This session includes Reiki Healing and a guided meditation to meet your spirit guide. The Reiki energy was channelled for you, and it is ready for you to tap to. All you need to do is relax and follow the meditation. You will soon feel the healing that is waiting for you…


Just sit as you are, in the chair, relaxed. Try to sense the air around you, the etheric air, which is around you here in the room. This air has some kind of a ‘wave’ to it, like little atoms. Like a little kid, atom, ‘cheeky’ atoms jumping gently but noticeable. White atoms around you, playing. These atoms are playing with each other in the air, hovering around you.

Notice gently how some of the atoms are now swivelling around your head. You are the core, the centre of this atomic healing dance. Around you are loving energies holding hands like a mist of light, with golden atoms jumping around, massaging the head, coming closer and retrieving. Coming closer to you, closer to your head like little explorers… massaging the forehead with a soothing cream light.

And this gentle Reiki energy is now starting to glide smoothly into your head. In and gently out. Notice if you have any thoughts. Transform the thoughts; imagine that they are little dots inside your head. The energy outside the head is now running in you, meeting your dot thoughts, mingling, dancing. Your thoughts inside, and the energy outside becoming one, swivelling like a little, small gentle typhoon, in circles; getting stronger in their move, getting bigger and larger in their dance.

You see energy light popping in and out inside your head with a cool, soothing energy and the energy like a blanket. Like the blanket of the skies with dotted diamond stars, just there above your mind, above your thoughts; calming you down. Breathing the spirit of the past, present and future-you into your mind. And from there, descending into your heart.

And as we allow this wonderful whisper of the gods spin inside your mind, inside your heart, you feel light energy spreading all across your body from your heart chakra into your stomach, up to your chest, down to your legs and up your spine through your hands. This energy is now pouring out, and you become deeper and deeper in yourself. You become conscious of your inner universe.

Look inside with your physical eyes. See this darkness, space, which contains so much light.

Look at the dots around your body. These are the thoughts of your mind that got stuck in your physical body. Now you can see them from inside – not from the outside – observe them from inside out. Where are these dots? Where are they scattered in the body?

Observe any dots of blockages; dots that are your thoughts glued to your physical body and which stop the energy from flowing. We are right there inside your body looking from within to the out, seeing a few centres of light… dimming light…. Shimmering gentle light with some stuck energy.

And now, as we see this powerful dancing light within, we are going to send some releasing notion into those locked areas. Say after me, “Release, release, release…”

…And as you do, your voice is now going into your body. It is dancing with the heart light, vibrating, echoing with the energy of your own self-god, turning into this massive expansive light. With the strong and the fierce of the past-you, it is now bursting from within and spreading across those locked areas.

Those locked areas where your thoughts were focusing on your body, are now receiving your godly voice, your own godly essence… the power self. And the locks dissipate slowly, gradually.

The locks are breaking down. The thoughts are now having legs and wheels. They can start move, they can start break away.  They are stretching as if they just woke up. They notice that they do not need to be there anymore and they start to dissipate, to move on, to release themselves into the light. And as they do, we fill up the gaps with the energy of Reiki healing.

Look at those areas and just mark them down with numbers; 1, 2, 3, 4… give a number to each place where there was a locked dot. Mark them, and just like the dot-to-dot children’s game… take a pencil and draw a line from dot 1 to dot 2, 3 and so forth.

And as you complete the lines from dot 1 to the last dot, remember to draw a line also from the last dot and back to the first one, back to dot 1. There; you have created a shape. Look at the shape, recognize it.

Very good. And so, look at this unique shape, unique diamond shape which connects all the areas that were blocked in your body but which also brings healing and release to those areas in the body.

Now stretch your hand and gently grab hold of this imagined diamond shape. And now you are holding this shape (that symbolizes both the blocked area but also the place of opportunity, the place of healing).

I will ask you to gently imagine you put it there in front of your hand, right there in front of the two eyes in between the eyebrows. We call it the third eye. Just place your diamond in front of your third eye and gently notice that it is starting to hover, to levitate, to stand there mid-air.

Gently, you can let it go. It will remain there. You can put your hand gently back on your palm. Your diamond, your healing space is right there in front of your third eye.

What I will do now, I will stand and I will start to channel healing Reiki; a universal light to your diamond. You don’t need to do a thing, just sit, relax. Relax your muscles; relax your mind. Think of your diamond hovering there. I will now stand up and for a few seconds, I will channel Reiki healing…

…And now, I call on the ancestor guides. They are not really ancestors of the past… in truth, they are of the future.

I am told to draw white light from the diamonds of the gods, the diamonds of the ancestors, and bring Reiki light into the diamond of your soul, right there in front of your third eye.

So when you are ready, I am going to stretch that light and, on a countdown, you will feel an expanding energy engulfing you from the diamond. 3, 2, 1… connect now.

… You may see, or hear, feel, or sense. Do not worry. Just let the energy be felt by your soul in whichever way it wants to.

The energy is now flowing; it is growing around you… Like waves in the ocean. Your life is like a little boat, but you are safe because you are the ocean itself. Now, the light from the gods is going into the diamond in front of you… and bursting with light, which engulfs you all around. And as it does, I am sending further healing light.

And I invite your own spirit guides to come to you. They are ready if you are ready… We shall now listen to them for a few seconds…

…You can continue this session, and feel your spirit guides. For now, we will draw to a close. Feel free to share your experience with me.


Love and Light,

Gil Dekel. Contact Gil here.