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Commercial Design:

University Prospectus Design by Gil Dekel

Prospectus & Catalogues Design – by Gil Dekel.

Thought Word Deed (artwork by © Gil Dekel)

'Life's Perfect Order' (artwork by © Gil Dekel)

Silence (artwork by © Gil Dekel)

The Dream (artwork by © Gil Dekel)

 Portfolio – – Portfolio –

book cover visualisation and design

Books covers design – by Gil Dekel.


Large scale posters design and copywriting (each poster circa 2 meter height) –  by Gil Dekel.

– – – Portfolio –

Awards: Sharret Prize in Graphic Design 2001/2002 and 2002/2003.

Online Marketing:

Consultant to international organizations: The Journey (worldwide). | CwG (worldwide). | Humanity’s Team (worldwide). | Foundation for Conscious Evolution (USA). | Foundations for Living (UK).

Product Design:

alternative inspiring design trainer-box-product-design-gil-dekel

Alternative trainers’ box. Reduced materials. Cardboard. Product design – by Gil Dekel.

360 Degrees Exhibition (Curator, Researcher, Photomontager):

[Click for further info] ‘Elements of The Universe’ – 360 Degrees Exhibition.

Art Direction:


Vector portraits. Art direction – by Gil Dekel.




Academic Research:

[Click to read PhD Thesis]

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Shift-Museums-Role-Logo-by-Gil-Dekel[click to read article]

In-depth interviews with practitioners and academics [click for interviews].
Photos of works by interviewees: Felice Varini, Roi Vaara, and Alberto Hernández.

Tate-Financial-Audit-by-Gil-DekelBusiness Research in Art [read Audit here].

Films Screenings: MTV Europe, Israeli National TV, and film festivals in Mexico, USA, Romania, Germany, UK.


Split Complementary (© Gil Dekel)

The Colour Wheel and Schemes Resource – by Gil Dekel. (click image to see more)

Exhibitions / Performances / Actions:

Designs on Merchandise:

7 chakras badge 7 chakras diagram posters angel of light blessing - wall decal bouquet from heaven - ornament Poetry stickers - The Past is Gone - by Gil Dekel 'centre' - necklace cho ku rei - orange t-shirt color wheel - wall decal, posters colourful - shoulder bag crispy leaves - clutch bag dew on red leaves - mug fire leaves - coin purse flower - keychains flower love - badeg (button) flower - mug flower - tshirt i am forever - poetry - wall clock in god's garden - poetry - mug i-love angel and woman - encaustic wax journal Mikao Usui, Reiki - magnetportrait of a line - tshirtAngel Rafael - wall decalThe Rainbow Mermaid - bagAngel Uriel - Encaustic Wax Art - journal Angel Yofiel - wall decal - By Natalie Dekel

sea of tulips - shoulder bag Angel Shamuel - journal 'shy heart' - t-shirtsunset - photography - wall decalthe forest of love - mug time to heal - clock trust - encaustic wax art, mugtrust - shoulder bagunicorn - encaustix wax art - journalPoetry on glass - I Am Forever - by Gil Dekel



Portrait of a line, Ink 1 - © Gil-Dekel

[click for info] Conceptual Graphic Design. Flash Artwork – by Gil Dekel.


“You have a great advantage,
you are alive!”

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