Led by Gil Dekel (PhD), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 31 Dec 2010 (live stream 13).

Tonight we are going to do a meditation for widening our mind.

Before we start our meditation I just want to tell you a little vision I had last night, a little dream: I saw a vision where humankind, people, managed to land on the sun. In the future, our astronauts will land on the sun… we have landed on the moon, we will be able to land on the sun as well.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it is impossible to land on the sun. The sun is too hot. If you get near it, you will evaporate. It is too far, there is no way that humankind will be able to land on something as far and as hot as the sun. But if I can take you back a few thousands years ago, when some people were suggesting that it is possible to land on the moon, other thought that it was impossible. People said, ‘Oh no, it is too far, it is too cold, too dark, there is no oxygen there, there is no way you will be able to reach that place… there is no gravity so it is impossible to stand on the moon’. And yet, we can see that a few thousands years later, people managed to land on the moon.

Any scientific achievement begins with a vision in the mind of the artist, the visionary man. First we imagine the impossible; only then we achieve the technological advancement that enables us to make the impossible. First, it is the mind; then reality follows. We are all artists, if only we can open up our minds to the possibilities that are there; then life will follow science… technology will follow us.

I predict that in 500 years from now, we will be able to land on the sun. And the most important thing, really, is to open our minds. So today we will do a meditation for opening our minds, for expanding our consciousness.

Find a comfortable place; relax and prepare yourself for this meditation.

As you know, these meditations are not pre-scripted; they are not written beforehand. I do not read from a script. I don’t know the words that will be coming from me, so I am guided just as you are in the coming meditation.

As you are getting ready for tonight’s meditation, sitting comfortable, relaxing, letting the heavy weight on your shoulders dissipate, just disappear. Closing our eyes; taking a deep breath. Breathing inwards, breathing deeply… and out. And as we do, we notice there is a yellow energy, orange-yellow energy, that we can see in our mind, in our consciousness. It is hot air, a sphere of consciousness. As we take a deep breath, this orange-yellow sphere grows bigger and larger. And as it does, slowly it becomes larger than our own head. Gradually it is expanding beyond our own skull. It grows beyond, larger, vaster and stronger.

You are still taking slow breaths. Feel yourself relaxing more with this sphere of consciousness now growing and leaving your head, where it is just hovering in front of you. Still with your eyes closed, with heavy breathing, deep breaths, you feel yourself becoming lighter and stronger with this orange sphere floating in front of you. This is a sphere that contains your consciousness, your thoughts as well as your worries.

Now we are taking smooth breathing; we exhale the air with a whoosh – outwards with a cold blue calmness, outwards into that sphere. The coolness of your breath now engulfs the orange sphere. It engulfs it, gently caressing it and parting it. It is gently going deep into the sphere.

Once again we take a deep breath and breathe out cool air of compassion, reaching the sphere and going into it. Slowly this orange sphere, the sphere of consciousness is split to half. Two layers are dropping to the left and right. You are noticing how your cool, blue breathing is hovering around, protecting something in the middle, in the core, in the centre of the sphere.

Now we are going to take another deep breath and exhale a magical breath that goes directly into the core of the sphere – and there it opens up. You see a space of darkness; a space of compassion. Now this is a sphere of your inner secrets which will be revealed only to you. I’m asking you to be brave and reach out with your hand, with your physical hand. Slowly raise your hand and with your index finger, with compassion and trust, follow your hand as it moves by itself and with your finger touch the core of the sphere; touch the core of your thoughts. And as you do, you feel a buzz and some jiggling energy going from the sphere to your index finger and spreading al through your hand and through to your body.

Now you are within this energy; the energy of your own thoughts, of your own consciousness. This energy is now going to condense itself in two places. One is your heart. The other is your physical mind, or spiritual third eye, between your eyebrows. As we speak, this energy condenses itself indeed into your heart, solidifies itself into your mind, your third eye. And as it does, you continue with cool breathing. Here a dialogue commences between your heart and your mind. It is the mind that asks the questions and the heart that gives the answers. Take a few seconds for your mind to ask whatever it wants, and for your heart to speak the answer.

