Do you believe that a message can come to you through a poem?

I do not ‘write’ poems but ‘channel’ them – the Spirit Guides ‘speak’ to me and I document their words. The words are uplifting, embracing one another and becoming a speech of the Healers, with each poem delivering a guiding message.

The poetry is very short, usually consisting 2-3 lines, in the style of the great poet Rumi. Being short-verse poetry, each word must be uplifting, direct and joining up to deliver concise information. There is no room for ‘extra’ words, thus the messages must be clear…

Example of short-verse poetry (made into videos):

— To purchase your own poem, pls tell me your name and one question that you may have in mind. Once payment* is confirmed I will connect to the Spirit World, and will email or post your poem. You are welcome to ask for clarifications, which I will gladly provide at no extra cost.

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Gil Dekel (PhD), visionary poet & artist, and Reiki Master/Teacher.

* £30 per poem/reading.

August 2010. Updated July 2011.