By Gil & Natalie Dekel, Reiki Masters.‎

Reiki works by utilising healing energy called ‘Chi’. The word Chi is pronounced ‘Ki’ in Japan, ‎where Reiki was originated; this is why we say ‘Reiki’ and not ‘ReiChi’. ‘Rei’ stands for ‎‎‘universal’, and Chi/Ki means life force – together, Reiki stands for: Universal Life Force.‎

Chi energy cannot be seen but it can be felt as a field of supportive conscious around you ‎and inside you. The energy flows from the universe and into people, and back from people ‎to the universe. It moves via pathways in the body called ‘Chakras’ and ‘Meridians’, ‎nourishing the organs and the cells, and supporting them in their functions. It also works ‎around people’s body in a field called the ‘Aura’.

The energy does not only heal the body, but also provides confidence and wisdom (with ‎moments of just ‘knowing’ things). Wisdom and healing are inherent in the Chi, and can be ‎manifested when we open-up or ‘awaken’ to it through Reiki practice (you can try Reiki ‎guided meditations, like this one, to learn to connect to your Chi).

Reiki Art (#4) - by Gil and Natalie

Energies flow in Reiki Sessions (artwork – Reiki Art (#4) – by Gil and Natalie)

Have you ever experienced ‘feeling’ people without actually seeing them? Do you ‎sometimes get Déjà vu, or ‘knowing’ of something from the past or the future? These ‎experiences occur because you have become sensitive to the Chi energy around you. The ‎energy holds information, as well as compassionate supportive love-power, and you are ‎simply ‘tapping’ to it.

Reiki facilitates and channels the Chi life force in a healing session, where the practitioner ‎‎(Reiki healer) lays their hands on the client, allowing the energy to flow to the body and ‎‎‘clear up’ the pathways. The healer taps to the energy, through a process of intention, and ‎becoming a channel to the energy.

Some studies in Quantum Physics suggest that people’s intentions and thoughts can actually affect the arrangement of the ‎atoms that make up physical objects. Negative thoughts can diminish the energy that ‎supports the organs, while positive thoughts have the power to help heal a person. “I ‎believe,” says Dr. Larry Dossey ‎, that “there is compelling scientific data suggesting that healing intentions (whether called ‎willing, wanting, wishing, prayer, etc.) can bring about biological changes in humans…”‎

The Chi energy flows from the universe and through the Reiki healer, and from their hands ‎to the affected parts in the patient’s body. This raises the vibrations of the energy field in ‎and around the body, where negative thoughts and feelings are attached, causing them to ‎‎‘break’ apart or shift. In so doing, Reiki clears and balances the energy pathways; allowing ‎the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. “The mechanism is unclear,” says Dossey ‎about similar healing intention practices “but in medicine (and science in general) we often ‎know that something works before we know how it works.” ‎

Reiki Art (#1) - by Gil and Natalie

Different energies and sensations are experienced in Reiki session (artwork Reiki Art (#1) – by Gil and Natalie)

Tamisha Sabrina, in her article ‘The Science behind Reiki’, explains that while giving a Reiki ‎treatment, the brain wave patterns of the practitioner and the receiver become ‎synchronized in the alpha state. This state is characteristic of deep relaxation and ‎meditation. It is pulsing in unison with the universe magnetic field. During Reiki moments, ‎the bio-magnetic field of the practitioners’ hands is at least 1000 times greater than normal.‎

The linking of energy fields allows the practitioner to draw on the universal healing field, ‎and help to channel positive energy into the areas in need in the patient.‎

Since Life Force is guided by a Higher Intelligence, it is drawn to where the body needs it the ‎most, sometimes not where one would expect it to go. The Reiki healer is only a channel for ‎this energy. The healer cannot control or guide it, therefore they cannot misuse it.

A Reiki healer would demonstrate passion to help, as well as modesty. The word ‘healer’ is ‎commonly used, thought we believe that Reiki practitioners do not heal rather they ‎facilitate a healing session. A true Reiki healer will not pretend to be better than the client ‎or all-knowing, rather will work as a channel guided by higher intelligence.‎

To become a Reiki Master/Teacher you need to take Reiki lessons in which you will be ‎attuned to the energies, and learn how to work with the Chi, Chakras, and your spiritual ‎guides.

28 March 2015
© Gil and Natalie Dekel‎