I am going to give you a computer, a little palm computer which will type automatically what is said. You don’t need to do a thing; just hold this computer in your left hand. As I count to three, on my three, you are going to hear this dialogue for a few seconds between the heart and the mind, so here we go. One… Two… Three…

Good… now intensify your hearing by pressing an imaginary button that will increase your hearing ability by ten times. Just click to increase your hearing, and take a few seconds to listen more to this conversation.

Well done. Don’t worry if you don’t hear things clearly. Some people hear, some people see, some people feel. It is all different manifestations of the voice of life, the voice of God talking to us, and each conceives it differently, but rest assure that the conversation between your heart and mind is there, and it is recorded. It is transcribed in that computer, that laptop that I have given you.

Now imagine that you click ‘send’ on the computer and this conversation has now been emailed to you. You are going to receive an imagined email with a transcript of this conversation.

Take a deep breath and relax. The conversations between your heart and your mind are secret, designed only for you to know. You will continue this tonight in your dream; you will continue hearing or seeing the messages. Here we will not continue because that is private for you. You have sent the email, the email of your heart and your mind, for you to continue tonight. Now we shall continue with this meditation.

Just sit back again; relax. Take a deep breath. One breath… second breath… and a third breath. Now we are going to concentrate on our breathing because even the breathing takes some time and it has a wavelength. We are now going to focus on the end of your breathing; the end of the wave of your breathing, where there is going to be a guide; a spirit energy, a feeling, something that is going to help you in this meditation. So in a minute when you are going to take your next breath, I will ask that you breathe in and when you take your breath out, just focus with your awareness at the wavelength of your breathing out. Just look at the end of it.

As you are getting ready, imagine your breathing is like a line of energy. We start by taking a line of energy in and breathing in, filling up your lungs, your chest, your shoulders and now breathing out. And as you do, notice the end of your breathing – there is a blue-orange light. Keep looking at it, keep focusing on it. And as you do, just notice the colour of it and see how it grows. It grows, it becomes brighter, stronger, and after that a shape is formed – the shape of a memory or emotion, a friend, sage, angel, anyone that you trust.

The shape of this trust is now getting nearer and closer to you and as it does it reaches its hand towards you. If you feel comfortable, just reach your hand towards it as well or just get closer to it.  This is your guide who is going to help us tonight in the channelling. This guide is here to support you so when you are ready, just hold his hand or stand near it. You are both facing the same direction and you start to walk.

So we walk; and as you walk by your trusted angel, notice how your legs are walking on their own. Your legs are guided by your spirit trust, not by your own mind, leaving your mind free to enjoy the scenery around you where we can see mountains with unimagined shapes and textures. Mountains that are vibrating with energy; leaves, flowers, trees, all are created by you as you walk in these shadows of light. You feel yourself lighter, more comfortable. You start to smell the scenery, smell nature around you.

You start to see deep into the trees, not just to the shells but inside of the trees; how the leaves run up and down with this dance of life which is called nature, all created by you, by your own heart.

You keep walking with your guide, your angel. And as you do you absorb this light of nature around you and soon enough, we reach a cave. You’ve probably seen this cave before. The cave is very popular in spiritual journeys because it blacks out all your thoughts around you and allows you to focus on a single point, which you will find as a tiny light. This is the point which you need to release or to deal with.

Now, feeling yourself so light and breathing in this nature just there in front of the cave, standing there, you and your guide are now going to go inside. Now you can hear water drops, water dripping in this cave. There are some little puddles, like little rivers. I think we actually need to crawl as we walk in. As we’re crawling, you feel yourself larger but your body is crawling in that cave.

Soon enough, we reach a dead end. It feels like the cave is now sealed. There is no road into that tunnel. Reach out your hand; you can sense stones around you. Now I ask that you stand in front of that dead-end, in front of that stone and look carefully to your left, to your angel. As you look at your guide, he is reaching his imagined hand into the cave, into the stone; into the rock. The reason he does it is to show you how it is possible to change physical matter into non-matter, and change obstacles into opportunities.

