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mp3 meditation to connect you to your Inner Library: ‎


Find the most powerful resource, containing the books of God, the books of the core of the ‎Earth; the books that your spiritual guides consult.‎

Read the secrets that you need to know right now.‎

Realize practical messages that will answer your most important questions.‎

Browse the Akashic records of Humanity (the essence of materials, and the endless space ‎knowledge).‎

Receive tools to re-visit your library at any time.‎

Experience the vast knowledge and healing powers within you.‎

You will follow audio meditations that will connect you to your Inner Library within your ‎heart. Get hold of spiritual tools that will allow you to visit it again, any time you need it. ‎

I have developed this meditation following years of academic research and spiritual quest. ‎Using the tools of academia and the creativity of life itself, I have ‘found’ this inner lost ‎library in me.

Get ready to find your own library…‎ for only £15, you will receive access to two powerful meditations. Once payment confirmed you will be re-directed to a page with the two meditations.

The spiritual resources in your library will show-up in the exact form you need right now, ‎from books, maps, diagrams, databases, dictionaries, journals, sounds, sensations, and photos. These were written (created) by your own ‎life’s experience – past, present and future. This is the most comprehensive collection of the ‎knowledge of the Universe, written in a language that only you can understand. No-one else ‎can visit your library, and no-one can read your books. Google search engine can only envy ‎such powerful resource…‎

I will guide you to your library, and I will also provide you with three powerful tools that I ‎have discovered after years of meditating on my own inner library. You can use these tools ‎to access your library at any time after the meditation:‎

  • The Jar of Light: this is your torch to shine light on the path leading to your library. ‎
  • The golden pen and notebook: these are your tools to write down any question you have. ‎The question will activate the library, and will draw the right book with the answers.‎
  • The spiritual ‘iphone’ camera: the camera will record what you see, and will scan the text ‎in the book, so that you can revisit and review it again after you left the library.‎

You can use these tools to come back to your library at any time, so this meditation is not ‎just ‘one off’.‎ The meditation is designed only for those people willing to embrace their inner wisdom. ‎

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Plus Free Bonus:

The Golden Key & Doorway of the Inner Library.‎

In this short activation meditation, I will provide you with a golden key and introduce you to ‎the doorway of the library. You will become comfortable with the library’s entrance, ‎allowing you to develop quicker access and link.‎

I will also clear your Throat Chakra (the communication centre) so that you start to speak ‎the wisdom you find in your library. ‎

  • ‎Receive 3 symbols for start-jump.‎
  • ‎Learn to use the golden key.‎
  • ‎Clear your Throat Chakra. ‎


© Gil Dekel. Image of library © pixabay and Gil Dekel.
Updated 5 Nov 2021. First published 17 May 2015.‎

What clients are saying:

“Hey Gil, I just went through this meditation with you and I need to express my deepest thanks for you to share your knowledge and give people that rare and awesome experience.
Thank you so much for everything!”‎

– Marietta Arany

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