Chakra Art (#25) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

With Gil Dekel, Reiki Master/teacher.

Are you feeling stuck, with a sense of not knowing what to do? Here is a practical guided Reiki meditation to release you.

Don’t worry about this “I don’t know” sense or feeling that you get from time to time. I have seen it before.  I know this “I don’t know”. It is here for a reason. “I don’t know” is just a different form of saying “I don’t want”.  It is the ego/mind tool to protect you from taking chances, from changing. It’s not bad. That is not something that can hold you and stop you. It is something that was designed to protect you.

We pretend that we don’t know and therefore, we don’t do a thing. What to do? Simply send healing light to this “I don’t know”. We are not going to fight it. It is our friend…

But remember, the ego which creates your personality is like an umbrella. You need an umbrella on a rainy day to protect you from the rain. But an umbrella also blocks your view. You cannot see much when you are holding an umbrella, as it covers your eyes…

So, when it is rainy and the wind blows, you need to hold the umbrella tightly; it’s uncomfortable – but it protects you. The ego, like an umbrella, protects you from the rain but also blocks your view.

And so the tool of the ego is called “I don’t know”. It is when we’re holding the umbrella, pretending that we cannot lift the umbrella up high to see; pretending that we don’t know how to do it; that we don’t see the path forward.

So we are not fighting the ego, we’re not fighting the umbrella. We don’t fight this “I don’t know” because they are our friends.

But what we are going to do now, we are going to dive into the “I don’t know” and we are going to see how we became ‘knowing’ from ‘not knowing’.

So when you are ready, I’m going to send three drops of healing water into your third eye. 1, 2, 3… Like ink, one is blue, one is red, one is yellow. They are now spreading in a pool of energy like three drops in an ocean. And as they mingle, they are becoming white. This white spreads across this pool, across this pond and the water is now turning into mystical magic. You can almost sense it.

Gently, they are absorbing down into the earth beneath. This is the earth of your own mind. Gently, from the earth, drenching down slowly into your thoughts, into your brain, into this concept “I don’t know”, which is just a thought inside your brain in between the two ears.

Right there, we are sending the pond of light, the water of energy seeping through it gently. Massaging this “I don’t know” in your brain, making it more relaxed and gentle. You see some water going between the word “I” and “don’t”, separating these two words. So the word “I” like an image; just visualize it like a little submarine floating inside, going away from the word “don’t”. And this word “don’t” is just floating like a little submarine, separating from the word “know”.

Chakra Art (#25) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

So “I don’t know” are three separate words, hovering mid-air inside this white water, white light. And as they do, they are twisting around, going upside-down as you would inside a pool. Three little words gently forming a triangle of “I don’t know”. And in between them some soothing creatures, fish, angels, guides; caressing the space, this inner pond of your own thoughts between “I don’t know”.

Gently, we are now tapping into the word “don’t”. And like a fisherman, we are hooking “don’t”. And gently, we’re sweeping, we’re pushing it away further down to the edge of the pond to the bank, right there in the back of your mind. Letting it have some fun… give it some drink, some shades, perhaps. It is on a holiday in Greece. Just there by the sea on an island, “don’t” is sitting. The word “don’t” is having some fun. It is on a holiday now, it doesn’t need to work. It can relax.

And as it does, we swim back to the word, to the letter “I” and to the word “know”… “I know”. And gently, we are joining the two together, holding each in one hand, gently drifting, pulling them together.

“I know… I know” as one. “I now” becoming a single word. It’s not even two words, it’s one word; “Iknow”.

Take a deep breath and breathe out a gentle light into “I know”. And when you do, it dissolves into the canvass of light. The words are disintegrating into colours, into shapes; maybe memories, feelings, scents, smells, messages.

These words “I know” now transforming into a painting on this canvas light. It can be visual, spiritual; you may not see, you may just feel. As they do, like an artist, like a painting that is painting itself. You don’t do anything, you just watch this painting. And “I know” gently transforming into a message.

When you’re ready, in a few seconds we will tap into your third eye. We will open your third eye and you will look at that message, that painting with your third eye. You may see or feel it, it doesn’t matter. When you’re ready… 3, 2, 1… open the third eye and look. Observe the painting of “I know”.

What do you see, what do you hear? What is your message?…

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© Gil Dekel. 20 March 2017.