Healing Words, Moon - Gil Dekelby Gil Dekel, PhD (visionary poet and Reiki teacher.)


The task of the poet is to see into the experiences we undergo every moment, and attach words to emotions. Like patchwork, these wordly emotions come together to form images through which we can see the light of people.

Following the teachings of the great poets Rumi and William Blake, I observe reality around and inside, and put feelings down into short-versed poetry (and photography). The following words were written to remind us the unique state of our Being and our powers to heal ourselves to the Gods:

We know the distance between earth and the moon.
But do we know the distance between
I and Me?

Remember to perform some miracles
in your spare time.

Only once we overcome our five senses
we find the sixth.

You have a great advantage –
you are alive.

Healing Words, Moon - Gil Dekel

There is more to you
than you were ever told.

I am forever.

Healing Words, Child - Gil Dekel

Your heart will write words of love on the shore,
but your mind, like waves, will constantly try
to erase them.

How can we hear the sound
before we hear the silence?

What is more important:
where you are coming from
where you are going to?

Time is like a
chewing gum.

Healing Words, Fog - Gil Dekel

The road is too beautiful
not to be taken.

Look at the leaf
to see the whole tree.

From your answers
you formulate your questions.

I will never ever leave you.
Look up now my child, can you see?
Your tears fall down from my
own eyes.

Healing Words, Roses - Gil Dekel

You do not feel with your brain,
but with your heart.

A tree within a

Are you brave enough
to find out who you truly are?

Atoms are unaware that together they make molecules –
people are unaware that together they make God.

Healing Words, Frost - Gil Dekel

What is the speed of time?

Like keyholes peering at keyholes,
behind doors we are anxious souls.
Now, lay down your story, my child,
and write
the autobiography of an Angel.

We have the technology
but do we have the faith?

The good thing about the past is that
it’s gone.

When the earth made love to the skies
I was born again.

My life has changed
but I haven’t.

Healing Words, Flame - Gil Dekel

Looking into your eyes
I see thousands of us
laughing for thousands of years.

Everything I know is limited
to my knowledge.

In the arms of God under tears of compassion,
I missed you so much.

Ask the birds what they think of
the trees.

When time fall off your skin like autumn leaves
you will them know your
Eternal self.

You cannot drown
once you become the sea.

Aren’t we all paralysed angels,
trying to spread our wings?

Healing Words, Branch - Gil Dekel

I do not need a proof of the spirit world,
I need a proof of the physical world.

Yes, there are three dimensions to life:
space, and

Learning to stir a boat faster
does not guarantee you know
which direction to take.

Mind technology.

My angel says
he would like to thank you.

We all live a few seconds of

Darkness is light

Time does not wait
to be stopped and have its
hands kissed.

Healing Words, Blossom - Gil Dekel

Thought is not created in your brain
as much as the wind is not created on your skin.

The wise moon has nothing to say
but it constantly observes the light of
the sun.

The river of wisdom has no regrets,
only memories.

In your backpack I have placed everything you need:

Every stone is a rock in

The dew of words.

The child envisioned the

All these lifetimes going in circles
only to find out
the centre was always in my heart.

Why do you think your heart
chooses to beat for you again and again and again?

The truth never changes
only the words we use to describe it.

Sometimes caution can be
very dangerous.

Light within
water within

Healing Words, Stillness - Gil Dekel

Every breath you take is a
homage to God.

Atoms of holiness.

You can make legends of us
but do not make us heroes.

Even the moon reflects the
light of the sun,
not its shadow.

25 July 2011.
© Gil Dekel.

These selected poems were written by Gil between 2003 – 2008. All images by Gil Dekel, expect image 1 (‘Healing Words, Moon’) by Gil Dekel and Rob Smith. It is illegal to use any content or image from this website. No part can be used without explicit written permission from Gil Dekel.