Chakra Art (#44) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

Chakra Art (#44) – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

by Natalie Dekel (MPhil) Reiki Master/Teacher.

So often we are too busy complaining about our life, dreaming of what is not there or resenting what is. We therefore totally miss the point of being alive here now, of living where we are.

Being fully aware of life is a skill we had as children, yet lost it as we grew up. This skill can be developed again. We can learn to observe and listen to the messages that life ‘whispers’ to us. Using the skill of listening and the act of noticing we can become aware of the subtle changes and nuances around us.

 Our intellect and logic help us produce thoughts and attach meanings to things, which help us communicate with each other. However, I observed that there are other channels of communications, where messages go between people back and forth often unrecognised. These messages seem to come from one body to another. Every cell in our body is like a little antennae attuned to the shifting energies and moving messages around us. Often our body picks up these messages, and tries to tell us if the situation we are in is helping to fulfil us or hinders our development. Once we recognize these senses we can then leap from a level of ‘mere existence’ to the level of ‘aware existence’.

My first step into the world of intentional-self-awareness began when I decided to notice the thoughts that pass through my mind. I started by weeding out negative thoughts that could harm me and bring me down. It was hard task which I am still working on years later. However, within a few months I felt lighter, more positive and healthier than I ever felt before.

At the same time I have started my Reiki and Bach flower remedies courses, and have paid attention to the various sensations that I experienced, coming from people and nature.

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I noticed that people have a few channels on which they communicate, experience, sense and think – a little bit like opening a few windows on the computer at the same time, or like switching between channels on the TV. Yet, normally we seem to skip between these channels of perceptions, focusing on the ‘loudest’ and ‘slowest’ ones, in terms of vibration, such as the senses of sight and touch of material things. Many people tend to focus entirely on the physical experience. Yet, our physical senses are very slow in registering experiences. For example, the human brain needs to see each image at least twice in a sequence, before it registers it. This is why hand-drawn animators need to capture each frame twice to help people register what they see (for 24 frames per each second, only 12 frames are actually drawn, and then captured twice).

Chakra Art (#71) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

Chakra Art (#71) – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

Likewise, it seems that, in this reality in which we live, we choose to pick up the ‘slow’ vibration experiences, those that match our senses’ capacities, and that can be ‘dealt’ with. These are physical sensations that are relatively slow and easy to register. We seem to ignore other forms of awareness, since they tell us things we do not necessarily wish to hear…

Not everyone has a sharp awareness of visions, images, sound or first thoughts that cross their mind. Instead, they may feel sensations out of context, which need to be acknowledged, such as sensation of someone brushing past you, or perhaps experiencing emotions that are not yours and yet certain places arouse them in you. Or maybe even a sense of energy growing around you, each time you see someone who is unwell and you feel an urge to give them a hug or touch them while feeling heat or a tingling feeling in your hands. These experiences are waiting for people to acknowledge them, and start using what is already part of our nature and has been for many years – our powers to feel and heal.

I have learned that if only I pay attention to the smallest sensations or details, I get more messages from everyone and everything around me than I can deal with at any one time. It can be from a person or an object or even a location. The thoughts and feelings of people are energy and energy leaves traces when it passes so that it remains vibrating where it was created, somewhat locked in time/space unless something releases it. People may project their emotions, their body language will project accordingly, the clothes they wear, the lines they create on their faces, the energy field around them will take it all in and allow you to ‘read’ it, if only you pay attention to it. Same with objects and places – they absorb emotions, energies, actions and smells and hold it like a treasure for someone to observe, learn and reveal it. It is our responsibility as sensory beings to help heal or balance energy if we are aware of imbalance. At least that is my view on it.

So becoming aware of energy around us, we also must accept responsibility that comes with such awareness. Responsibility to ourself, to our society and to our planet.

Contemporary society has learned that nothing is simplistic in a ‘black or white’ manner. People are becoming aware that everything has several levels of complexity where things unfold one within the other. For example, boundaries between countries provide concepts of languages and cultural differences that define countries, yet physical boundaries between countries have broke allowing the European Union to present a united front on many levels such as economy, transport, and equality. Similarly, people still use the same terms such as ‘marriage’ or ‘family’ but the definitions have blurred and changed and are not the same as they have been even sixty years ago. Marriage in the Western society is no more a financial contract that binds two people for lifetimes, but rather a way of searching for love and mutual understanding. Likewise, the family which once was hierarchical can nowadays be a matter of a mother and a child.

The changes in society, culture and how people perceive the world are already here. The question is not whether we will change our view of the world, but when it will happen and what we will do about it. Since we already possess a treasury of experiences, understandings from our life experiences and knowledge that is unique to every single one of us, why not open up to more skills and talents and embrace them?

Perhaps the on-going changes are an invitation for us to try and become aware of who we are and what we can do to develop ourselves further.

Perhaps we need to stop running, stop trying to fit in, to be the same… Perhaps we need to listen to the clock ticking, a bird song or child’s smile. Perhaps life is already happening without us needing to do anything for this to happen. Perhaps we could listen to our body instead of downloading the next app.

We know more about new versions of mobile phones than we do about our body, our feelings, our mind.

I invite you to listen… to your self.

© Natalie Dekel. Monday, 27 March 2017.