By Reiki Masters/Teachers, Gil and Natalie Dekel.

Mikao Usui

These PDFs will guide you, step-by-step, in the process of giving Reiki Reiju Empowerment ‎and Western Attunements.‎ The PDFs contain clear and concise instructions – short texts with accompanied photos, so you can see exactly how to attune. The symbols are drawn next to the photos, so you know what symbol to use in each step.

The manuals are perfect for Reiki Teachers who need clear visual guide. You can print the PDFs or view them on your computer while you attune.

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Do not upload the PDF files to the internet. Do not copy/duplicate/share the PDF files, and do not give them away. The files are for your use – you can print the PDFs, and give the printed copies to your Reiki students.

About Reiki attunements & empowerments:

In essence, both the Western attunements and Eastern empowerments were designed to initiate students and connect them to the Source of Reiki energy while on a training course.  The initiations can also be used to ‎empower yourself and others, and ‘align’ the body and mind with the energies, at any time.

In attunements students usually sit with their eyes closed. The teacher will then ‘open up’ the students’ seven chakras, and will ‘place’ the symbols in the student’s aura, Chakras, hand, and mind.  This initiation process creates a link between the students and the Universal energy.

Being attuned to Reiki is for life. The attunement is permanent. The energy stays with the student, and will benefit them whenever they choose to recognise it and use it for the highest purpose and will. It allows a healing intelligence to come to the heart and mind of the student.

When the heart is aligned with the mind, the practitioner’s hands start to ‘stream’ the healing energy. Some students channel from their hands, while others will channel from their heart, third mind, or from the whole body. Attunements on level 2 and 3 also awaken the student’s ability to facilitate distant healing.

In essence, all human-beings are naturally attuned at birth… this is what makes people alive, manifesting living energy from breathing and thinking. Yet, many people are unaware of their connection to the Divine, and tend to ‘close’ their Chakras with negative thinking and self-harming thoughts. Reiki Attunements simply ‘re-awaken’ people’s mind, and re-enliven their heart to the blissful healing energy that surrounds them. With attunements the energy flows easily.

The three trainings levels in Reiki:

  • Reiki level 1: Connecting to the energies and spirits. Learning to self-heal.
  • Reiki level 2: The three symbols; further self-healing exercises, learning to heal others, and learning distant healing.
  • Reiki 3 Master/Teacher: The master symbols, further healing techniques, and learning to attune students.


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