With Reiki Masters Natalie Dekel (MPhil) and Gil Dekel (PhD).

Reiki is a powerful spiritual experience and consequently is not taught in the same way as other healing techniques are taught. The ability to ‘attune’ to Reiki is passed from teacher/master to student during the attunement process, which opens-up the Crown, Heart and Palm Chakras. The student is introduced to methods of drawing life force energy and radiating it. This process also creates a link between the master and the student.

Reiki attunements begin a spiritual cleansing of the physical body as well as the mind and emotions. It is common for students to go through a release of emotional energy and to begin to see more clearly their goals, their skills, and belief structures.

Mikao Usui Reiki (© Gil Dekel)

Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki (drawn from a photo – copyrights Gil Dekel)

Following the 1st Reiki degree attunements, the student is encouraged to use Reiki on themselves every day, especially for the first 21 days, which is the ‘cleansing period’. It can then be used on family and friends.

Reiki 1 course is accompanied by a manual, which covers everything we teach on the day. So there is no need to take notes during the course.


The Certificate

After completing the course you will receive a certificate confirming that you have received training and have been initiated into Reiki First Degree.


Course outline (agenda):

Day One

General Introduction to Reiki
Reiki principles
First Attunement out of four – Western attunement
Reflections: the attunement
Practice session: exercises to feel your energies
Introduction to Chakras
Practice session: treating each other
Introduction to Dantien and inner guided imagination


Practice session: energy meditation
Second Attunement out of four: Reiju spiritual empowerment
Reflections: the empowerment
Practice session: Hatsu Rei Ho meditation
Practice session: self-treatment, hand positions


Day Two

Overview of day one, and questions that you may have
Third Attunement out of four: Reiju spiritual empowerment
Reflections: the empowerment
Practice session: scanning
Practice session: treating other people, hand positions


Practice session: working intuitively ‘Reiji Ho’
Self treatment – the Western way
Self treatment – Usui way
Practice session: self-treatment, both methods
Forth Attunement out of four: Reiju spiritual empowerment
Practice session: treating someone seated
Methods to increase your energy
Introduction to additional approaches of self-help.


Healing Response

Over the 2-3 weeks following the course you are likely to go through a period of detoxification and cleansing. You may feel emotional ups and downs. This is because Reiki is starting to bring you into balance. The energy will slowly guide you in the process of releasing past experiences and on-beneficial thoughts. Reiki will guide you in balancing the heart and mind, emotions and expressions, as well as thoughts and actions.

© Gil and Natalie Dekel.
5 April 2014.