now wearing a protective level that will remind you who you are.

And we go back to the door, back to the escalator, lift or staircase. Slowly walking up and with each step you take, your out-breath is a little bit shorter than the in-breath… until the breathing in and the breathing out are the same. Become aware of the chair where we sit or the floor. Feel your body and how it is aware of its environment. Slowly, in your own time you can open your eyes and find your way back to the everyday reality.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I hope you feel lighter and stronger now. I hope to see you again soon.

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5 April 2011. © Natalie Dekel.