Dr. Gil Dekel (Art, Design & Media).


The Colour Wheel (© Gil Dekel)


Examples of Colour Sets (Schemes):

Monochromes – any single colour, on the colour wheel:

Monochromes Colours (© Gil Dekel)


Complementary – any two opposites/contrasting colours (producing a vibrant feeling in design):

Complementary colours set (© Gil Dekel)


Split complementary – a colour, and the two colours on each side of its complementary colour:

Split Complementary (© Gil Dekel)


Near complementary – A colour plus the adjacent colour to its complement:

Near Complementary (© Gil Dekel)

Double complements – any two adjacent colours, and their two adjacent opposites:

Double Ccomplements (© Gil Dekel)


Triads – any three colours at an equal distance (these are contrast colours, creating a tension in design):

Triads (© Gil Dekel)


Analogous – any three colours that are next to each other (create harmony in design):

Analogous (© Gil Dekel)


Mutual complements – three colours at the same distance, plus the complimentary of the central colour of them:

Mutual Complements (© Gil Dekel)

© Gil Dekel. 10 April 2012.

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