God he is continuously confusing me..he is so nice..he helped me & years..he helped me when everyone left me.i was alone..he was only one when i did not have anybody..he helped in my studies..he helped me lose negativity around me…he helped when i was rejected…he loved me unconditionally…and one day he left..he got hurt…he said that this pain is for 7 years….and now added 3 years more…he is not ready to commit.i am also to careless.i dont do what he says..i just demand…..i am sorry for him…i knw he is hurt…but i am afraid of his decision of leaving me at end…he is mine i cant share him with anybody.he life is not satisfactory.he pretend to be happy.God i want to make him happy.be happy satisfied together..give me power to do so..i want him to recover…and fall in deep love with me..please let me let go and think about my lov