Slowly, reach your own hand and put it inside the rock as if the rock was thin air. As you do, push your hand further. There is a green diamond there awaiting you inside. Cup this diamond with your hand; release it from where it is. Hold this diamond with your hand, this green diamond, and pull it back out of the rock so you can see it with your physical eyes. You can now take one step back and put this diamond in front of you. This is the diamond of your third eye.

Open your hand if you haven’t done so and slowly, gently, holding this diamond, this green, beautiful shining diamond, notice how light it is – uncharacteristic of it’s solidity, it is so light. Gradually see it starting to hover in front of you. You can relax down your hand; the diamond doesn’t drop with your hand. Rather, it is hovering there in front of you. You can bless it – bless, bless, bless.

Your hand is now down and this diamond is just dancing there in front of you, reflecting pure light. This is the light of your conscious thought. Notice it has the standard shape of a diamond with many sides, many faces. Each face reflects a slightly different light. As this diamond turns around, each tiny-shaped side of it reflects light to you; like the light that comes out from projectors. Each light, as it moves, is scanning you with information. Then the other side of the diamond is scanning you with information.

Take a few moments; there are more than 12 sides, let them scan you with information and messages. One after the other, each one gives you a different aspect: godliness, wisdom, support, memories, dreams, passion, wealth, happiness. They are giving you energy of healing.

And now, as each side has scanned you, so to speak, you feel your mind much lighter. Your mind is now embedded with, coated with, the universal information that you require… the information of a sage. And so, when you are ready, just reach your hand to the tip of the diamond and click on this little tip as if there is a button there. Click… and as you do, the diamond hovers right there in between your eyes, into your third eye. That is the safe place of your diamond of knowledge – in your third eye. It is instilled there with wisdom and compassion.

And now, after it has scanned you from the outside, it is now scanning you from the inside. This is the diamond of compassion. It has many sides and each side will reflect out depending on what you need most. As from tomorrow morning, whenever you encounter a situation, a place, a need; whenever you have a question, just ask your green diamond of third eye to turn around and to reflect the answer outside form you towards the situation; giving you the light and answer about the reflection of life around you – coming from you. This is your source of knowledge; your source of information and it is ready for you.

Now, take a deep breath and relax. You are still in that cave. You and your angel can now turn back, walk outside and crawl out. And as you are going outside, you are now back in that sacred space of nature; the space where you can see through leaves, you can see into the wisdom of the trees; you can smell and sense every little atom in that nature. And so, filling yourself once again with this God that you have always been; this power of the creative life.

You can now start walking on this healing grass, a healing meadow of love as we walk back to the physical reality. And now slowly, your angel is separating, drifting away. You can bless your angel – bless, bless, bless, you say to your spirit guide as it fades away.

So we continue on our journey. Remember, you have the stone of wisdom, the diamond of wisdom in your third eye and you also have an email waiting for you. We continue to walk through the meadow, the trees. I can hear the birds… Soon enough there is a door. You open the door to this wonderful light as you walk in. You notice with this light that you are now in your familiar surroundings, the room where you are sitting right now. You observe yourself sitting in that room.

To end this meditation, you are walking slowly into your own body gradually. You can enjoy this moment of observing yourself. Slowly now, sit yourself back into your own sitting body, still with your eyes closed; your soul is going back into your self. Take a deep breath. Now you start to feel that you have these legs, these arms, this head. You are getting the normal sensation that you are used to as a human being. But remember there is a diamond, a green diamond in between your eyes, the diamond of your own consciousness, and there is an email waiting for you with a transcript of the dialogue of your heart with your mind.

Slowly take a deep breath. Get used to your physical body. Feel the sensations around you, the room that you are in… And gradually open your eyes.

Welcome back to the physical world, this imagined world which we call ‘reality’. Remember the diamond in your third eye. From tomorrow morning all you need to ask is to be given the answer that you need for a specific situation or event and the diamond will project out the wisdom. Also remember there was a conversation between your mind and you heart, which was transcribed on the imagined laptop and we have sent it in a return email to ourselves. Tonight when you go to sleep, just ask to receive the transcript; it will come to you.

Thank you very much for this meditation. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. You can also book a spiritual reading or spiritual counselling if you require it. We will see you next week in our next Friday’s guided meditation.

13 May 2011.
© Gil and Natalie Dekel.